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Junior Women Brno 2013 Czech Mate:

How Our Girls Did Us Proud in the ECCCJ

Breakfast at Macdonalds
I recall it quite clearly. It was Friday morning saw us grabbing
while I was somewhere between the tram into town waving
doping control and the call our match accreditation in lieu
room in the Stadium under of fare payment in search
Palacky Hill on the afternoon of McDonalds and wi-fi (not
of 21st September. A thought
came to me that Id never had necessarily in that order).
Both were found, some sights
in four previous trips to the
European Champion Clubs may have been seen by some
Cup: we could actually win (and posted immediately on
this thing. Thats how good Facebook by others) and a
our team was and thats how contented group returned Amber Reed steeple chase
well they were all performing. to the hostel in time for an and then, Kerri Davidson again
Well, in the end, we didnt acclimatisation visit to the track. broke the 12m barrier, stepping
win, but it was close and the This was followed by dinner(?) (and hopping and jumping) up
fact the thought was there and the team meeting at which to finish second in the triple
shows just how close it was. bib numbers were presented to jump. (Oh, and Viv Olatunji got
But I get ahead of myself. all competitors by Captain Dina. us warmed up for the track by
Representatives of Management winning the NS 100m!).
then went off to the technical
The annual magical meeting at the stadium, where, We were now into our stride
mystery tour resumes in a welcome break from and into the track programme.
Gathering at Gatwick on the tradition, both beer and food Our pedigree in the long
morning of 19th September to were provided (and consumed). hurdles in this competition is a
resume our annual battle at the strong one and Sam Brown not
ECCCJ, we did so for the first Getting into stride only maintained it but had team-
time in living memory not as Saturday morning dawned grey mates in the stand on their feet
reigning National Champions. and damp but, fortunately, the and cheering as, with probably
The pain of defeat at rain kept away. Soon, the early her best run of the season,
Birmingham two weeks before starters were making their way she hung on down the home
still hadnt wholly worn off. But down the road to the stadium. straight for a great victory. Next
that was history and our focus up, one of the teams youngest
was now on the Czech Republic. The initial events were not, on members, Leah Everson, took
the whole, our strongest. But we
This years magical mystery tour on the 800m and, in a well-
took us initially to Vienna and started as we meant to go on: judged race, stayed on the pace
from there by coach to Brno, Yemisi Sofolarin, a new recruit all the way to take the bronze
without incident. (Little did I to the intricacies of hammer- medal behind girls at least two
know that was being saved for throwing, broke her personal years older than her.
the return journey!) On arrival, best in every round of the
our student accommodation competition; Helena Coleman Contagious track success
proved to be passable, but the equalled her personal best (set at Success on the track was
food on offer a little less so and the National Finals) in finishing contagious and Jahisha
thus an intrepid party spent the a fine 4th in the pole vault; Thomas promptly leapt to
evening trawling the suburbs of Gemma Brown threw solidly for our only gold in the field, in
Brno for pizza. the same position in the discus; the long jump, just failing to
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