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   A club well worth backing        From the Editor
   Thanks to our sponsors:
   Biggin Hill Airport                                      With the Olympics having taken place by the time
   Jack Petchey Foundation                                  this issue goes into print, readers and members
   So Clean                                                 will no doubt be fully aware of how our athletes
   and to many other generous                               have fared in the Games in August. In particular
   individuals who offered backing                          the impressive performances of Dina Asher Smith
   and assistance.                                          who won a bronze in the sprint relay team, and
                                                            Adam Gemili who so narrowly missed out on a
     	CONTENTS                                              medal in the Final of the Men’s 100 metres. As the
                                    Olympics does not come within the period covered by this issue it will
     	Profiles                      nevertheless be reported in the next one for the Summer now gone.
     1	 Your New President          Meanwhile the question of the move to new headquarters has taken
     	 Bill Foster                  on a new direction and despite the doubts and potential obstacles
     4	 Your Outgoing President     emanating from the result of the EU Referendum, and the project being
     	 Dave Cordell                 turned down by Sport England, together with challenges for the site
     6	 New Vice Presidents         from other bidders there may be a new development which could be
     	 Athletics Reports            more affordable.
     7	 Senior Women                The proposed celebrations marking the Club’s 150th anniversary
     8	 Junior Men & Women          are now in progress with ideas for events now taking more tangible
     10	 The Kent League            shape. At a recent meeting, the steering committee for the anniversary
     18	 Young Athletes at the      considered venues for a dinner, the arranging of an anniversary
     	 Major X-Country Champs       invitation meeting, the official logos for the anniversary season,
     23	 Road Relays                designed by my assistant editor Peter Rogers, and an update to the
     27	 The Bennett Cup            club history for which I am one of the authors.
     	Features                      In most issues of the Gazette it is unfortunate that we have to report
     29	 Sarah Belaon               the passing of those members who have made invaluable contributions
     32	 The Special Olympics       to the club over many years. Two past presidents are given ample
     35	 Youth Club                 tribute and mentioning the Club History of course one of these is Tony
                                    Weeks-Pearson whose remarkable athletics career was just one of
     	Obituaries                    many talents he displayed in a long association with the club.
     37	 Alan Edward Ball           I must however mention one concern regarding the future of this
     38	 Tony Weeks-Pearson         publication, and that is we shall need the services of a new layout
                                    graphic designer to be able to take over from Peter Rogers and
                                    Ozzie Adams whose other commitments may require them to relinquish
                                    the roles they have played for some years now. It would therefore be
                                    helpful if anyone can recommend designers or graphic artists to take
                                    over from them in the near future so please let us know.
                                    Before signing off I wish to offer grateful thanks to the following for
                                    willingly providing articles for this issue:
                                    IPP Dave Cordell, President Bill Foster, Paul Austridge VP, PP Pat
                                    Calnan, PP Dick Griffin, Jesse Jones, Sarah Belaon, Hugh Stanbury, PP
                                    Peter Baigant and Martyn Mitchell.
                                    The next issue covering the summer 2016 season is due for release in
                                    March 2017 and the deadline for submission is Late January 2017.
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