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A club well worth backing  From the Editor
        Thanks to our sponsors:
                                             As we are only just going into print in the
        Biggin Hill Airport                  late summer of this year (2017) the events
        Jack Petchey Foundation              described in this issue are no longer instant
        So Clean                             news but nevertheless fall into the period
        and to many other generous           covered by the issue e.g. the summer season
        individuals who offered backing      2016. Prominent amongst these are the
        and assistance.                      impressive performances of Dina Asher Smith
                                who won a bronze in the sprint relay team, and Adam Gemini who
                                so narrowly missed out on a medal in the Final of the Men’s 100
            CONTENTS            In most issues of the Gazette it is unfortunate that we have to
                                report the passing of those members who have made invaluable
            Athletics Reports   contributions to the club over many years. As we are going
                                to press the passing of Club secretary Hannah Cordell has
         1   Senior Men
                                been announced. A full obituary will be published in the next
         5  Senior Ladies       issue. However in this one we have detailed obituaries of two
         8  Vets and Masters    distinguished elder members, Jack Braughton, who ran in the
                                1948 Olympics and Gordon Hickey the high jumper who gained a
         9  U13 Boys UK UDL     new identity as a championship winning shot putter.
         15  U13 Boys Inter Counties   As I mentioned before we shall be requiring new personnel on the
         16  U13 and U15 girls  editorial team and this will be the last issue in which Peter Rogers
                                will be contributing his talents both as a graphic designer and also
         18  Kent YAL
                                selector of pictures, a role in which he has given me invaluable
         24  Girls YDL          contribution since 2010. I would like to express my heartfelt
         28  Girls YDL Final    appreciation and thanks for all he has done on the magazine, for
                                taking on the layout of this issue at short notice and hope that we
         31  Rio Olympics       can find as committed and talented a designer to take over from
         33  Rio Recolections   him in the near future.
         36  Paris Handicap     Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following
                                for willingly providing articles for this issue:
            Features            2016/7 President Bill Foster, Paul Astride VP, PP Dick Griffin, PP

         38  Dorando Pietri     John Baldwin, John Wakeman VP, Kate Desborough, PP Mike
                                Martineau, PP Tim Souter, Hugh Stanbury, PP Alison Brand, PP
         41  The club in the 1930's  Brian Stone.
            Obituaries          The next issue covering the winter 2016-17 is now in preparation
                                and the deadline for submission of reports is November 2017.
         44   Jack Broughton
         47  Gordon Hickey
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