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   The Senior Ladies at the
   Southern Athletic League 2015

At times displays of talent        SAL Norman Park                  Pole vault with 2.40, and
and ability were very much in      25th April                       Jamiyla Robinson – Pascal in
evidence and yet at other times    Our strongest Ladies team of     the A string long jump with
it was to prove a stiff challenge  the season containing most       5.33. Our Ladies cleaned up
to find the full compliment        of John Blackie’s best athletes  in both relays winning the
of personnel for the events        turned out for the home          4x100 by nearly 7 seconds,
competed for. However the          fixture. There were plenty       with a team which included
senior ladies throughout           of wins on the day including     Dina Asher Smith, and
the summer displayed great         Shannon Hylton running in        4x400 by almost 25 seconds.
determination and versatility      the 100 metres with 11.92,       We didn’t quite manage the
in a season which had an           and 200 in 23.38 who won         overall win, but this was a
unfortunate outcome due to         the Sweat Shop award for         very encouraging start to the
adverse circumstances, but         the best track athlete of the    season.
the teams which could be           season. There were also wins
put out for each fixture were      for Vivien Olatanji in the       Tonbridge 219.5, Blackheath
not devoid of outstanding          100 metres and 200 metre         & Bromley 188, Basingstoke
performances or without            B strings with 12.59, and        & Mid Hants 165.5, Stevenage
promise for the future.            26.65, Cheriece Hylton in the    & North Herts 150
                                   400metres with 53.91, and
                                   Rachel Dickens in the B 400      SAL Chelmsford
                                   metres with 55.72.               31st May
                                                                    Many of our best Ladies
                                   The ever improving Anastasia     made the journey to
                                   Davies secured double wins       Chelmsford on a damp day in
                                   in the 100m Hurdles with         which the Pole Vault was held
                                   15.32 and B Triple Jump with     indoors. There were good
                                   10.76, and Leah Everson and      early points here for us with
                                   Isabella Hilditch in the A       Christina Moore taking the
                                   and B 400 metres Hurdles.        A string with 3.30, and Sonia
                                   Leah qualified for the English   Woolhouse being placed
                                   schools with a Personal Best     second in the B string with
                                   of 65.20. There were strong      a seasons best of 2.60. There
                                   throws in the Hammer and         was a strong start also on the
                                   PBs with the 4K for Victoria     track with Becky Mclinden
                                   Wiltshire 44.65, and Carys       winning the A string 400
                                   Marsden with 40.54 taking        metres Hurdles with a PB
                                   maximum points.                  64.6, and Leah Everson
                                                                    taking B string with 66.2
                                   Further good wins were           and a good day for Grace
                                   recorded by for Kerri            Sheppard winning the B 100
                                   Davidson in the A string         in 12.4, and finishing second
                                   Triple Jump with 12.45, Jackie   in the A string 200 metres. In
                                   Montgomery in the B string
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