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Doug Tingey


Doug sadly passed away     Doug features in the excellent      but chose to decline. From
in 2013 having joined the  Club History and was assistant      1996 he was the senior VP
Club in 1940. He had       Treasurer for 4 years between       and presided over the VP’s
been a member for almost   1946 and 1950. Later on he          supper in his own unique way.
70 years and although      came on to the committee            Technology came too late for
unfortunately resigning    and for many years he always        Doug and he wrote his own
his membership he was a    attended Club Committee             speeches out in his very small
very hard working and      meetings. His great passion         and neat handwriting.
dedicated servant. Doug    was Cross Country and he            He was always well prepared
was a bachelor and the     ran mob matches and other           and thought provoking. He
Club and the Sport were    events until quite late in his      never drove and came to the
his almost lifelong loves  life contesting for last position   Club by train to Bromley
and so we had celebrated   with his great friend and rival,    South. From there he walked
his 80th birthday in some  Jim Bennett. He was the Club        to and from the Clubhouse.
style in 2003 at a Club    Cross Country Secretary for 7       Once asked why he didn’t get
Dinner.                    years between 1950 and 1957         a bus, he replied “I tried that
                           but only made the team for the      once”! He had little faith in
                           Southern once and was 12th          buses and walked prodigious
                           and last scorer in 1946. He         distances.
                           never made the National team.       Doug also features in the very
                                                               first edition of the magazine
                           The Club History refers to          now well known as Athletics
                           him as a ‘highly efficient’         Weekly. This December
                           Cross Country Secretary             1945 magazine records that
                           and he was involved in the          Doug was equal 2nd in the
                           organisation of the Club’s          handicap in the Club 5 miles
                           inter-Schools Cross Country         Championship. At club level
                           races and also Novices races.       he was very proud of his
                           He was never really a Track         achievements, particularly his
                           and Field man but every             Club pots and spoons.
                           summer would see him on the         Many will have fond memories
                           field as an official at the Club’s  of Doug and will be very sad
                           home fixtures.                      at his passing. That particular
                                                               generation is now largely lost
                           He was made a Vice President        to the Club.
                           by the legendary Keith
                           Wilcockson in 1956 an
                           elevation which was great
                           praise indeed given that
                           president’s highly discerning
                           nature. Doug was always
                           enigmatic when asked whether
                           he himself had ever been
                           asked to be Club President.
                           Quite probably he was asked
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