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Last updated 17 December 2015

National Cross-Country at Alton Towers 23 February 2008

A great weekend enjoyed by the spectators and runners alike... well the runners didn't enjoy 'that hill!' by the rest of us did...

Race photos here... and Supper photos here...

Full results are here...

Congratulations to everyone that competed in the National Cross Country Championships at Alton Park on Saturday. The team performance was outstanding with our highest placing for some 11 years. In the six to score we finished 8th and in the nine to score we finished 6th. The results were:

Mike Skinner - 5th
Andy Rayner - 46th
Jaime Atkinson - 86th
Peter Tucker - 99th
James Poole - 100th
Alex Gibbins - 128th 8th Team in 6 to score
Dave McKinley - 233rd
Dan Ryan - 302nd
Nick Gasson - 315th 6th Team in 9 to score
Roy Smith - 362nd
Dave Griffin - 466th
Richard Hall - 601st
Brendan McShane - 676th
Steve Hough - 953rd

My thanks go out to the whole team for playing a great part in a fantastic weekend. Although we didn't win the race we certainly won something, that was on the supporters front, they were once again outstanding!! and could be heard everywhere on the course. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did and look forward to next year at Parliament Hill.

See you soon

Nicholas M. Gasson

61 Siobhan Budd 27.39
92 Jennie Butler 28.26
143 Jane Bradshaw 29.44
215 Kate Pratten 31.33
277 Katie Jinks 33.24 18th Team
330 Justine Eastbury 34.51
341 Anne Cillia 35.11

The course for this years Nationals was held at a new venue at Alton Towers in Staffordshire. As you can see from the results it was very fast, (and a bit short!).

Although lacking in very many hills, this was made up for by the single 45 degree hill two-thirds of the way round the lap. If you didnít already feel tired by then, you did at the top! A classic moment for thigh burn.

Our senior women had a good result 18th place, 1st Kent team.

Siobhan, who flew in from France on the morning of the race, finished in 61st, and Jennie just got inside the top 100 in 92nd. Jane and Kate made up the scoring four in 143 and 215.

Thank you to everyone who competed on the day. It was a good day for the club as a whole, with many people coming up simply to support our athletes, which is greatly appreciated.

So at the end of the cross country season, we all went out and let our hair down and danced the night away, strangely unaware of aching limbs!

Good Luck to everyone over the summer season!



We all spent the evening together at the Hilton Hotel...

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