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   Junior Men and Women Winter 2015-2016

For the age group directly         Kent League                     We also had two U20
below the seniors the prevailing                                   women running but both
challenge is always to be able to  In Match 1 at Stanhill Farm     chose to run the longer
field teams given the challenges   Wilmington Charlotte Rhule      more competitive race of
of university commitments          did well to finish 3rd in the   the seniors and what an
and the lure of appearing in       U20 women’s race as did         inspired choice it was for
the senior men and women’s         Bertie Harrington finishing     Niamh Bridson Hubbard
teams and the challenges           7th in the men’s U20 race.      as she powered through the
posed there. However the           U20 Thomas Desborough,          5k course winning by 44
incentives for making a mark       having survived “freshers       seconds. Great also to see
are always there particularly      week” at Brighton University    Sam Leighton finish high up
when potential call ups for        thought he would punish         the field of over hundred in
International status are at        himself more by stepping        28th.
stake.                             up to the senior race but did
                                   well finishing 51st in a very   In Match 3 at Sparrows Den,
                                   competitive field.              Charlotte Rhule ran well to
                                                                   finish 3rd in the U20 race and
                                   In Match 2 at Somerhill         our only BB in the U20 men’s
                                   School Tonbridge, two           race was Bertie Harrington
                                   U20 BB men competed and         who did well finishing 10th.
                                   Bertie Harrington finished      Thomas Desborough also an
                                   a creditable 10th in the U20    U20 ran in the senior race
                                   race while Tom Desborough       but made the right decision
                                   chose to do twice the distance  to pull out after the first lap
                                   in the senior men’s race but    after repeatedly turning his
                                   still finished in a fine 40th   ankle on the numerous tree
                                   place.                          roots. Thomas was soon

   Charlotte Rhule in a chasing
group on her way to 3rd place at

                  Sparrows Den
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