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A club well worth backing From the Editor
Thanks to our sponsors: This is the summer 2013 issue although
Biggin Hill Airport produced in the new year due to various
Jack Petchey Foundation diffculties in getting material but also a
So Clean change in production methods. By now if
UK Athletics you hadnt already noticed we are producing
and to many other generous the Gazette as a PDF on the website and so
individuals who offered backing perhaps without the need to rush it out before
and assistance. Christmas so that we can hand distribute as
many copies as possible to club members and so save postage
CONTENTS If there seems to have been a slight delay in this issue coming
out rest assured that it is as always worth remembering that
Athletics Reports the Gazette is primarily a record and not a newsletter and
that the events recorded in it are not just aimed at current
1 Senior men readers but will be of interest of future readers for years to
4 U13 Boys come. So therefore the article on David Colemans past athletic
6 Junior Women in ECCCJ achievements will long hold interest to those readers.
8 Junior Women NYDL At present the club is looking at ways to improve its image and
12 Men vets face the challenges of the present and future. The question of
14 Ladies vets volunteers remains a pressing issue and this is refected in a
think piece which looks back to a time in the clubs past when it
15 Tri club faced a crisis far greater than one it faces now and overcame it.
Features Other issues being considered include the proposed moving of
all main cross country fxtures from their traditional Saturday
16 Parris Memorial Shield afternoon to Sunday morning in order to encourage more
18 Bees Academy participants but also to allow them to give of their best in a less
20 Will Bolton pressured situation. As we go to print it would appear that there
Memorial Relays is an overwhelming, virtually unanimous opinion in favour of it.
22 How to kill or revive a club The other major issue to be considered is that of the future
26 David Coleman location of the clubs headquarters, or the redevelopment of
our existing home according to the plans on display in the
Members News downstairs common room. Of this nothing is decided nor can be
28 Allan Williams revealed until properly examined and so no more can be said on
this issue for the time being.
29 Henry James Cowie
Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following
Club News for willingly providing articles for this issue.
30 Home Bennet Cup fxtures PP Pat Calnan, PP Les Roberts, Maz Turner, PP Tim Soutar,
31 London Marathon Paul Austridge VP, Deniz Mehmed VP, John Blackie VP, Mick
Jones VP, Rob Brown VP, Allan Williams VP, PP Mike Martineau,
Adrian Stocks.
The next Gazette should appear around mid July so please send
in copy by Mid June.
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