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Last updated 26 October 2004

Beachy Head Marathon  23 October 2004

A windy, damp and then wet day greeted the 1500 athletes.

1 Stuart Mills 2.58
32   Mark Ellison 3.44
38   Clayton Aves 3.45
43   David Ellison 3.46
44   Peter Burford 3.46
63   Terry Brightwell 3.57
182   Kate Pratten 4.24
188   Leo Swan 4.24
194   David King 4.27
210   Jim Phelan 4.29
211   Martin Blunden 4.29
227   Peter Lovell 4.34
247   Anne Cilia 4.38
251   Ray Bennett 4.38
311   Nigel Webb 4.49
312   David Lewes 4.49
333   Richard Strong 4.51
351   Martyn Longstaff 4.54
369   Chris Hall 4.57
421   Scott Shepard 5.05
441   Chris Fulford-Brown 5.09
495   Justine Eastbury 5.23
573   Alison Jelly 5.43

We also had lots of walkers

Full results here...

Whatever the weather we always have a happy band of walkers, joggers and runners at the Beachy Head Marathon and this year was no exception.


Ray, Mike, Stan & Bernie take off early - in the background are Terri & Terri who left even earlier...

They've all done it before...

... as have most of the Whites & Counters

The leaders head up the hill...

... and still they come

Gripper always looks happy

Terry ascending the steps


Bernie & Friend

Peter & Clayton lead...

Dave & Mark at Jevington

Terry leads...

Leo who chose this event as his first marathon...


followed by Ray


followed by Martin

Anne & Kate

Richard & Chris


Justine & Scott

Terri in the lead? - at Afriston Bridge

Mark takes the front

Gripper, Pete & Clayton follow

as does Terry

Richard smiling...

... as is Leo...

... and Dave

But not Ray & Martin



Anne & Kate still together... ... as are Mike & Ray...
... and Scott & Justine Another happy first timer...
All present & correct Captain... This time it's Friend & Bernie
Shirley leads... ... Colin, and he leads Denise
Alison continues the smiling
Mark stops to top up at Birling Gap... Mark and Pete drink on the run in an attempt to close the gap
Terry takes a rest as does Leo
Less than four miles to go... ... and both Dave & Kate are still happy
Stan & Jim enjoy a drink... ... Ray & Mike also
Blow into here sir, and you walk that white line... Richard in contemplative mood
Nigel also contemplates... Anne is pleased to hear that her Mark is leading...
Terri all smiles now as she calls it a day at 22 1/2 miles Martyn 'Durant' prepares for the final 4 miles
Chris being tidy... Martin goes for the Champagne...
Terri wet and be-medalled... That's what we're here for...  Here's to next year!


These from Rob Hall

Anne & Kate started happy... ... they stayed happy
... and smiled... ... and smiled...
Martin & Ray started together... ... and stayed together
Pete on his own Mark out in front
Two more smiles - this time from Dave
A couple of Leo
 A pair of Ellisons Roger Whitacker
Another pair; Peter & Clayton The same pair plus Dave

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Some more photos are here....

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