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Last updated 17 December 2015

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The Club is embarking on a major recruitment drive to fill some of the vacant posts that are essential, or would improve the effective operation of our teams and administration.  Some of the posts detailed below are being partially addressed, but are treated as secondary roles by members already having other responsibilities.

Many of you will probably be surprised to know that for the most efficient running of the Club there are around 70 posts that need to be filled, including ideally at least 20 summer and winter Team Managers!  

This appeal is therefore aimed at all members of the Club whether active or ex-athletes, social members and parents of members.  Many of these roles are not as time demanding as you may think, so please do not be put off without enquiring!

The major vacancies are mainly related to Active Athletics and Development.  Development covers sub-committees looking into significant strategic projects and roles related to personnel issues such as Welfare (including Clubmark accreditation), volunteers, Health & Safety etc.



To find out more about any of the following roles please contact Mike Davies at: or at Norman Park Track on Tuesdays on Thursdays.  Job Descriptions are available for most of these roles.

1. Assistant Coaches – for anyone who is interested in taking the first step in coaching.

2. Track & Field Officials – opportunities to assist as officials throughout the summer at our many T&F fixtures.

Support, financial and personal, will be given to qualify by attending England Athletics/UKA training for both of the above roles.

3. Track & Field Support Administrator – provide administrative support to assist team managers.

4. Reception & Support Administrator – facilitate contact between team managers, athletes and coaches at Norman Park.

5. Coaching Organiser – ensure that athletes of all ages and abilities have access to appropriate coaching and that all coaches are being deployed effectively.

6. Head of Coach Development – an overall role in the development of the coaching team and the coaching practices.

7.  Coach Development Officer – in conjunction with the above role to ensure that coaches’ education and development  needs and aspirations are supported by the provision of information on courses and other opportunities.

8. School Liaison Officer – establish liaisons with Bromley Schools to introduce athletics and promote the Club.


DEVELOPMENT (Strategy & Human Resources)

To find out more about any of the following roles please contact John Baldwin at: or 01825 768193.

Job Descriptions are available for these roles.

1. Chair of Development – will be a member of the Executive Committee to co-ordinate all significant strategic changes, volunteer recruitment and matters related to all necessary Welfare requirements, eg. Child Protection, Health & Safety and Clubmark accreditation.

2. Clubmark Co-ordinator – to monitor that all the requirements necessary for Clubmark accreditation are in place and being worked to.  Prepare the file to present to England Athletics when re-accreditation is due.

NOTE: Clubmark is a national accreditation scheme to demonstrate that clubs have procedures and practices in place covering the welfare and our duty of care for all members under 16 years of age.

3. Volunteer Co-ordinator – liaise with all sections of the Club for the recruitment, training and mentoring of new volunteers.

4. Health & Safety Co-ordinator – to ensure the National Governing Body guidelines are in place to minimise the risk to all members when undertaking their activities for the Club.

5. First Aid Co-ordinator – to ensure trained first aid cover is available at events organised by the Club.  Ensure that reports are raised if any accident does occur at training or competition.

6. Awards Sub-committee Co-ordinator – to oversee all aspects of awards related to athletics by liaising with the Summer and Winter team managers.  Maintain and up-date Awards Criteria as necessary.



To find out more about the following roles please make contact with Dave Cordell at: or the Clubhouse/Norman Park Track.

1. Bar Assistants – to help at the bar on Wednesday evenings.

2. Tea Room Assistants – to assist in the Tea Room at Norman Park Track for our home fixtures during the Summer season.   

28 January 2014

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20 February 2013

Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

This message is intended for members who wish to renew or obtain for the first time their 'competition licence' issued by England Athletics (EA) – also known as the affiliation fee.

You may be aware that Blackheath & Bromley has delayed requesting EA affiliation payments for the 2013/14 season pending clarification on the recently proposed fees increase, which, at one stage, EA was going to quadruple to £20 for most athletes. (It is not yet clear what events you will be unable to enter if you are not affiliated or whether other sanctions will be applied: there was talk of removing non-affiliated athletes from Power of 10, for example.)

EA now requires an affiliation fee of £10 (previously £5) and the club's executive committee has agreed to request payment from its members of this sum on their behalf. In the committee's opinion, EA has not yet fully justified the increase, but we cannot delay collecting the fees any longer with the renewal date of 1st April 2013 approaching. Therefore, our approach is to advise EA that funds they receive from our Club on your behalf are subject to the Club receiving the justification that we seek. If they fail to provide this, they must accept £5 as payment for 2013/14, with the remaining £5 held in trust towards next year's fee.

I should be grateful, therefore, if you would make payment to me in the sum of £10 per person who wishes to be affiliated with EA for the coming year. It may be in the form of a cheque or bank transfer. If paying by cheque you should send it to:

Rob Brown, Membership Secretary, 40 Frankswood Avenue, Petts Wood, Orpington, Kent, BR5 1BP.

Please make the cheque payable to Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC and ensure the name(s) of the member(s) to whom the cheque relates are written on the reverse of the cheque (if it is not obvious from the name of the drawer of the cheque).

Details for bank transfers are:

Payable to Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC
Sort code 40-05-30
Account number 51408798

If paying on-line, please make sure that your payment makes reference to your name in order that we may identify each payment.

Payment in cash is not recommended unless handed to me in person.

For those who have not renewed their membership subscription due on 1st January 2013, you may wish to combine the two into a single payment. You will find the renewal form here:  - Please note that there is a late payment fee of £10 for subscriptions paid after 1st March.

Rob Brown
Membership Secretary
Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC

Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC now uses e-mail as a major source of communication with its members please make sure I have your latest e-mail address or you may miss out on important information and announcements

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Yes, this is still relevant even if it's 14 years old!

3 November 2000

Dear Sir,

There has been a long and fruitful collaboration between Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC and Brunel University (Borough Road) Athletics Club.

Over the years, a string of the club's top athletes have studied at Brunel with famous names including Peter Yates, Phil Davies, Jamie Quarry, Mensah Elliot, Michael Skinner, Sam Bobb, Akinola Lashore, and most recently, Samantha Singer.

Could you please let club members know via the website that if they are competing at county standard or above and would like to study for a BSc/MSc in Sport Sciences, they are welcome to contact me. I am a long serving member of B&BHAC and will be pleased to advise any prospective student who is interested in joining one of the leading athletics institutions in the UK.


Many thanks for your assistance.

Kind regards,

Dr. Costas Karageorghis

Athletics Team Manager
Brunel University

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