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Last updated 15 September 2004

YAL Final at Birmingham 5 September 2004

We are the Champions...

Full results are in this pdf file...

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U/15 GIRLS A-String Time/Distance Position B-String Time/Distance Position
100m Serita Solomon 12.71s 3rd Lauren Blackie 13.11s 4th
200m Katrina Cosby 27.03s 6th Emily Godley 26.96s      pb 2nd
800m Rebecca Taylor 2.26.14s 3rd Ruby Samuels 2.26.84s 2nd
1500m Amy Smith 5.12.86s 4th Hannah Garcia 5.16.55s 4th
75m HR Serita Solomon Disq   Sarah Mc Lellan 12.06s      pb 2nd
Long Jump Lauren Blackie 1.50m 3rd Jessica Harding 1.40m 3rd
Long Jump Lauren Blackie 5.07m 1st Katrina Cosby 4.51m 3rd
Shot Shaunagh Brown 11.01m   pb 1st Sarah McGuire 8.27m 3rd
Discus Shaunagh Brown 31.23m 1st Sarah McGuire 20.90m 3rd
Javelin Shaunagh Brown 24.75m 3rd Sarah McGuire 22.97m     pb 2nd
Relays 4x100          
Emily Godley          
Lauren Blackie          
Katrina Cosby          
Serita Solomon 50.01s 3rd      
U/17 WOMEN A-String Time/ Distance Position B-String Time/Distance Position
100m Amy Godsell 12.71s 3rd Rebecca Syrocki 12.87s 1st
200m Amy Godsell 26.01s 4th Clare   Cooper 26.69s 2nd
300m Amy Godsell 41.59s 4th Rebecca Syrocki 41.33s 1st
800m Katie Murray 2.19.52s 1st Sarah Coombs 2.31.79s 5th
1500m Katie Murray 4.59.54s 1st Bryony  Proctor 5.18.85s 3rd
3000m Debbie  Shearring 12.19.44s 7th Laura Gibbs 13.12.11s pb 6th
80m HR Clare Cooper 11.85s 1st Nina  Akif 12.59s 1st
300m HR Leanne  Critchley 46.73s 2nd Jo Wood 49.76s      pb 4th
High Jump Anna Smith 1.50m 4th Rachel King 1.50m 1st
Long Jump Jade Castell-Thomas 4.84m 2nd Rachel  King 4.77m 3rd
Shot Victoria Thomas 10.00m 2nd Flo Clark 7.95m 2nd
Discus Flo Clark 30.23m 3rd Rachel Blackie 27.89m 1st
Javelin Rachelle  Brace 30.90m 3rd Frances Athawes 30.29m 1st
Relays 4x100          
Leanne  Critchley          
Rebecca Syrocki          
Amy Godsell          
Clare Cooper 49.37s 1st      
U/13 GIRLS A-String Time/ Distance Position B-String Time/Distance Position
75m Rebecca Cook 10.38s 2nd Daniella Annon 10.66s 2nd
150m Grace Sheppard 20.86s 3rd Katie Vistuer 21.25s 3rd
8OOm Jessica Saville 2.33.25s  pb 5th Lucy   Price 2.41.64s 6th
1200m Amy De Matos 4.04.08s 3rd Rebecca Smith 4.09.40s 2nd
70mHR Alix Duffy-Penny 12.72s 6th Estelle Patten 12.49s 2nd
LONG JUMP Leah Forbes-Morris 4.50m      pb 5th Sheridan Lewis 4.31m         pb 1st
HIGH JUMP Jessica Matthews 1.48m pb.mbp 1st Neshina N-Roberts 1.45m pb.mbp 1st
SHOT Emma  Brown 8.16m 3rd Katherine  Jones 8.02m        pb 1st
Relays 4x100          
Katie Vistuer          
Estelle Patten          
Sian Hurlock          
Rebecca Cook 55.07s 1st      


A-String Time/Dist Position B-String Time/Dist Position
100m James  Alaka 11.37s 1st Jonathan  Akinluyi 12.75s     pb 6th
200m James  Alaka 22.86s 1st Dane  Cole 26.21s 7th
400m James  Alaka 52.89s 1st Stuart   Worley 58.37s 6th
800m Edward Martin 2.21.35s 7th Robert Shearring 2.23.34s   pb 4th
1500m Micheal Thorpe 4.41.66s  pb 5th Cameron Ward 5.05.22s 6th
3000m Sam   Simpson 10.21.40s 6th Robert Evans 11.26.56s 7th
80m HR Heaven Lee Roach 12.20s    pb 2nd Ivan Torku 13.37s      pb 4th
High Jump Dane   Cole 1.50m 8th Marcus   Morrison 1.50m       pb 3rd
Pole Vault Aston Stockdale 2.55m     pb 2nd Robert Evans 2.10m 1st
Long Jump Marcus Morrison 4.79m 8th Dane  Cole 4.54m 7th
Shot Joe Stockton 11.22m 5th Richard Al-Ameen 10.50m 2nd
Discus Joe Stockton 26.52m 5th Richard Al-Ameen 25.47m 2nd
Hammer Joe Stockton 54.86m 1st Richard Al-Ameen 51.70m     pb 1st
Javelin Ben Bateman 43.40m  pb 3rd Hakeem  Smith 14.91m 6th
Relays 4x100     Relays 4x400    
Heaven Lee Roach     Sam Simpson 61.3s  
Marcus Morrison     Stuart Worley 61.1s  
Jonathan Akinluyi     Edward  Martin 63.4s  
James Alaka     Micheal Thorpe 63.6s  
  47.55s 4th   4.09.04s 7th
A-String Time/Dist Position B-String Time/Dist Position
100m Daniel   Haque 11.10s 2nd David  Torku 11.50s      pb 4th
200m Daniel   Haque 22.22s 1st Scott   Blackell 23.16s 4th
400m Scott   Blackwell 50.52s 2nd Dominic  Parsons 51.79s 1st
800m James  Poole 1.59.75s  pb 3rd Robertb D'Angelo   2.09.86s 5th
1500m James  Poole 4.16.26s  pb 4th Richard  Davies 4.18.74s  pb 1st
3000m Danny    Brewer 9.38.27s 5th Tom    Beech 10.10.43s 5th
100m HR Alex Al-Ameen 13.78s 1st Robert   Jones 17.77s      6th
400m HR Richard    Daniel 61.96s 6th James  Summerby 61.39s     pb 2nd
1500 SC Richard    Daniel 4.52.27s   pb 5th Dale    Willis 5.28.98s 6th
High Jump Alex Al-Ameen 1.80m      pb 4th Dale    Willis 1.65m      pb 4th
Pole Vault Adam Berry 3.50m 3rd Scott   Huggins 3.40m      pb 1st
Long Jump Dominic  Eden 5.30m 8th Joe  Mortimer 5.08m 6th
Triple Jump Daniel   Haque 13.06m 1st Jenner   Cole 11.52m     pb 4th
Shot Stuart  Harvey 12.48m 3rd Alistair   Tawanaee 11.93m     pb 2nd        
Discus Alistair  Tawanaee 40.95m 2nd Alex    Jones 28.64m 2nd
Hammer Alistair  Tawanaee 55.32m 2nd Stuart Harvey 30.00m 2nd
Javelin Stuart  Harvey 63.15m 1st Tom  Doig 41.52m     pb 1st
Relays 4x100     Relays 4x400    
David  Torku     Scott   Blackwell 52.7s  
Alex   Al-Ameen NEW   Alex Al-Ameen 52.3s  
Scott   Blackwell CLUB   James Poole 52.0s  
Daniel     Haque RECORD   Dominic   Parsons 52.3s  
  43.48s 2nd   3.29.25s 3rd
A-String Time/Dist Position B-String Time/Dist Position
100M Elliott Cox 12.4s       pb 1st Lawrie   Barnes 13.35s 2nd
200M Elliott Cox 25.35s     pb 1st Stephen  Cavey 25.52s       pb 1st
8OOM Stephen   Cavey 2.15.13s 1st Julian Ayisi       2.28.98s    pb 2nd
1500M Joe Harding 4.50.96s   pb 4th Oliver  Robinson 4.57.20s    pb 1st
LONG JUMP Stephen  Camacho 4.69m      pb 2nd Andrew   Jordon 4.06m 4th
SHOT Danny  Duffin 10.20m    pb 2nd Andrew Jordon 9.13m 1st
Relays 4x100          
Elliott Cox          
Izzy Ukoko          
Lawrie Barnes          
Stephen  Cavey 51.02s 1st      



Photos from Pat Calnan


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