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Road Running & Road Relays results & Information for 2018


2018 Parris Handicap 6-09-18

23 September 2018 - SEAA Road Relays,- Crystal Palace 24-09-18

9 September 2018 - Kilmacolm 1/2 Marathon, Inverclyde  11-09-18

9 September 2018 - Great North Run 1/2 Marathon  9-09-18

9 September 2018 - New Forest full & 1/2 Marathon  9-09-18

28 May 2018 - Vitality 10k London 29-05-18

12 May 2018 - Penicuik 10k Road Race Midlothian, Scotland 17-05-18

7 May 2018 - Ted Pepper 10k - Norman Park 8-05-18

3 to 9 May 2018 - 2018 EMU 6 day World Trophy- Balatonfüred, Hungary 9-05-18

28 April 2018 - BMAF Road Relays Sutton Park 29-04-18

22 April 2018 - London Marathon and Mini-Marathon 26-04-18

14 April 2018 - National 12 stage Road Relays Birmingham 15-04-18

8 April 2018 - Paddock Wood Half-Marathon 9-04-18


23 September 2018 - SEAA Road Relays,- Crystal Palace

Firstly a massively congratulations to everyone that turned out. We had our joint highest finish since 2010, our highest ‘B’ team finish for over 20 years (online results aren’t available past then) and were one of only 3 teams that managed to put out 4 full teams.

Going team by team - On his Blackheath Winter debut after recently signing for us was Josh Schofield who had made the long trip down from Leeds. He went out very hard in a stacked first leg, running extremely well to put us in a strong position (19th) in 18.18. Up next was Ross Braden who put in a solid leg to push us through the field handing over to Will Fuller in 11th. Fuller then put in the quickest Blackheath Leg of the day, running sub 18 for the 6k leg and handing over to Charlie in 10th. Charlie gets the man of the match award for the ‘A’ team for putting in a huge leg just a week after finishing his track season to take another place and put us in 9th after 4 legs. On 5th leg was Alex Bruce-Littlewood who continued his great comeback battling well to put us 10th with a leg to go. Final leg runner Ben Cockburn proved the team managers were right to put him in the ‘A’ team with a really strong leg including a huge finish to hold off the Aldershot ‘B’ team and put us in 11th.

11th 01:50:59.850 457 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 'A'
00:18:18.60 (19) Josh Schofield
00:18:23.40 (11) Ross Braden
00:17:57.45 (10) William Fuller
00:18:17.50 (9) Charlie Davis
00:18:46.65 (10) Alex Bruce-Littlewood
00:19:16.25 (11) Ben Cockburn

Dan Kennedy put in a strong performance leading the ‘B’ team out, showing good early season form before handing over to fellow team manager Chris Tuck who ran strongly to go under 20 minutes and gain 6 places in the process. 3rd leg runner Brewer ran well in 20.34 to only drop one place before handing to the ever reliable Alex Gibbins who ran the second quickest ‘B’ team time and gained another 6 places for the team. Rob Donohue then took over and showed the great shape he is in by gaining 9 places and was a strong contender for man of the match for the ‘B’ team but that award has to go to the huge effort by Jon Vintner, who despite having injury problems and being dragged on a big night out the night before, managed a big effort to put the team 40th overall (9th ‘B’ team)

40th 01:59:22.050 458 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 'B'
00:19:11.20 (59) D Kennedy
00:19:54.10 (53) C Tuck
00:20:34.05 (54) D Brewer
00:19:21.10 (48) A Gibbins
00:19:45.60 (39) R Donohue
00:20:36.00 (40) J Vintner

There was some storming runs in the ‘C’ team making it very hard to choose a man of the match. Angus Harrington made a big senior debut running 20.18 for the first leg, handing over to Fintan Parkinson who consolidated their position well in 20.55. Tom Desborough then continued his rich vein of form in one of his best races running a strong 20.44 and gaining 4 places, and so he gets the man of the match award for ‘C’ team. Marco then took over running well in 21.29 and keeping the team in 70th before handing over to two runners who stepped up to the C team in the last days leading up to the race. Dan Marks put in a big effort to gain another place and put the team in 69th, before Heath Anthony on his second Blackheath race after a good performance in the Will Boltons gained another place to put the team in 68th. (8th ‘C’ team)

68th 02:09:24.850 459 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 'C'
00:20:18.60 (74) A Harrington
00:20:55.80 (74) F Parkinson
00:20:44.85 (70) T Desborough
00:21:29.70 (70) M Arcuri
00:24:00.75 (69) D Marks
00:21:55.15 (68) H Anthony

Despite a couple of unfortunate drop outs in the last week we were able to complete a full ‘D’ team. First off was Richard Byford, who nipped round despite being on call at work to put us in 95th after the first leg. He handed over to Ifetobi Salako on his senior debut, who put in a strong performance to gain 3 places. Dave Beadle then took over, having only been called up the day before ran well to gain another two places, so we were all very grateful that he turned out at short notice. Another new member was up next as Jason Meers gained another place to put us in 89th in 24.28. Paul Brash was on 5th leg and continued to work through the field to put us in 84th with a leg to go. There was a lot of strong legs but the man of the match has got to go to Tim Ayres, who fresh from running a 1.35 half marathon in the morning once again stepped up to make sure we had a complete team to put us in 77th overall. (3rd ‘D’ team)

77th 02:25:27.150 460 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 'D'
00:23:46.70 (95) R Byford
00:23:29.05 (92) I Salako
00:23:16.70 (90) D Beadle
00:24:28.60 (89) J Meers
00:26:15.65 (84) P Brash
00:24:10.45 (77) T Ayres

Up the 'heath

Ross, Chris and Dan

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9 September 2018 - Kilmacolm 1/2 Marathon, Inverclyde

Peter Tucker (running for his 2nd claim club) 73:16 – 1st, he won by over 2 mins

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9 September 2018 - Great North Run 1/2 Marathon

Simplyhealth Great North Run 2018
Pos Name BIB Club   Finish Time
189 Marco Arcuri 602 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 01:24:30
8550 Zoe Kingsmell 22695 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 02:00:30
20648 Andrew Kingsmell 19064 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 02:22:23


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9 September 2018 - New Forest full & 1/2 Marathon

New Forest Marathon
Running @ New Forest, 9/9/2018        
Pos Name Bib Category Gun time Chip time
53 Steve Evenden 293 MSEN 03:26:33 03:26:29
458 Gerry Alger 7 MSEN 04:44:04 04:43:26
New Forest Half Marathon
Running @ New Forest, 9/9/2018        
Pos Name Bib M/F Gun time Chip time
462 Lindsay Alger 1526 FSEN 02:17:36 02:15:04
502 Anita Evenden 2211 FSEN 02:20:24 02:17:52


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28 May 2018 - Vitality 10k London

Place Name Runner Number Place in Gender Age Group Place in Age Group 5k Split Finish Running Club
198 Danny Brewer 3313 189 18-39 171 00:17:11 00:34:17 B&BHAC
239 Christopher Tuck 3325 227 18-39 202 00:17:35 00:34:46 B&BHAC
248 Callum Myatt 3321 235 18-39 208 00:16:57 00:34:51 B&BHAC
485 Robert Perry 4289 434 18-39 356 00:18:48 00:37:37 B&BHAC
572 Thomas Desborough 3417 506 18-39 401 00:19:30 00:38:19 B&BHAC
658 Graham Hollingdale 3405 574 18-39 444 00:19:17 00:38:59 B&BHAC
675 Carole Penlington 4111 90 40-44 6 00:19:26 00:39:09 B&BHAC
682 Born Barikor 3385 591 18-39 457 00:20:09 00:39:11 B&BHAC
1783 Tim Ayres 3560 1506 18-39 1033 00:22:35 00:44:49 B&BHAC
2066 Jennifer Neal 2281 331 45-49 26 00:23:03 00:45:49 B&BHAC
2096 Chris Swinfen 3780 1759 18-39 1190 00:22:26 00:45:57 B&BHAC
2367 Barry Wetherilt 2569 1977 60-64 19 00:22:52 00:46:50 B&BHAC
2746 Adrian Perry 4336 2291 55-59 82 00:23:02 00:48:04 B&BHAC
2886 Jenny Tomei 5302 490 18-39 340 00:24:10 00:48:30 B&BHAC
3035 Kieth Duffy-Penny 2155 2509 50-54 207 00:24:54 00:48:53 B&BHAC
3347 Zoe Kingsmell 5673 593 55-59 16 00:25:03 00:49:38 B&BHAC
3403 Donelle Yapp 5412 611 18-39 416 00:25:40 00:49:46 B&BHAC
4287 Andrew Kingsmell 7321 3398 45-49 377 00:25:51 00:51:54 B&BHAC
4505 Edwina Cheng 6140 972 45-49 76 00:26:22 00:52:23 B&BHAC
5589 Sally Smith 14722 1383 50-54 97 00:28:21 00:54:50 B&BHAC
12091 Graham Smith 21284 6943 50-54 738 00:35:42 01:11:40 B&BHAC


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12 May 2018 - Penicuik 10k Road Race, Midlothian, Scotland

Above is Paul Ross-Davies and young Sam Wood after he finished 3rd in Penicuik 10km
Paul was 1st M65, 2nd M60.

This has to be the toughest 10km in UK with 3km long steep hill, in the higher Scottish borders! Both agreed it was toughest road 10km they had raced. Sam reached 5km in just 19min but rallied to 34-17! Paul reached 5km in 24-15 but like Sam did negative split of 20-58. Young Sam is at University of Edinburgh - should be really proud of this excellent run!

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3 to 9 May 2018 - 2018 EMU 6 day World Trophy- Balatonfüred, Hungary

Final result:

John Turner 532.207km (332.5 miles)
1st Brit
2nd in age category 65-69
38th overall

David Hoben 337.502km (209.7 miles)
5th Brit
4th in age category 65-69
78th overall

Yes, mad John E Turner is at it again... last year he managed 325km - he is already up on that and there are still over two days to go! So far he has done 370 laps of the 926.82metre circuit.

Watch live here...

John laying 4th after 2 seconds!

Our chalet with John, Dave Hoben and a fellow Englishman, Adrian

The UK crew - Steve Battle from Yorkshire, Dave Hoben, John, Adrian, John and Lorna from Scotland

John completing his 2nd lap.

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28 April 2018 - BMAF Road Relays Sutton Park

Full results here...

British Masters Athletics Federation Road Relays 28/04/2018 at Sutton Park. M65 silver medallists. Running order Peter Hamilton, Rob Brown and Bob Minting.

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14 April 2018 - National 12 stage Road Relays Birmingham

Full results here...

The sunshine capital of the UK (according to Will Ruiz) greeted the 12 runners that made the journey up to Birmingham yesterday to finally close out the winter season.

A relatively young team with an average age of about 24 (dragged up a bit by a certain evergreen individual) acquitted themselves very well among strong company and there was a great team atmosphere with everyone staying around to cheer on the team.

The first leg was taken by Will Fuller who had flown in from the US the day before and shown great commitment to make himself available. He ran a strong first leg climbing up to 3rd by the turn on the long leg only for his body to remind him that it was about 5 in the morning for him, none the less he stuck to the task very well in what is always a staked leg and brought the team home well in the fight in 20th.

A casual Georges Vacharopoulos sped across the park at threat of being moved to a long leg and duly took over from Will. With recent injuries not getting the better of him he put in a good leg even bringing out his inner 400m runner to take a sprint finish up the final hill for 29th.

Next off was team manager Ross Braden grinding out a gutsy performance to bring us back in 31st.

The next short leg was taken by Joss Barber making his senior debut at the national 12 stage and he put in our fastest short leg of the day holding us in 31st.

Will Ruiz no longer the young pretender but an established member of the relay squad now ran a strong leg pulling the team back up to 29th.

Tom Desborough then ran a strong leg despite having been struggling with a calf injury showing great commitment to make sure we still had a team and keep us fighting the teams around us in 32nd.

Team manager number 2 Chris Tuck took the next long leg fresh from Paddock Wood half marathon last week running a lonely long leg to hold 32nd.

Marco Arcuri another youngster stepping up to a national relay stage continued the trend coming back in 32nd.

Final team manager representation was taken by Dan Kennedy who gained one place up to 31st but couldn't quite run fast enough to win the battle of the team managers 7 seconds slower than Ross.

Another injury scare late on but still turning up to put in the sort of strong consistent leg we have come to expect from him was Alex Gibbins by this point the gaps were getting large so a lot of lonely running for those on the course but Alex held us in 31st.

The last leg was taken by Danny Brewer who had only 6 days earlier completed Paris marathon and even with what cant be anywhere near recovered legs was able to hold 31st.

The last leg was a complete fiasco with the race organisers declaring a mass start after only the first 3 teams had completed 11 legs. This pretty much negated the final leg as a spectacle and due to the early nature of this and lack of communication meant that final leg runner Richard Byford was not aware and had to run the last leg from the back of the field with the marshals already starting to try and pack away. With all this confusion it cant have been an easy leg to run but he did a strong turn to bring us home for our final position of 32nd out of the 63 completed teams.

A huge thank you from the team managers to all those that committed to running and made themselves available it was a real shame last year that we did not attend this event and was great to be back on this stage with a team that shows real promise for the future and hopefully something we can build on going forward.

That is it for the winter season now and the team managers are really grateful for everyone that has turned out for the team this year in all the events as well as to those who have cheered, put the tent up or down, driven us around and everything else that goes with helping us to continue to compete successfully across so many races.

Good luck to everyone with summer training and racing and we will be in touch again ahead of the southern 6 stage relay on the 23rd OF SEPTEMBER.

Also watch this space for next seasons details of our team targeted BEACON RACES and accompanying socials.

Up the Heath.

Dan, Ross and Chris

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8 April 2018 - Paddock Wood Half-Marathon



Name Category






Christopher Tuck Senior Men






Gareth Evans Vet Men 40-49






Luca Ercolani Vet Men 40-49






Nigel Haffenden Vet Men 50-59






Steven Pairman Vet Men 50-59






Kate Curran Senior Ladies






William Brindley Vet Men 40-49






Sally Haffenden Vet Ladies 45-54






Barry Wetherilt Vet Men 60-69






Dave Leal Vet Men 60-69






Zoe Kingsmell Vet Ladies 55-64






Tracey Ashenden Vet Ladies 45-54






Angela Powell Vet Ladies 45-54






Austin Adams Vet Men 50-59






John Butler Vet Men 60-69






Sally Smith Vet Ladies 45-54






Richard Griffin Vet Men 60-69





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