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Last updated 8 November 2005

Road Running & Road Relays Results for 2005

6 November 2005 - ING New York Marathon 8-11-05
23 October 2005 - National 6 Stage Road Relay photos added 25-10-05
4 October 2005 - London to Brighton 6-10-05
25 September 2005 - Southern 6 Stage Road Relay 28-09-05
2005 Parris Handicap 18-08-05
16 June 2005 - Comrades Marathon South Africa 17-06-05
5 June 2005 - Beckenham 10k 12-06-05
2 May 2005 - Ted Pepper 10k 2-05-05
23 April 2005 - National 12 Stage Road Relay 27-04-05
18 April 2005 - Boston Marathon 19-04-05
17 April 2005 - London Mini-Marathon 19-04-05
17 April 2005 - London Marathon 17-04-05
3 April 2005 - National Road Relay U17/U15/U13 Sutton Park 5-04-05
3 April 2005 - Southern 12 Stage Road Relay Milton Keynes 5-04-05
13 March 2005 - Hastings 1/2 Marathon 13-03-05
6 February 2005 - Mini Marathon Trials at Norman Park 9-02-05
30 January 2005 - Las Vegas Marathon 3-02-05
30 January 2005 - Canterbury 10 3-02-05

6 November 2005 - ING New York Marathon

First Name Last Name Age Team     Runner # Place Gender
Pace Finish
Net Time 10K Split Half Split 20M Split
Graham Coates 55M ING   GBR 9791 1248 1142 21 7:21 3:13:12 3:12:42 43:37 1:33:09 2:24:57

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23 October 2005 - National 6 Stage Road Relay

photos added 25-10-05

Very well done to all those that ran on Saturday and to those that came to support. It was a good day, and, I think, showed real promise that we will get back in the medals in the next year or so.

As you can see, there was some good performances from the guys considering the early stage of the season.

The results were:

13th Blackheath & Bromley 1:50:09

R Bentley 18:22 (31)
S Newport 18:30 (28)
M Skinner 17:25 (15)
D Taylor 18:01 (12)
J Atkinson 18:49 (10)
D Warrington 19:02 (13)

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4 October 2005 - London to Brighton

John Turner finished his 17th London to Brighton in 9hrs 7mins
Pete Rogers did 9hrs 24mins
Bernie Bater dropped out with a hip problem at 32miles.

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25 September 2005 - Southern 6 Stage Road Relay

It was also great to get three teams out on the day, even though Ken was in one of them. The results were:

12th Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 1:56:20
Russell Bentley 18:46 16 David Warrington 19:30 19 Spencer Newport 18:50 11 Alex Gibbins 19:48 14 Peter Tucker 20:04 13 Jamie Atkinson 19:22 12

42nd Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - B Team 2:05:31
David McKinley 20:04 53 Daniel Ryan 21:33 59 Nick Gasson 20:14 47 Richard Daniel 21:37 44 Alan Camp 21:03 43 Roy Smith 21:00 42

53rd Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - C Team 2:09:26
Tom Webb 20:56 64 Neil Ayrton 22:20 69 Mark Ellison 22:20 70 Tom Collins 20:22 61 John Thorpe 20:06 48 Ken Daniel 23:22 53

We have qualified for the National 6 stage on Saturday October 22nd in Birmingham. I am hoping we can get one of our strongest teams out. Please let me know if you are available to compete!!!

Lads we are going to have a great winter with lots of good results, I can't wait!!!!!



Under 13/15B's and U15/17W over 2997m        
Time Race Place     Under 13 Boys  
Cameron Ward 10:23 U15B 41st   5 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 45:42:00
Stephen Cavey 10:36 U15B 57th     Philip Seseman 10:56
Philip Seseman 10:56 U13B 8th     Hector Kurtyanek 11:47
Amy Smith 11:06 U15G 8th     Oliver Taylor 11:33
Amy De Matos 11:16 U15G 11th     Robert Yates 11:26
Robert Yates 11:26 U13B 26th        
Oliver Taylor 11:33 U13B 35th   - Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - B Team 13:02
Sarah Coombs 11:40 U17W 20th     Gregory Proctor 13:02
Rebecca Smith 11:42 U15G 29th        
Hector Kurtyanek 11:47 U13B 51st     Under 15 Girls  
Catherine Chambers 11:58 U15G 44th   3 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 34:04:00
Hannah Garcia 12:09 U15G 56th     Rebecca Smith 11:42
Lauren Smith 12:36 U17W 60th     Amy Smith 11:06
Claire McNamara 12:46 U17W 66th     Amy De Matos 11:16
Laura Kastoryano 12:54 U15G 118th        
Gregory Proctor 13:02 U13B 109th   22 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - B Team 37:01:00
Danny Piggott 13:36 U15B 149th     Catherine Chambers 11:58
Danielle Barley 13:41 U15G 165th     Hannah Garcia 12:09
Jenny Linker 14:00 U15G 174th     Laura Kastoryano 12:54
Under 17M over 3851m   - Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - C Team 27:41:00
Time Race Place     Jenny Linker 14:00
Alex Littlewood 13:14 U17B 53th     Danielle Barley 13:41
Richard Davies 13:44 U17B 80th        
Alistair Cliff 13:49 U17B 85th     Under 15 Boys  
Sam Simpson 13:58 U17B 95th   - Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 34:35:00
Beau Szczepanski 13:59 U17B 96th     Stephen Cavey 10:36
          Cameron Ward 10:23
          Danny Piggott 13:36
          Under 17 Men  
        20 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - A Team 54:45:00
          Richard Davies 13:44
          Alex Littlewood 13:14
          Alistair Cliff 13:49
          Sam Simpson 13:58
        - Blackheath & Bromley Harriers - B Team 13:59
          Beau Szczepanski 13:59

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16 June 2005 - Comrades Marathon (distance: 89.17 kms) South Africa

Pete Rogers and John Turner completed the course in 10hrs 26mins.

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23 April 2005 - National 12 stage Road Relay

Thanks to all those that turned out to compete and support on Saturday at the National 12 Stage.

It was a great day with some good performances, but what was so nice to see, was the enthusiasm of our athletes.

Two of our young stars, Andy Rayner and Russell Bentley must be thanked for being persuaded to run a long leg on Friday evening. It was also great to see Mark Stienle back racing after two years of injury, well done!! Thanks also need to go to Daniel Ryan who was travelling reserve.

We finished in 13th place in a time of - 4:22:57

B Stephenson 30:10 (55)
J Atkinson 15:37 (43)
M Skinner 26:27 (22)
P Tucker 16:04 (26)
A Rayner 27:53 (21)
W Foster 15:51 (19)
R Bentley 27:57 (18)
J Thorpe 16:01 (19)
M Steinle 27:34 (14)
R Smith 16:33 (15)
S Newport 28:01 (14)
J Mills 14:49 (13)

The team was filled with new and old faces who all did a sterling job for the team. Well done lads!!

So, that is the end of winter season for 2004/2005, which I think has been very successful.

Thanks go to everyone who has competed for the team during the season and thanks go to all those that have helped out in background. I think I can safely say that the enthusiasm in our camp is flying high and the ball is rolling.

I was always clear in my mind when taking on this job that it would take a year to get things moving and I think with the great bunch of athletes that you guys are we can relive our former years of winning National Titles!!.

I look forward to seeing you all over the summer and roll on the winning winter of 2005/2006.

Take care


53 Clare Lodwig 20.40
48 Kate Pratten 20.54
43 Gemma Viney 20.04

It was a bit of a poor show for the senior women at the Road Relays in Birmingham. A couple of late drop outs meant there was no time to find replacements. This is a competitive event and good experience for those wanting to sharpen up for the summer season.

However we still had a couple of good runs; Clare Lodwig led us out with a useful first leg of 20.40, followed by Kate Pratten who moved 5 places up the field. Gemma Viney, who is swiftly returning to her normal speed, picked up another 5 places and ran 20.04. Well done to Clare and Gemma for racing without the usual team support.

Itís a shame we didnít get a team out, having pulled together so well over the winter. Hopefully all injuries will be fully recovered in time for next winter!

Good Luck to everyone over the summer.

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18 April 2005 - Boston Marathon

109th Boston Marathon

At 3:33:53 PM, David Beadle, Esq (Bib 4953) Finished

Pace: 0:07:56
Official Finish Time: 3:30:58
Net Finish Time: 3:28:02

A belated brief report - had a good time ..... especially for first 23 miles! Then I made the fatal mistake of stopping to walk throu a water station and it took me the best part of a mile to convince my weary legs to get running again (and even then it was v tough). Bit of a shame but will have to learn the lesson for the next one. It was v hot for a marathon at >20c and of course it's not as flat as London. Overall therefore, not too unhappy with 3.28.02. Crowds good (but not up to London volumes in 1st half). David

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3 April 2005 - National Road Relay U17/U15/U13 Sutton Park

Blackheath & Bromley's Under 13 girls team are National champions as they pulled off a surprise win at the AAA Nike Young Athletes Relays at Sutton Coldfield.

The girls finished 7th in the National Cross Country Championships in February but at Sutton Park they beat all the teams that defeated them on the mud, finishing 26 seconds clear of runners up Stockport Harriers.

Nearly ninety teams from around the country started the 3 x 3.8km race and the Club were in contention for medals from the beginning. Amy Dematos brought the team home in 2nd place in 14.40, a time which proved to be the third equal fastest of the day.

Rebecca Smith ran a fine second leg to hold the silver position with a 15.23 before Danielle Critchley swept into the lead on the final stage recording 14.59, the 10th equal fastest time of the day.

Next best team performance came from the under 17 girls as the team of Bryony Proctor (15.40) Sarah Coombs (15.31) and Katie Murray (14.28) finished in 17th position.

The boys did not fare quite so well with James Poole (13.28), Richard Daniel (13.44) and Jonathan Vintner (13.25) closing in 38th.

In the under 15's age group the girls team of Hannah Garcia (16.33), Laura Kastoryano (17.12) and Rebecca Taylor (14.57) were 30th with Rebecca moving up 23 places on the last leg. The boys team of Alex Littlewood (13.27) Cameron Ward (14.01) and Edward Martin (15.03) closed in 41st.

The under 13 boys team again showed great promise closing in 17th. Robert Yates (14.39), George Gregory (15.09) and Philip Sesemann (14.19) were the successful trio.


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3 April 2005 - Southern 12 Stage Road Relay Milton Keynes

Well done to all those that competed on Sunday at Milton Keynes. It was a good day out and we saw some fantastic performances from our team. Belgrave won the event again!!!! so we have got to change this in the future as it is getting boring!!

The results and times were:

Andrew Rayner - 24:36 (6th).
Russell Bentley - 16:52 (4th).
Roy Smith - 28:02 (10th).
Jaime Atkinson - 17:15 (7th).
Rory Byrne - 28:35 (10th).
Dave Griffin - 20:18 (13th).
Spencer Newport - 25:20 (11th).
Joe Mills - 17:06 (9th).
Jon Thorpe - 27:50 (10th).
Neil Ayrton - 19:49 (9th).
Darryl Hillier - 29:01 (10th).
Ciaran Osborn - 18:31 (9th).

We finished in 9th position, but were unable to complete a B team, we done to the 6 athletes that did run.

Ok lads, now here it is!!
We have qualified for the National event on Saturday 23rd April @ Sutton Coldfield, so we have got to close the season on a high! We certainly have the potential of finishing in the top 5, but we need EVERYONE out!!!!!
Please contact me if you are available or not for this event as I would like to know before we send in the entries.

Mike Skinner is well up for it, Mark Stienle is hoping to be fit and with a few more due back we could figure well in the race. Yesterday performances from individuals such as Andy, Russell, Joe, Spencer and Jaime shows we can do it, so come on Lads!!

Let me know a.s.a.p


Nick Gasson

SEAA 6 Stage Road Relays, Milton Keynes, 3 April 04 5.5k

A Team
11 Jennie Butler 20.11
25 Sam Singer 24.28
20 Miranda Porritt 22.50
23 Gemma Viney 24.27
23 Kate Pratten 23.44
19 Bella Clayton 22.34
Overall time 2.17.06

B Team
32 Carolyna Jones-Baldock 25.14
27 Lizzie 19.39
26 Rachel Chadwick 26.28
28 Helen Godsell 25.29
28 Anne Cillia 25.42
26 Miranda Porritt 25.55
Overall time 2.28.37

After a superb start from Jennie Butler in 11th place, our A team turned to our latest sprinter-turned-distance-runner, Sam Singer, who although she lost some places made a really good effort in 24.28 It was Miranda Porritt and Bella Clayton who picked the team back up to 19th with 22.50 and 22.34.

Our B team was headed by Carolyna Jones-Baldock and included 1 junior, 1 Vice President, 1 second claim runner, a second leg runner and Our President in Residence. The team got a good leg up by our second claim Lizzie, who ran the fastest time of her stage. Hopefully we can be on full strength for the Nationals in Birmingham and keep inside the top 20.

Well done to both the A and B string runners, it was a good effort from everyone, especially Miranda who ran two legs!


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13 March 2005 - Hastings 1/2 Marathon

55. 1.18.11 Rob Hall
61. 1.18.34 Nick Kinsey
146. 1.25.20 Dave Ellison
163. 1.25.59 Mark Ellison
173. 1.26.28 Andy Tucker
286. 1.31.02 Martin Blunden
363. 1.33.13 Rob Brown
466. 1.35.45 Deniz Mehmed
855. 1.44.11 Mark Compton
866. 1.44.24 Richard Strong
888. 1.44.43 Ray Bennett
1103. 1.48.04 Roger Hogwood
1115. 1.48.13 Christopher Hall
1166. 1.48.47 Jim Tateson
1172. 1.48.52 Clare Lodwig
1201. 149.18 Trevor Delahoy
1373. 1.52.12 John Isaacs
1738. 1.57.24 John Copley
1853. 1.58.59 Richard McCoughin
1986. 2.01.23 David Churchus
2131. 2.03.43 Jo Kift
2629. 2.13.25 Clare Pallen
2927. 2.21.33 Alan Pickering
2928. 2.21.34 Mike Cronin
3000. 2.24.29 Fred Ward

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30 January 2005 - Las Vegas Marathon

Just thought I'd let you know I completed the Las Vegas Marathon last Sunday.

LV is a great place for a holiday, but Marathon route not so good. Got dumped out in the desert at about 6.30am for a 7.30am start, along with about 2500 others (probably 3 x that number did the half), including the odd brit.

Race started by Elvis (singing US National Anthem), helped along by Marilyn Monroe !!.

Course was 9 miles up slight incline, over brow of hill and then into a strong head wind (up to 50 mph gusts) for next 13 miles, whole 22 miles along one very straight road. Then a right turn out of wind for a bit and finsihed in Sunset Park. Wind made it very tough, reflected generally in times, including mine ( 3.54).

All very well organised, including the 'Friendship' 5k the day before - Denise set a new PB !!

Attached is a photo, courtesy of my sponsor for the day (used their product copiously !!)

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30 January 2005 - Canterbury 10 miler  - B&B were 4th team

Total finishers were 948

Individually we were :
18th Rob Hall 59.13
30th Darryl Hilliar 61.24
78th David Beadle 65.15
170th John Turner 70.09
289th Dave Leal 75.17
555th Ramon Saiz 84.33

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