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Athletics Report  11

taking place in Castellon, near     The Team before the National Finals in Birmingham
Valencia.) As ever, it had been
a long season and, inevitably,      two 3rds (Helena and Pippa)        produced another inspiring
injuries had taken their toll: not  in the vault and a 3rd from        performance, dominating
only Dina, but also Maya, Jazz      Jamiyla in the LJ, redressing the  the 80H, and Megan, Natty
and Niamh were non-starters         balance. Glasgow took the early    (fresh from the physio’s couch)
and Isabella and Bonnie were        combined match lead but, after     and Helena, ensured she had
recovering from recent, nasty       a near perfect performance in      good support in the other
accidents, one on the track and     the 100s (Shannon, with her        sprint hurdles. Further wins
one on the road. We could just      debut for the team this season     followed: in the longest track
about cover the sprints, middle     (!), Viv, Parris and Molly), we    event of the day, the 3000m,
distance and even hurdles,          got our noses out in front.        courtesy of Jess in the U17,
but we had little margin in         The rather sporadic posting        with Joanna 3rd and, while
the throws as it was. We were       of results, especially those       that was going on, Toyin in
soon to learn that Windsor had      from the field, made it difficult  the U17 Triple Jump. More
their own problems: both their      to assess with any certainty       good news came in the 200s,
World Junior medalists weren’t      thereafter exactly how we were     where Shannon completed her
available. Any thoughts that        placed. The only thing to do       sprint double and Viv, Parris
it was our lucky day, however,      was to keep focusing on the        and Lizzie all banked good
lasted as long as our first event   next event.                        points with 2nd places. Nor
on the track: Natty was in the                                         did the 800s let us down, with
mix for medals in the 400H          Birthday girl, Kerri Davidson,     Jess taking gold and Shannon
coming off the last bend, only      did just that, recording a win     Riskey bronze in the U17s.
to succumb to a recurring           in her reserve discipline, the     Meanwhile, in the field, Kerri
knee problem. She bravely           U20 LJ, with Toyin 2nd in          added the TJ to her LJ title
struggled to the finish, but was    the B string. To maintain          and Annie won the B string.
scheduled to compete in four        momentum, we unleashed             In the steeplechase there was
more events. She, and we, were      Cheriece to win the 400, with      another fine win from Kelsey,
now in Gemma’s hands, quite         Janae 3rd in the B, as were        with Beth 3rd.
literally.                          Lizzie and Leah in the 300s.
                                    A tight U20 HJ competition         So to the relays. How close
Thus began a day which bore         saw us gain reasonable points      was it? With various field
a striking resemblance to the       with Mary taking bronze            event results still not posted,
proverbial curate’s egg. The        in the B string. Molly then        it was impossible to tell, so we
other long hurdlers steadied the
ship (two 3rds – Beth and Leah
– and a 1st from Annie) and
solid performances in the 1500
(2nds from Jess, Kelsey and
Charlotte and a 3rd from Anna)
had us back on track. The early
field events followed the trend:
the throws not going so well,
but a 2nd (Captain Sonia) and
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