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Athletics Report  3

        Timmins and Alex Pope had   Match Four - Basingstoke   was an example of the high
        busy afternoons in the throws   6th August      standard of the match.
        with Alex Pope winning the B                    A big shout to the magnificent 7
        shot and Lewis Church scored   Hmmm. Well it was an   who did all four matches, Toby
        useful points in the javelin, a   interesting match. It was a great   Olubi, James Habergham, Mark
        foot injury prevented him from   example of what a club can do   Cryer, Lewis Ely, Jonathan Ilori,
        jumping and hurdling.   when it gets its best athletes   Rob Sutherland and Alex Pope.
                                out. Basingstoke & Mid Hants
        Hosting these matches is always   were bottom of the table after   Jonathan’s 15.76 won the triple
        a major exercise and so thanks   three matches. On home ground   jump by an astonishing margin
        and congratulations are due to   they won the fourth fixture   of over two metres and he was
        all those who contributed to the   and avoided relegation. It was   second in the long jump with
        organisation of such a successful   Enfield & Haringey and Herne   6.96. Rob won every B triple
        fixture.                Hill who ended up relegated   jump at the four matches. They
                                while we were seventh on the   scored 110 out of a possible 112
        Match result.           day but finished the season   in the triple over the season.
        1 Thames Valley 348     third overall.          Toby probably had his best ever
        2 Blackheath & Bromley 298  It could have been a good day   day for the team taking third
        3 City Of Glasgow 286   for us but we had too many   in the A string 100 and fourth
        4 Southampton 276       athletes injured and ill. Having   in the A 200. In both he beat
        5 Herne Hill 264        said that there were great   athletes who have run faster
        6 Harrow 256            performances in what was a   than him over the season.
        7 Basingstoke & Mid Hants 235   high standard fixture with   James made the long trek down
        8 Enfield & Haringey 209  positions changing throughout   from Leeds to compete in a
                                the afternoon.          loaded 800. With the heat and
                                We scored 125 points in the   strong winds it was not a great
                                field events a little bit down on   day for doubling at. We had four
                                the 134 we scored at the match   middle distance runners on the
                                at Norman Park. Yet in 8 of the   day, three of them under 20s, to
                                strings we were better than the   cover eight strings, that was a
                                NP fixture, in 4 we were not so   tough tough ask.
                                good and in 4 the performances   Mark had a busy day as he
                                were the same.          tried to finish as our top points
                                 Our high jump performances   scorer of the season but Alex
                                were the same at each match   just held on to his lead. Alex
                                but the points scored were   was omnipresent in the throws.
                                hugely different. The weather   Sometime we must have a
        Overall.                did have some influence. At   contest to guess how many
                                Norman Park, Jake Field was   points he has scored in the
        1 Thames Valley 24 (1032)   3rd equal in the A string with   League over the years. Steve
        2 Southampton 19 (888)  1.90 and Lewis Ely won the B   Timmins did three throws. It’s
        3 Blackheath & Bromley 15 (831)   string with 1.80. At Basingstoke,   a strange year when Duayne
        4 City Of Glasgow 13 (763)   Lewis cleared an equal season’s   Bovell isn’t at all the matches
        5 Herne Hill 11 (793.3)   best of 1.90 and was last in the   but he was injured early season.
        6 Harrow 10 (744.5)     A string while Mark Cryer was   Ever dependable he picked up
        7 Enfield & Haringey 9 (742.3)   6th in the B string with 1.80. So   some useful B 100 points.
        8 Basingstoke & Mid Hants 7      at Norman Park we scored 23   Elsewhere Scott Huggins
          (709.8)               points, at Basingstoke 7. This   produced a classy 4.80 vault;
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