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Last updated 28 April 2003

National 12 Stage RR at Sutton Park on Saturday, 26 April 2003

National 12 Stage Relay - Men
1 Belgrave Harriers  4:08:55
2 Tipton Harriers  4:11:02
3 Birchfield Harriers  4:12:49
14 Blackheath & Bromley H  4:25:36
(J Atkinson (40) 28:48, A Rayner (32) 15:11, M Skinner (16) 26:46, A Draper (18) 15:30, P Tucker (17) 28:37, B Foster (14) 15:16, R Byrne (13) 28:00, J Mills (12) 15:01, J Bradley (14) 29:47, N Gasson (14) 16:13, R Smith (14) 29:19, P Calnan (14) 17:08)

National 6 Stage Relay - Women
1 Sale Harriers Manchester  1:41:00
2 Windsor Slough Eton Hou  1:44:56
3 Chester-le-street & Dis  1:45:32
13 Blackheath Harriers  1:56:01
(S Budd (11) 17:22, S Henry (11) 18:51, H Leach (15) 19:27, K O'Mahoney (13) 19:45, G Viney (12) 19:26, K Pratten (13) 21:10)


Very well done to all those that ran yesterday and to those that came to support. It was a good day, and, I think, showed real promise that we will get back in the medals in the near future.

The results are not yet up on the web but I have seen a set from HWAC which look OK. From these I see that we were 4 places higher and 37 sec faster than last year. On a day which I suspect was a little slower. Heat and wind, I am told. Also, we were 6th Southern team, 1 place higher than last year.

For the record our results were;
1 Jamie Atkinson (40) 28:48
2 Andrew Rayner (32) 15:11
3 Michael Skinner (16) 26:46
4 Ant Draper (18) 15:30
5 Peter Tucker (17) 28:37
6 Bill Foster (14) 15:16
7 Rory Byrne (13) 28:00
8 Joe Mills (12) 15:01
9 Jeremy Bradley (14) 29:47
10 Nick Gasson (14) 16:13
11 Roy Smith (14) 29:19
12 Pat Calnan (14) 17:08 (who must have had the greatest support of any runner round the course and at the finish. I hope Ken has bought everyone a drink with his winnings!!)

Total time 4:25:36 14th place

B&BHAC women had a good day too. They finished 13th!!! Will we live that down?

This event concludes the 2002/03 winter season. We have a great mix of youth and experience and I really do hope that we can get our very best runners out in all the various Championships next winter, and then we can really make our mark.

My thanks go to John Baldwin, Pat Calnan and Nick Gasson for there help over the winter. I could not do whatever it is that I do without them.

It was good to see running round the Park, Dave Heath (able now to train hard enough to get injured!!!) and Mark Stienle (now recovering from his blood problem and AT injury) we hope that he proves his fitness so that he is able to run in The World Championship Marathon in Paris in August. Also, we met Richard Daniel who may well rejoin us following a move back South.

Have a great summer, but please book the last Saturday in September for the Southern 6 stage RR so that we qualify for the National event at the end of October.


Ian Wilson 28-04-03


Photos from Chris Haines

Siobhan Budd firmly leading this group on the fast first leg Leg 2 Shavaun Henry running well early on  Leg 3 Hannah Leach full of running
Leg 4 Karen O'mahony burning on and women's team manager too Leg 5 Gemma Viney leading a strong group makes a welcome return Leg 6 Kate Pratten running well on the last leg

1 Jamie Atkinson settles in  on the long way out & on the way back 2 Andrew Rayner well into his stride on the first short leg 3 Michael Skinner setting out strongly on the second long leg
3 Michael Skinner storming back on the return long leg 4 Ant Draper leaving them gasping towards half way on the short leg 5 Peter Tucker gets presidential encouragement on the way out
5 Peter Tucker digs in on the long leg return 6 Bill Foster  great running on a short leg 7 Rory Byrne concentrating hard on the way out
7 Rory Byrne returning strongly from the far end 8 Joe Mills flying at half way on this short leg 9 Jeremy Bradley after 1.5 miles on the way out
9 Jeremy Bradley long leg on the return 10 Nick Gasson approaching half way on this short leg 11 Roy Smith early on the last long leg
12 PP Pat Calnan waits for the start of the last leg PP Graham Botley supporting president John Robinson PP Ian Wilson mens team manager

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