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Athletics Report                  9

stepped in. A&B string          Eton – 29th June                  Georgina Taylor
doubles came in the U20         This was always going to
800 (Leah and Anna, who         be a tough match: home            Lizzie), 400H (Isabella and
also won the B 1500), 3000      advantage to Windsor, but         Beth), TJ (despite Kerri being
(Kelsey - who also won the      a good performance could          at the British Champs! – Toyin
U17 s/c! - and Sam), LJ (Kerri  see us put a foot in the Final.   and Helena) and U17 200 (Jazz
and Jamiyla, who also took      Our throwing problems             and Isabella), with additional
the U17HJ) and TJ (Kerri        had returned, though, and         victories from Janae (U20 B
and Annie), with additional     there was a hole in our sprint    800), Jess (U20 A 1500), Sam
victories for Cheriece (400),   squad that would have sunk        (U20 B 3000), Anna (U20 B
Natty (400H), Parris (U17       a lesser team. Undeterred,        s/c), Toyin (U20 B HJ), Sonia
100), Annie (80H), Isabella     with the assistance of John       (U20 B PV), Shannon Riskey
(300H) and Toyin (U17           Blackie’s wise counsel and        (U17 B 800 and 1500), Megan
TJ). Another strong finish      his charges’ acquiescence,        (B 80H and 300H ), Jamiyla
saw us win both U20 relays      the team manager shuffled         (U17 LJ and HJ). Our usual
(Natty, Dina, Cheriece and      what remained of his pack,        strong finish in the relays
Viv in the 4x100, winning       plugged all the gaps and held     (wins in the U20 4x100 – Viv,
by some margin, and             his breath. After a minor         Isabella, Lizzie and Annie
Charlotte, Cheriece, Sonia      scare concerning the apparent     – and 4x300 – Georgina,
and Natty in the 4 x 400m)      absence of crucial vaulting       Shannon, Mary and Leah –
and come runners-up in          poles was resolved, the sun       and 2nd places in the other
the U17 equivalents. This       began to shine on us: we          two) exemplified the all-round
time, there was no doubt:       covered all the events without    fighting spirit that resulted in
Wendy produced the official     mishap and everyone made          us (most probably – no official
breakdown showing that we       great contributions, some         breakdown again) taking the
won the women’s match by        discovering a pleasing degree     women’s match once more. But
no less than 49 points and,     of proficiency in events not      these competitions are seldom
although the boys finished      usually contested by them.        won on the basis of individual
4th, they were much improved    A&B string wins were              victories alone and there can
and we came away as overall     garnered in the U20 200 (Viv,     be no better evidence than this
match winners. With other       who also took the A 100, and      one. The overall commitment
performances also going our                                       that makes the difference
way, we were back up to 2nd     Georgina Taylor and Sam Leighton  can be demonstrated by the
place in the League. That’s
more like it! Among all the
thanks to those who spent
so much time and effort in
ensuring the meeting was such
a success – you know who you
are, and so do we – special
mention for those in the beer
tent who saved a drink for the
team manager, which rounded
off the day nicely.
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