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National Cross-Country, Alton Towers, 19 February 2011

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Well done to everyone that competed on Saturday at the National Cross Country at Alton Towers. An outstandingly muddy day the likes of which most people have never seen before. A superb run by Michael Skinner saw him take 2nd place in the senior event - the clubs best performance for 63 years.


The whole weekend was a great success with 70 athletes and supporters staying overnight on Friday and 58 staying Saturday night for the National XC Dinner.




Well done to all those that competed in the National XC Champs at Alton Towers on Saturday. The conditions were the toughest I’ve ever seen!


The boys performed extremely well with some outstanding individual performances.

Michael Skinner won the silver medal finishing 2nd , only 20 seconds off the winner. Although slightly disappointed afterwards I’m sure he will reflect well on his great performance.

Russell Bentley, Andy Rayner and Alex Gibbins ran really well all finishing to the top 76 and Jack Swallow and Ben Harding brought the team home with solid runs.

Our scoring six brought the club home in 8th place in the team event.


Results were:

Pos. Name. Time

2 Michael Skinner 35:32

48 Russell Bentley 38:32

68 Andrew Rayner 39:12

76 Alex Gibbins 39:24

134 Jack Swallow 40:41

228 Ben Harding 42:50

233 Dave McKinley 42:55

280 Daniel Brewer 43:46

536 Roy Smith 48:03

586 Richard Daniel 48:51

615 Brendan McShane 49:11

695 Dave Griffin 50:25

734 Richard Hall 51:06

918 Daniel Hasset 54:47


The day’s events were celebrated at the National Supper on Saturday night with 60 club members in attendance.


At approximately 3am on Sunday morning it was collectively agreed that the Blackheath song “Black Lack Lack” should be officially replaced with “ I used to work in Chicago in a old department store” !!!!!!!!!!


Thanks to all for a very memorable weekend.






The following photos from Mike Mahoney

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