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London to Brighton

On the 1 October 2000, the Club had 8 runners in the annual London to Brighton race, which is a course of over 55 miles. Leading the Heathens home in an international field was Will Slack who timed 8 hours 56 minutes and 24 seconds. Second for the Club was John Turner, the 12th time the 50 year old has completed the course. With Bernie Bater the 3rd counter, they finished 4th in the overall team race and were 3rd in the South of England Ultra Distance Championships which were incorporated in the event.

Further down the field 21 year old Gareth Griffin reached the finish but then waited over half an hour for his father Dick and Colin Poole so that they could cross the line together. In pausing before the finish he missed the cut off time for a medal but as he said "it's only a bit of metal. I said to my dad I'd finish with him." Three years ago Gareth ran the race for the first time after making a full recovery from cancer.

"We all struggled to Brighton in a variety of times (irrelevant) with the exception of Brian Smith who had a leg injury after 35 miles. Colin Poole was injured with his adductors but determination saw him home to a tremendous reception. Gareth was actually 30 mins in front of me but much to the constination of the officials refused to cross the line as he wanted to wait and finish with his dad. I had met Colin 5 miles out and I decided to stay with him and encourage him home. All in all a tremendous and brilliant day, BUT NEVER EVER AGAIN!" said Dick Griffin

71  Will Slack 8:56:24
78 John E Turner 9:06:31
115 Bernie Bater 9:34:01
  David King 10:14:34
  Gareth Griffin, Dick Griffin and Colin Poole 11:29:56
  Brian Smith dnf


Colin Poole, Dick and Gareth Griffin & June Hartley!

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