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Road Running & Road Relays Results for 2002

Parris Memorial Series - 2002 fastest legs
6/05/02 - Ted Pepper 10k
27/04/02 - National 12 Stage Relay - Sutton Park - photos
14/04/02 - London Marathon
14/04/02 - London Mini-Marathon

National Road Relays - Sutton Park 27 April 2002

Report by Ian Wilson, Team Manager.

Thank you to all those that ran and who came to support.  I hope that you agree it was a good day all round.

We improved 11 places and some 6 mins 7 sec on last year.  You will see from my earlier email today just how fast we have gone in the past (1995).  4 members of that team should have run on Saturday and 2 did.

Also, we were 7th Southern team (8th last year).

The Belgrave winning time may be out of our reach at present, without our very best team.  But given a few years for our younger members  (and Bill Foster) to improve and I am sure we can go much faster.  The second place time was 4:11:17 is only 14:56 faster and that is within our best teams reach now.

For the record our result was :-
1 Andrew Rayner 27:43 30th 90th fastest long leg on day
2 Ant Draper 15:38 32nd
3 Bill Foster 27:47 23rd 94th=fastest long leg on day
4 Terry Hawkey 16:05 27th
5 Peter Tucker 29:21 32nd
6 Nick Gasson 16:33 33rd
7 Mark Steinle 25;48 17th 4th fastest long leg on day
8 David Moulton 15:30 16th 87th = fastest short leg on day
9 Roy Smith 28:11 16th
10 Robin Williams 17:11 17th
11 Giles Clifford 29.07 18th  (Note this is the official time I clocked him at 30.07)
12 President Pat 17:17 18th Note this is the official time I clocked him at 16:17)

Total time 4:26:23

This Event  concludes the 2001/2002 winter season.  All round it has been more successful than last.  I am encouraged by the ability and enthusiasm of our younger members and it was good to see some "older" members returning to form.  Tim Dickinson and Spencer Newport to name but two.  I hope that all those who are injured return to fitness soon and are able to make a good contribution to our team performances next winter season.  It will be good to see Dave Heath and Dan Aryton in full flight, in the same race. 

My thanks to Nick Gasson for making the Hotel arrangements and for finding such a convenient location.  I hope that he can help again in the future.

Thanks also to all those who have helped me during the season, in particular Pat Calnan and John Baldwin, without whom I could not have done what I have.

Finally, it would have been good to see the BH.B women in Sutton Park too, but injury prevented this.  Lets hope they recover quickly and that they all have a good women's team in Sutton Park next year.

Have a great summer.



PS BH,B Women, I hope Roy Smith has delivered the 12 bottles of wine to you!

London Mini-Marathon - 14-04-02

They also serve Two Newstead Wood School Girls representing the Borough of Bromley in different ways.

Sophie Robinson was ill on the day of the trials so she did not qualify to run. Not to be defeated, she decided to help, so instead of running in the London Mini Marathon, which she did last year, she was an official and helped to look after the Borough of Bromley Team. Rebecca Taylor, who like Sophie is a member of Blackheath Harriers, Bromley was second last year and this year she won the Girls 11 and 12 years age group. Katie Murray, of Bromley A.C. came second in the same race so the results look good for our 11 and 12 year girls team. Three other runners who finished very high in their races were Ray Perkins, Eve Bugler and Abbie Williams.

Athlete of the day, however, was Dwaine Golding who knocked 10 minutes off his last year's time. " His wheelchair was a lot lighter this year," said his mum, Hazel, "But he was suffering from wobbly wheels! We are hoping that one day he will have a racing Wheelchair." The Bromley Borough athletes who were running today were raising money for Dwaine's chair so perhaps next year Dwaine.! If you would like to contribute towards Dwaine's chair then please contact Tina Slater at Bromley Sports Development Unit.

The Borough of Bromley Team Manager, Dave Liston, from Blackheath Harriers, Bromley said: "It is always a shame, each year, that we cannot take more athletes. Unfortunately, since they included teams from Counties around the Country, the Boroughs have only been able to have 8 runners in each age group (for each gender). This year we could only have one 'wild card' runner in each group, drawn at random from the finishers of the trials. The standard is so high amongst the Borough teams that we really have to choose our best runners. Athletes who were disappointed at not qualifying can take a leaf out of Sophie Robinson's book. Due to illness, she did not qualify this year, after running in the mini marathon last year, but not to be outdone, she came along as an official. The borough of Bromley's record in the past has been superb with the following athletes actually winning:"

Ant Draper Blackheath Harriers (Twice)
Chris Moss Blackheath Harriers
Stephen Holmes Blackheath Harriers
Abdi Madar Blackheath Harriers
Ella Fisher Bromley A.C. (Twice)
Colin Norris Blackheath Harriers
Chris Plaice Blackheath Harriers
And this year Rebecca Taylor Blackheath Harriers.

As you will see by this list the winners all belong to Athletic Clubs in the Borough. The runners in today's team came from: Blackheath Harriers, Bromley, Bromley A.C., Ravensbourne Runners and numerous other schools in the Borough, so you do not have to belong to an athletic club to qualify, although it does help with general fitness. Tina Slater, the Bromley Borough Athletics Development Officer said: "Whether they came first, last, or just helped, they all represented their Borough with pride and were marvellous ambassadors for the London Borough of Bromley. Well done and thank you."

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