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Last updated 29 October 2003

Beachy Head Marathon  25 October 2003

A beautiful sunny day, if a bit fresh, greeted the 1400 athletes.

1st Stuart Mills Brighton Uni 3:07
28 Terry Brigtwell 3:36
30 Dave Ellison 3:37
105 Clayton Aves 4:07
109 Peter Burford 4:08
112 Chris Pike 4:08
132 Peter Lovell 4:12
145 Martin Blundell 4:16
198 Dick Griffin 4:25
207 Ray Bennett 4:26
229 Chris Hall 4:30
263 Colin Poole 4:34
264 John Issacs 4:34
310 Mark Compton 4:45
315 Nigel Webb 4:46
415 Kevin Connaughton 5:07
468 Allison Jelly 5:18
511 Brian O'Flynn 5:30
  Terri Shotton 6:40
  Sean Lacy 6:45
  Shirley Poole 6:48
  Colin Brand 7:04
  Dave White 7:04
  Denis Lawrie 7:04


Full results are here...

An early Breakfast at 6:30 ready for the 9:00 start
8:59 muster... 9:00 Off... Our first man up the steps - Andy Tucker
And the masses follow... Colin Poole, Dick Griffin & Peter Lovell are in the frame..
Terri, happy at this point! are Denis Lawrie & Colin Brand
Up, up and away...
At about 10 miles Andy Tucker Dave 'Gripper' Ellison Terry Brightwell
Chris Pike Peter Burford & Clayton Aves Peter Lovell
Dick Griffin John Issacs & Mark Compton Colin Poole
Nigel Webb Kevin Connoughton Terri Shotton
Nigel greets mother, June Hartley & Sheila O'Flynn ...and sister in law, Pauline

The beautiful sunny day continued right through the event.  Most of these photos are at Birling Gap - approx 22.4 miles - less than 4 miles to go.

Gripper leads having... overtaken Andy... Terry, now on the charge, will catch both...
Chris stops for a drink Clayton charges after... Peter
Martin drinks up Pete - first, the magic potion... ...then the water
Ray is happy Cheers Dick! Don't throw up, Chris...
Only water for John That will be more comfortable, Colin... Mark, easy as ever
Nigel heads for a snack Kevin concentrates...
They all missed this view 50 metres away Ray Walsh, Stan Ridgewell & Mike Gasson stop for tea
Not the same as bitter, is it Ray? Anne Cilia & Dave Ellison join the walkers
Alison Jelly & supplements... Brian fills up for the final push Jackie & Martin Fortis
Two work colleagues - friend & Barbara Pope Sean Lacy - all over again Shirley grateful to stop at the end


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