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Last updated 28 February 2018

National Cross-Country, Parliament Hill Fields, London 24 February 2018

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The following extracted by Chris Haines


Senior Men  
25th of 162 teams  
2328 runners finished  
pos   time
82 Ross Braden 43:07
86 William Ruiz 43:11
269 Dan Kennedy 46:24
362 Danny Brewer 47:21
366 Alex Gibbins 47:23
469 Luca Ercolani 48:42
495 Gareth Evans 48:56
517 Fintan Parkinson 49:07
565 Chris Tuck 49:36
583 Jonathan Vintner 49:48
854 Tom Desborough 52:37
1057 Paul Sharpe 54:28
1229 Graham Hollingdale 56:13
1371 Richard Byford 57:31
1546 Tim Ayres 59:32
1846 Richard Hall 1:03:36
1909 Mark Ellison 1:04:42
1960 Rod Harrington 1:05:45
Senior Women  
1113 finished  
pos   time
241 Amber Reed 36:26
260 Lorna Clowes 36:45
Junior Men  
220 finished  
pos   time
11 Charlie Davis 34:06
127 Oscar Hussey 38:12
153 Marco Arcuri 39:35
  Lewis Mills DNF
Junior Women  
3rd of 14 teams  
146 finished  
pos   time
13 Jessica Keene 26:24
17 Niamh Bridson-Hubbard 26:30
30 Yasmine Austridge 27:12
79 Amy Leach 30:03
93 Lucy Elms 30:40
U17 Men    
17th of 36 teams  
356 finished  
pos   time
31 Mathew Francis 20:59
132 Peter Guy 22:35
143 Theo Wood 22:43
202 Prince Reid 23:36
209 Henry Fisher 23:45
220 Carlos Ohler 23:59
283 Charlie Andrews 25:21
291 Joseph Georgiadis 25:34
353 Ifetobi Salako 31:38
U17 Women  
6th of 26 teams  
276 finished  
pos   time
22 Sophie Hoare 19:47
71 Millie Smith 21:08
102 Eloise O'Shaughnessy 21:46
124 Jessica Sellar 02:10
230 Charlotte Faries 24:39
U15 Boys    
14th of 52 teams  
504 finished  
pos   time
4 Oliver Bright 15:34
58 Joel Rooney 16:45
215 Frederick Georgiou 18:05
294 Pablo Seema Roca 18:45
298 Jake Leng 18:46
299 Wil Andrews 18:47
350 Jacob Wibe 19:14
408 Bailey Marks-Belaon 19:55
412 Harvey Blandon 20:01
U15 Girls    
3rd of 50 teams  
464 finished  
pos   time
31 Naomi Toft 15:40
57 Elli Dolby 15:59
84 Zoe White 16:20
88 Jessica Neal 16:23
149 Bethany Panton 16:53
227 Sabrina Mannes 17:35
265 Holly Sutton Trott 17:51
282 Emily Davis 17:59
295 Ella Smith 18:06
299 Kelsey Pullin 18:07
307 Abigail Leeves 18:10
330 Niamh Milmo 18:22
364 Ella Deighton 18:52
  Anwen Thomas DNF
U13 Boys    
17th of 56 teams  
570 finished  
pos   time
84 Max Gregson 12:48
19 George Shaw 13:03
142 Jamie sears 13:10
310 Sam Stuart 14:06
337 Mathew Smith 14:14
338 Jake Anthony 14:14
384 Archie Whitehead 14:29
421 Ted Marston 14:44
424 Zach Mathews-Mansour 14:45
  Alessio Tutt DNF
U13 Girls    
3rd of 51 teams  
467 finished  
pos   time
13 Lara Mannes 12:59
34 Imogen Hadley 13:21
56 Hannah Clark 13:35
80 Biancamaria Polloni 13:51
139 Lily Meers 14:20
181 Cameron Kelly-Gordon 14:36
227 Jade Adbelmoumene 14:57
303 Isabella Louth 15:29
310 Amelie Willars 15:32
344 Natalia O'Doherty-Veru 15:50


The sun may have been shining but temperatures were low, the mud was thick, the hills relentless and the competition fierce as a mammoth 2328 men descended on Parliament Hill for the 130th Senior Men's National.

Seasons of consistent, strong running were rewarded for Ross Braden and Will Ruiz as both had major breakthroughs to come 82nd and 86th respectively, setting up a strong foundation for the rest of the team.

Dan Kennedy followed in a respectable but well adrift 269th, followed by Danny Brewer in 362nd as a he builds his mileage for another marathon attempt. He had to keep a close look over his shoulder though as Alex Gibbins defied a badly injured calf to follow on in 366th in an incredible 16th consecutive National. Luca Ercolani completed the scoring 6 with an impressive 469th in his debut National.

Gareth Evans had another strong, well-judged run to make the top 500 in 495th while Fintan Parkinson packed well to come 519th. Chris Tuck had already pulled off a minor miracle by getting to the race after he travelled in from the Alps throughout the night in time to make it to the start line, and he was rewarded with 565th. Fellow jet setter Jon Vintner flew in from Miami the previous day to place 583rd in another solid effort.

Two debutants came home next in the shape of Tom Desborough in 854th and Paul Sharpe in 1054th, a man presumably grateful to have been persuaded to wear spikes. Graham Hollingdale endured several problems with his shoes but refused to let that put him off as he came in next in 1229th. Richard Byford was next in 1371st as he also builds towards the London Marathon with another tough training effort. Tim Ayres snuck under the hour in 1546th as the prospect of a cold beer kept him going right to the end.

Rich Hall put recent injury troubles behind him to come 1849th, while Mark Ellison was another to run his first National as he came 1909th. Rod Harrington completed the set for Blackheath in a battling 1960th.

The net result was Blackheath coming 25th out of 162 teams; a commendable result that can be built on next year.

Congratulations to everyone who raced, you did yourselves proud!

Up the Heath!

Ross, Dan & Chris

Parliament Hill, North West London played host to this year’s National cross country Championships and once again the iconic course lived up to its tough reputation causing difficulties for most of the thousands who dared to run!

Twelve months previously Blackheath and Bromley HAC young athletes arguably had their best National XC Championship in Nottingham 2017 and so this year’s Hampstead Heath Championship was always going to be a great challenge.

With large numbers of BB’s competing we were bound to have athletes in the thick of the action and with many making their BBHAC debuts let alone their Nationals debuts, the results were excellent.
Individually our athletes were solid but collectively we were impressive, especially our girls as they secured team bronze in three age groups.

Blackheath and Bromley athletes are currently having their, not so fair share of injuries and illness but this made no impact on the 68 BB youngsters who did toe the start line.

The U13 girls had five finish in the top 100 in a field of over 460. Lara Mannes has raced several times at Parliament Hill and this advantage showed as she placed an impressive 13th in her National debut. Imogen Hadley also on her National debut was strong in 34th with Hanna Clark high up in 56th. Biancamaria Polloni made her National debut a great one placing 80th and Amelia Middleton had one of her best races of the winter finishing inside the top 100 in 98th. Great to see Lily Meers on the come back trail after injury, finishing well in 134th. Cameron Kelly Gordon was 181st, Jade Adbelmoumene was 227th, Isabella Louth 303rd, Amelie Willars 310th and completing the strong squad was Natalia O’Doherty-Veru in 344th. The team won a great bronze, not quite managing the fine gold from last year.

Max Gregson led the U13 boys home, making the top 100 in a great 84th. Next up were three boys making their National debuts, George Shaw was a great 119th, Jamie Sears 142nd and Sam Stuart 310th. Encouraging to see Matt Smith fast improving, having recovered form a nasty ankle injury, racing hard at the end with team mate Jake Anthony, who lost his right spike but carried on regardless, placing 337th and 338th and clocking the same time. Next home was Archie Whitehead making both his club and National debut, in at the deep end and finishing well in 384th. Ted Marston in his first year of club running was 421st and another double debutant Zach Mathews-Mansour starting his career at the sharp end just behind Ted in 424th, interestingly in front of a further 146 U13 boys as 570 completed the 3k hilly course. Alessio Tutt made a great start to his BBHAC career only to frustratingly lose a shoe early on, having no option but to reluctantly pull out. The team were 17th out of 56 complete teams.

Our U15 girls had great numbers running and were out in force with fourteen girls attempting their challenging 4k course. Naomi Toft led the charge placing a strong 31st, Ellie Dolby next up in a solid 57th backed up by Zoe White in 84th and Jess Neal in 88th. With four to score a great bronze was secured, an impressive performance with 50 completed teams finishing. Bethany Panton continued her fine season with a 149th finish, Sabrina Mannes was 227th, Holly Sutton Trot 265th and Emily Davis 282nd. Ella Smith ran well crossing the line in 295th just ahead of Kelsey Pullin in 299th. Abigail Leeves finished in 307th, Niamh Milmo was 330th and Ella Deighton making her club and National debut a good 364th in a big field of 464 running . Anwen Thomas was moving well near the front of the pack but unfortunately had to pull up during the race.

Oliver Bright had a fantastic run in the U15 boys 4.5k race finishing tantalisingly close to the medals, placing 4th but the highest individual placed BBHAC athlete on the day, a great run by our schools international athlete. Of the ten U15 boys racing for BBHAC, seven were making their National debuts, while three of those were also making their club debut. Joel Rooney making his double debut ran brilliantly, closing in a fine 58th. Freddy Georgiou in his first National placed 215th, and Pablo Seema- Roca inside the top 300 in 294th. Remarkably we had two more boys both inside the top 300 as Jake Leng and Will Andrews battled in out down the home straight with the final result reading Jake 298th and Will 299th. Jacob Wibe on his double debut crossed the line in 350th and Bailey Marks - Belaon 408th with training buddy Harvey Blanden just behind in 412th. Eden Abdelmoumene made his club debut but no official results were recorded. The team were 14th on the day out of 52 completed teams.

The BBHAC U17 girls were reigning champions from 2017 but came away with 6th this year in a very competed age group. Sophie Hoare had a great run finishing high up in 22nd with Millie Smith well inside the top 100 finishing 71st. Eloise O’Shaughnessy was 102nd and a great run from Jess Sellar saw her 124th and Charlotte Faries in her National debut 230th.

BBHAC U17 boys had a great turn out with nine boys contesting the tough 6k course. First home for BB was Mathew Francis in a very solid 31st, next up was Peter Guy in 132nd and Theo Wood, in his 1st National 143rd. Great to see Prince Reid in his first cross country outing for the club this winter, finish 202nd. Harry Fisher on his BBHAC debut had a good run placing 209th and Carlos Ohler just behind in 220th. Pleasing to see Charlie Andrews back running after a enforced lay off due to injury, finishing well in 283rd and same goes for Joe Georgiadis who is steadily running himself fit again after an injury break. Ifetobi Salako began his BBHAC career at the highest level finishing the National in 353rd. The team were 17th out of 36 teams.

The U20 women were unable to field a scoring team last year but well and truly made up for it this year as they combined to win a fantastic team bronze. Strong runs from newly crowned senior England International Jess Keene in 13th, Niamh Bridson Hubbard in 17th, Yasmin Austridge in 30th, Amy Leach 79th and Lucy Elms in her first National, 93rd secured the 3rd place finish.

The U20 men gave us one of the best individual club performances of the day when Charlie Davis powered around the 10k course with relative ease, finishing a fantastic 11th, his highest National finish. Charlie showed great promise as a year 7 boy by winning the Kent Schools, but has been dogged byinjury, illness and other distractions but University life clearly suits as he has found his running feet again. Charlie’s form can never be predicted as he reminded us that he was 12th in the Kent XC champs in Jan and 11th in the Nationals in Feb, being 1st Kent athlete home! Oscar Hussey continued his fine winter form placing 127th and good to have former winter boys team captain Marco Arcuri back with the team and finishing 153rd. Lewis Mills negotiated the first hill really well but was then caught up as two athletes in front fell, ripping off Lewis' spike and sock. Despite trying to continue Lewis had no alternative but to pull out, a real shame as I'm sure Lewis would have had a great run. With only three finishers no team score was recorded.

The race sponsors Saucony have secured free photos of all athletes, go to and type in your race number for (hopefully) some great shots

Many thanks go to Mick Keene and past president Dave Cordell for pitching the tent in the small hours securing what must have been the best team tent spot on the course. Many thanks also to Mike Peel for taking all the great photos already up. Not only did we have loads of athletes running we also had plenty of parents, grandparents, siblings and past presidents all dotted around the course supporting our athletes, thank you.



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