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Last updated 10 November 2003

National 6 Stage Road Relay at Sutton Park 25 October 2003

Well done and thanks to all those that raced and supported us at this event. Our results were:

Leg1 Andrew Rayner 27 18:04 (a good run 46 sec behind first)
Leg2 Bill Foster 37 19:13
Leg3 Mike Skinner 17 17:21 (fastest on stage, = 7 fastest of the day, Well done!)
Leg4 Mark Steinle 8 17:32 (3rd fasted on stage)
Leg5 Jamie Atkinson 10 19:20
Leg6 Ken Daniel 26 21:48

Total Time 1:53:18

Dave Heath should have run leg 5 with Jamie Atkinson on leg 6. But Dave was returning from a trip to France and did not arrive at Stanstead until too late to get to Sutton Park, even for the last leg. So quick team changes and some arm twisting and Ken Daniel agreed to run the last stage to ensure we finished a team.

Well done Ken, and thanks. I know it was not what you expected to be doing that afternoon.

Belgrave won from Salford and Bedford and County. We were 12th Southern Club. Fastest time of the day was C Davies of Telford who ran 16:25

It was great to see Mike and Mark running well and Andrew and Jamie gaining experience and confidence. All being supported by vets Bill and Ken.  There is still no doubt in my mind that we are capable of placing in the top 6 with our current group of runners.

It was good too to see or Women taking part as well.



Photos from Pat Calnan

Bill Foster Mike Skinner
Mark Steinle Jamie Atkinson
Ken Daniel Hannah Leach
Gemma Viney Kate Pratten Clare Lodwig



And three from Spencer Newport, Bill, Ken & Mark

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