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Last updated 31 October 2002

Unofficial results from the Beachy Head Marathon 26/10/02

Always tough - this year only one broke 3 hours in the gale force wind - but it was sunny


1st Stuart Mills 2h 59m
24 Andy Tucker 3h 42m
30 Terry Brightwell 3h 48m
96 Will Slack 4h 12m
111 Nick Bunclark 4h 16m
166 Ian Jordan 4h 31m
179 Chris Hall 4h 34m
184 Colin Poole 4h 35m
189 Nigel Webb 4h 36m
271 Alison Jelly 4h 56m
290 Dave Appleton 5h 00m
  John Else  
  Brian Smith  
  Dick Griffin  
  Gareth Griffin  
  Sean Lacy  
  Terry Shotton 7h 13m
  Jane Else 7h 13m
More to come...


Sorry I missed our leading runners - it is a very difficult course to get round to see everybody....

Chris Hall having crossed the bridge... Alison Jelly Dave Appleton
Gareth Griffin, Brian Smith & Dick Griffin John 'Batman' Else Terry Shotton
Jane Else Sean Lacy Colin Poole at about 14 miles
Nigel Webb Chris again... Alison again...
The front and back of Dave and the lovely views
Martin 'Puppet'  Ray Perkins' mum, Lisa Sean again...
Chris Jelly & John Else The lighthouse beckons...
Terry & Jane at 14miles... approaching the finish... ...we're there!
Looking Westward Dick, Brian & Gareth

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