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Last updated 26 October 2004

Road Running & Road Relays Results for 2004

2004 Parris Handicap 9-09-04
23-10-04 National Road Relays Birmingham 26-10-04
25-09-04 SEAA Road Relays Aldershot 28-09-04
22-08-04 - Surrey 5K Road Championships in Wimbledon 24-08-04
8-08-04 - Sidmouth Festival Run & Sherwoods Darlington 10km 13-08-04
18-07-04 - Dartford 1/2 Marathon 1-08-04
10-07-04 - Darrick Wood 10km 12-07-04
16-05-04 - Sevenoaks 7 17-05-04
3-05-04 - Ted Pepper 10k 8-05-04
24-04-04 - National 12 Stage Road Relay 26-04-04
18-04-04 - London Marathon 22-04-04
9-04-04 - Bydales 10, Marske 12-04-04
4-04-04 - Southern 12 Stage Road Relay 12-04-04
28-03-04 - Results from the Paddock Wood Half Marathon 30-03-04

23 October 2004 National Road Relay Birmingham

I would like to say a massive thanks to all the team that raced on Saturday and all the supporters that encountered the horrendous weather conditions at the 6 Stage Road Relays at Sutton Park.

It was a great performance from all the team and considering the bad weather we had some good personal performances. I also want to say a big thanks to our traveling reserve Russell Bentley and the other reserves that were so keen to run.

We finished in 7th position in a very close and tough race.

The times were:
Spencer Newport 18.20 (34)
Andy Rayner 18.00 (20)
Michael Skinner 17.28 (11)
Dave Taylor 17.37 (5)
Barry Stephenson 18.27 (6)
Tim Dickenson 18.04 (7)

Total Time: 1:47:56 (only 27
seconds away from 4th place)

It was great to get a strong team out and it shows that we can certainly mix it at the sharp end of the Road Relays. Come next April we will certainly worry most clubs at the 12 stage!!!!


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25 September 2004 SEAA Road Relays

Well done to all those that ran on Saturday, it was a good day out although a very wet one. Thanks also go to all those that supported. That great team atmosphere was on full show again!!!!!

It was great to have 2 teams finish the event on Saturday. We have some good performances once again and it shows that our developing youngsters are improving all the time. Our A team finished 11th, which qualifies us for the National event on Saturday 23rd Oct and the B team finished 51st.

A team
Barry Stephenson 18.35 12th
Andrew Rayner 18.34 4th
Ray Perkins 20.14 14th
Spencer Newport 18.56 12th
Jaime Atkinson 19.13 11th
Jon Thorpe 20.16 11th

B team
Richard Parrot 20.29 55th
Chris Daniel 20.46 51st
Nick Gasson 20.30 44th
Roy Smith 21.46 43rd
Neil Ayrton 22.03 43rd
Peter Barlow 24.42 51st

So guys now we have qualified for the National event at the end of October, I will be focusing on getting one of our best teams out!!!! It you want to run and are available, let me know as I will be putting the entries in by the end of this week. With a strong team out we can defiantly get in the mix for the medals.



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22 August 2004 - Surrey 5K Road Championships in Wimbledon

Jamie Atkinson 5th Place 15min 34sec

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8 August 2004

Sidmouth Festival Run. (10.5km)
1st Steve Watson (Buxton) 37.16. 38th Bob Minting 47.44

Sherwoods Darlington 10km
2. Barry Stephenson 32.43

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18 July 2004 - Dartford 1/2 Marathon

9. Ciaran Osborn 1:19:06
100. Diane Ballard 1:33:02 (2nd F35, 10 Female overall)
146. Richard Barrett 1:39:38 (new PB)

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10 July 2004 - Darrick Wood 10km

1. Barry Stephenson 34.14
3. Peter Tucker 36.42
4. Roy Smith 37.05
6. Len Crowder 37.49
7. Andrew Moreton 38.06
9. Mark Ellison 38.54
10. Con Griffin 39.08
13. Brendan McShane 40.13
14. Steve Pairman 40.29
20. Gary Cook 41.25
26. Graham Coates 42.02
32. Lisa Page 43.01
33. David Beadle 43.02
34. Robert Brown 43.11
56. David Carton 45.49
68. Nick Bunclark 46.55
77. Angela Cook 47.22
99. Steve Hollingdale 50.07
124. Ian Cayzer 52.03
126. Robert Copley 52.20
129. John Copley 52.30
145 Alison Jelly 53.53
165. Bryan O'Flynn 55.55

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16 May 2004 Sevenoaks 7

3. Jamie Atkinson 39.22
6. Roy Smith 41.13 (1st M40)
16. Darryl Hilliar 43.56
20. Dave Ellison 44.56
33. Gary Cook 46.58
37. Terry Brightwell 47.35
44. Steve Pairman 48.20
46. Graham Coates 48.45
51. Rob Brown 49.11
55. David Beadle 49.40
77. Chris Pike 51.15
105. Martin Blunden 53.09
129. Angela Cook 54.18
182. John Copley 56.53
439. Keith Tyler 82.36

1st team Blackheath & Bromley

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24 April 2004 National 12 Stage Relay, Sutton Park

Very well done to all those that ran on Saturday at the 12 stage Road Relays and to those that came to support.

We were unfortunate not to be able to complete a team, but I would like to say a big thank you to the 10 guys that
turned out!!! We had some great performances which included Mike Skinner running the 4th fastest short leg and Dave Taylor running the 9th fastest Long leg of the day. Other good runs came from Barry Stephenson, Jaime Atkinson and Bill Foster with good back up from the rest of the team. It was a good day, and, I think, showed real promise that we will get back in the medals in the near future.

Blackheath & Bromley H AC 3:47:49
B Stephenson (17) 27:28 M Skinner (3) 14:12 J. Atkinson (13) 29:03 B Foster (13) 15:28 D Taylor (6) 26:22 N Gasson (8) 16:06 R Smith (10) 30:10 C Osborn (11) 16:31 C Hogg (26) 35:02 K Daniel (26) 17:27

This event concludes the 2003/04 winter season. We have a great mix of youth and experience and I really do hope that we can get our very best runners out in all the various Championships next winter, and then we can really make our mark. I have a few ideas up my sleeve for next winter which I will let you all know about nearer the time.

Thanks have got to go to Ian Wilson, who has done a grand job over the years as team manager. Also thanks go to John Baldwin and Pat Calnan who have been great, in helping with the general running of the winter season. 

As many of you know the death of Will Bolton came as a huge shock to us.  William was always a great team member and loved the idea of competing for the team and his mates, he will be hugely missed. I am sure that we can carry his spirit on throughout the coming years, beginning on September 18th at the Cross Country Relays. We have dedicated this event as a Memorial race and would hope everyone would make a considerable effort in turning out.

Have a great summer and I will catch up with you at various meetings, but please book the last Saturday in September for the Southern 6 stage RR so that we qualify for the National event at the end of October.


Nick Gasson

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9 April 2004 - Bydales 10, Marske

1. Barry Stephenson 52.20

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4 April 2004 - Southern 12 Stage Road Relay at Milton Keynes

I am pleased to tell you that we had just one complete team and it finished 10th thus qualifying for the National 12 Stage Championship on Saturday 24 April 2004 in Sutton Park.

Well done to all who ran and a very special thanks to our supporters, who from the Club, included PP Mike Mahoney, VP Roy Smith and Andrew Rayner. I am sure the last two would sooner have been running. May be they will have recovered from injury in time for the National event.

The weather was cool and very windy making running fast times difficult. That did not stop Keith Cullen breaking the long leg course record by some 3 seconds. He now holds both long and short stage records!!!

Our results were:
Long=7978m, Short=5506m

1 Barry Stephenson 7th 25:01 27th
2 Russell Bentley 5th 17:34 26th
3 Mike Skinner 3rd 24:10 7th
4 Richard Hall 10th 20:10 184th
5 Dave Taylor 7th 24:15 9th
6 Terry Hawkey 8th 18:43 88th
7 Peter Tucker 10th 27:34 156th
8 Jamie Atkinson 9th 18:09 54th
9 Chris Hogg 11th 29:42 252nd
10 Tom Webb 11th 19:17 130th
11 Richard Daniels 10th 26:25 91st
12 Ciaran Osborn 10th 18:52 100th

Total Time 4:29:52 of 299 of 291

Entries close for the National event on the 12 April 2004. We can enter 36 names, please tell me if you are NOT available. Nick Gasson and I will be preparing our entry later this week.

Watch this space for details of our entry.

Good luck to all those doing the London Marathon on 18 April 2004.



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28 March 2004 - Results from the Paddock Wood Half Marathon

2 Barry Stephenson 1.09.12
36 Richard Parrott 1.18.23
250 Diane Ballard 1.33.02
709 Ramon Saiz 1.49.26
711 Roger Hogwood 1.49.31
1296 Alison Jelly 2.18.44

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