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Last updated 21 September 2000

Blackheath Harriers - Young Heathen's Final

McDonald's Young Athletes League Auxiliary Final - Birmingham 2 September 2000

Blackheath Harriers Young Athletes produced an excellent all round performance to finish second in the McDonalds League Auxiliary Final at the Alexander Stadium on Saturday 2 September 2000.

Particularly pleasing was the performance of the U13 team who won their match convincingly picking up 3 gold, 3 silver and 7 bronze medals. Compare this with a solitary bronze medal win in our 1998 final victory and our prospects for the future are looking bright.
There were 23 personal bests by our athletes and we picked up a total of 54 medals which included all 5 relay teams.

The outstanding performances of the day were Andrew Johnson (U15) beating (although with wind assistance) Jamie Quarry's 13 year old Club record in the 80m hurdles in a time of 11.78; and Fabrice Serybi setting another record of 10.49 in the U13s Shot.

The unluckiest athlete of the day was Colin Smith who clipped the third to last hurdle while leading the B race and was brought down, but to his credit he completed the race.

The climax of the meeting was the victory of our U17 4x400 relay team in the final event in a time of 3.31.87s their fastest time of the season.

There were top quality performances from Shane Marsh (4.77m long jump U13), Dwayne Bovell (11.7 100m U15), Olusanjo Bamgboye (23.75s 200 U15) and Alex Pope (2.60m pole vault U15).

We managed to cover all the team places on the day with Matt Gipon running the 1500m steeplechase for the first time ably assisted by Daniel Snow who had only run in the 1500m an hour earlier.

A special mention must go to Mike Davies' coaching which enabled Paul Barrett and Trevenan Walther-Symons achieve bronze (A) and gold (B) medals respectively in the U15 hammer competition.

Congratulations to all the athletes wherever you finished as every point was vital to the team performance. There should be a special mention of the traveling reserves Billy Davies, Stephen Leach and Tim Smedley who unfortunately did not get the opportunity to perform but whose contribution has been vital throughout the season. It is only because of our reserve strength that we qualified for the Final.

Thanks to all the helpers especially Michelle Bovell and Linda Robinson who ensured things ran smoothly over the two days. Thanks also to Matthew Lucht whose massaging expertise got many of our walking wounded into competition and Will Bolton who rounded up the athletes.

Especially pleasing was the good behavior of our athletes which was commended both by out coach driver and the hotel staff. Well done everyone.

Next season our aim has to be the Main Final on the Sunday if only to avoid the Friday rush hour!

Fran Robinson, Team Manager.

McDonald's Young Athletes League Boy's Auxiliary Final
1. Harrow 435. 2. Blackheath 415. 3. Birchfield 393. 4. Gateshead 388.5. 5. Notts A.C. 351. 6. Wirral A.C. 335.5. 7. Giffnock North 245.5. 8. St Columbas College 240.5.

Under 17s.
100. A. 3. Fabian Collymore 11.21. B. 1. George Isodo 11.49pb. 200. A. 3. Colleymore 22.91. B.2. Darren Watson 23.45. 400. A. 2. Neil Simpson 50.96. B.3. Ian Allerton 54.80. 800. A.5. Joseph Godsell 2.06.01. B. 6. David Griffin 2.15.25. 1500. A. 7. Daniel Ryan 4.35.71. B. 6. Daniel Snow 4.42.93. 3000. A. 5. Peter Underwood 9.46.57pb. B. 5. Byron Foster 10.52.90. 1500S/C. A.6. Matthew Gipon 5.13.69pb. B.4. Snow 5.22.44. 100H. A.4. Stephen Brockwell 14.79pb. B.1. Jake Aust 14.75pb. 400H. A.5. Brockwell 62.90. B. 3. Tom Robinson 64.81. HJ. A.6. Watson 1.60. B.6. Quincy Belgrave 1.50. LJ. A.4. Belgrave 5.75. B.3. Isodo 5.41. TJ. A.6. Robert Unwin 11.15. B. 5. Gareth Fergus 11.03. PV. A.6. Robinson 3.20pb. B.3=. Unwin 2.60. SP. A.5. Robin Shelley 11.14pb. B.3. Aaron Mulhearn 9.99. DT. A.4. Philip Shelley 32.60pb. B.3. Mulhearn 29.50. JT. A.6.R. Shelley 37.56. B.4. P. Shelley 35.16pb. HT. A. 2. Mulhearn 35.33pb. B. 3.P. Shelley 35.16pb. 4x100 2. 45.63 4x400. 1. 3.31.87 (Godsell, Aust, Simpson, Allerton).

Under 15s
100. A.2. Dwayne Bovell 11.70pb. B.5. Dennis Sawyerr 12.51. 200. A.4. Olusanjo Bamgboye 23.73pb. B.4. James Sharpington 24.84. 400. A.7. Brendan Early 57.74. B.3. Asandro McLeod 56.82. 800. A.5. Simon Childs 2.12.76. B.5. Ray Campbell 2.17.92. 1500. A.2. Joe Sweeney 4.29.58. B.4. Tom Morgan 5.01.10. 3000.A.8. Tom Puttock 10.49.36. B.5. Matthew Greene 11.04.18. 80H. A.1. Andrew Johnson 11.78pbCR. B.8. Colin Smith 16.48 (fell). HJ. A.6. William Agyare 1.55. B.3. Bovell 1.50. LJ. A.4. Bamgboye 5.47. B.5. Sharpington 5.11. PV. A.3. Alex Pope 2.60pb. B.3. Sharpington 2.00pb. SP. A.5. Abdul Gbla 11.67. B.1. Trevenan Walther-Symons 11.53. DT. A. 5. McLeod 27.81. B.4. Sam McCarthy 24.76. JT. A.4. Daniel Murray 33.15. B.3. Tom Morgan 33.12. HT. A.3.Paul Barrett 37.27pb. B.1. Walther-Symons 34.76pb. 4x100. 2. 47.62. 4x400. 2. 3.47.14.

Under 13s
100. A.3. Fabrice Serybi 13.42. B.4. Adam Berry 13.86. 200. A.3. Harry Tidman 27.88. B.2. Jeremy Farr 27.48pb. 800. A.3. Daniel Casey 2.31.21. B.4. Dale Willis 2.40.25. 1500. A.6. Chris Place 5.14.58. B.1. Tom Beech 5.15.94. LJ. A.1. Shane Marsh 4.77pb. B.2. James Grannell 4.46pb. SP. A.2. Serybi 10.43pbCR. B.1. Farr 8.38pb. 4x100 3. 54.41 (Serybi, James Nelson, Berry, Tidman)


Dwayne Bovell Darren Watson Harry Tidman Shane Marsh
Alex Pope Tom Morgan Shane Marsh Joe Sweeney

Joe Godsell

James Grannell Jake Aust

Asandro McLeod

Dan Snow & Matt Gipon Daniel Casey Tom Robinson & Robert Unwin Chris Place, William Agyare, Dwayne Bovell, Dennis Sawyer & Joe Swe
U13 4X100 (James Nelson, Fabrice Serybi, Harry Tidman & Adam Berry Harry Tidman U17 4X400 (Allerton, Aust, Simpson & Godsell
Andrew Johnson Dale Willis Fabian Collymore Fabrice Serybi

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