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Athletics Report  25

Vet Women’s summer season 2014

  Blackheath and Bromley’s vet   The 6th match was held at         Maz Turner
  women had another successful   Dartford track. We scored 62
  summer season in the           points, Cambridge 65 points
  Southern Vets Kent 1st and     and Dartford 60 points....
  2nd Divisions. In the first    so off to the finals where we
  division we had a very close   finished in 3rd place behind
  competition with Cambridge     Epsom and Ewell who were
  and Dartford Harriers.         1st and Cambridge 2nd.
                                 It was an amazing season with
Helen Godsell                    more competitors than the
In the first 2 matches we        previous year, 20 in all. We
gained maximum match points      covered all events in the 1st
as well as the highest score.    division and most of them in
In the 3rd match we came 3rd     the 2nd division. There were
but finished 2nd overall with    16 participants in the finals
Cambridge 1st and Dartford in    covering 45 events including
3rd place. We came 3rd again     2 relays.
in the 4th match and dropped     I’d like to thank all those who
to 3rd overall but we still had  took part both in the Kent
the highest score. After the     Divison matches and the final
5th match Blackheath and         and to the help and support
Bromley, Cambridge and           I had from John. John and I
Dartford were level each with    are looking forward now to
25 match points so we needed     this year’s competition as joint
to place 1st or 2nd in our 6th   managers of the men’s and
and final match in order to      women’s teams.
gain a place in the Southern
Vet’s finals.                    Maz Turner

                                 Claire Robinson, Jane Bradshaw and Rosie Ferguson
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