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National 25-02-06

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Last updated 27 February 2006

National Cross-Country 25 February 2006

Photos from Pat Calnan


39 Siobhan Budd 36.08
110 Fran Green 39.05
188 Kate Pratten 41.51
226 Clare Lodwig 43.24             21st Team
262 Kirsty Philp 44.44
276 Annie McDonough 45.19
353 Carolyna Jones Baldock 48.43
368 Anne Cilia 49.28

There was an icy wind blowing at Parliament Hill foe the nationals on Saturday, but at least the sun was out. The course was, as always, very tough and it caught a few of us out. Shavaun Henry had had enough after one lap and pulled out, Fran lost confidence and wavered for a minute, but carried on. Carolyna stopped for a full three minutes before convincing herself she was able to carry on. Not one for the faint hearted!!

Siobhan Budd had an excellent run to lead the team in 39th. Fran, having pulled herself through finished just outside the top 100, in 110th. Kate was third to score despite a painful stitch in 188th and Clare, who had a good race, was fourth to score in 226th. With four extra team members on the day we had good club representation. The team was 21st, which although isn’t our best result, we were still 1st Kent Team to finish.

Thank you to everyone who competed on the day and throughout the cross-country season, we’ve had a really good team spirit this year, and it makes all the difference.

We have one competition left, the last Kent League race, which is next Saturday at Tunbridge Wells. Last year we won, and whilst I don’t think we’ll win again, we could still make top three. Please let me know if you can race.

Well done to everyone on Saturday.


U13 Boys Team 13th (357 Finishers)
60th Hector Kurtyanek
89th Robert Yates
101st William Andrew
140th George Gregory
196th Phillip Sesemann
233rd Greg Proctor
251st Anthony Moore
309th Charles Turvey

U15 Boys – Only three B&B finishers (326 Finishers)
98th Stephen Cavey
195th Cameron Ward
294th Oliver Robinson
DNF Robert Evans

U17 Men Team 12th (282 Finishers)
64th Danny Brewer
99th Alex Bruce-Littlewood
107th Richard Davies
131st Jon Vintner
159th Alistair Cliffe
242 Adam Atkinson
243rd Beau Szczepanski


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