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Athletics Report 19
Kent Vets XC Championships and
National Masters Road Relay

The Kent Veterans Cross and Steve Pairman were
I am pleased to be able to write Country Championships runners up in the M50 event,
about 2 of my favourite events Danson Park was a new and backed up by Andy Lawes,
in the same report: popular venue for the Kent Mark Ellison, Pete Burford
The Kent Veterans Cross Vets Championships and as and Nick Barber.
Country Championships held usual we had a good turn out. Well done and thank you to
last December at Danson Park This is a great event with everyone who ran, see you
and the National Masters good competition across next year.
Road relays held in May in the age groups, irst class
Sutton Park, Birmingham. support and fabulous team The National Road Relays
spirit! December is always More recently we competed
a busy time of year but I in this event, held, as always
would encourage anyone in Sutton Park, Birmingham.
who is eligible to escape Again there were 2 races with
the Christmas shopping differing numbers of legs for
nightmare and give it a go! each age group.
In the irst 5k race our W35 In the women’s race our
team of Carole Penlington, W35 quartet of Jennie Butler
Jane Bradshaw and Sara (19:28), Carole Penlington
Elmqvist inished silver (18:45), Jane Bradshaw
medalists backed up by Kate (19:45) and Jenny Neal (19:41)
Pratten, Sally Haffenden and inished a fantastic 7th team,
Justine Eastbury. Our W45 the best club performance on
team of Rosie Ferguson, Claire the day and our W55 trio of
Austridge and Anne Cilia were Cathy Messent (27:49), Anne
5th and Annie McDonough Cilia (23:55) and Maz Turner
and Maz Turner represented (28:58) inished 9th team. We
us in the W55 age group. In
the same race our M60 team of
Graham Coates, Rob Brown
and Chris Pike won team
Gold with Graham winning
individual silver. Jim Phelan,
John Fenwick and John Turner
also ran in this age group.
In the 2nd race of 10k our
M40 runners, Clayton Aves,
Iain Swatton and Nigel
Bulmer were one short of a
team to be placed but our trio Ladies seniors and vets at the
of Nick Kinsey, Neil Ayrton National Road Relays
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