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South of England Championships 25 January 2014, Parliament Hill


Full results can be found

Pauls report...

Richards report...

Conditions at Parliament Hill were atrocious.

Dave and Hannah again were heroic putting up the tent and chasing it across the Heath as the wind blew it away and enduring thick mud, hail lighting, wind and rain and going beyond the call of duty.

Can we please publicly extend our thanks on behalf of all the runners who competed on the day and were eternally grateful for the tent and chairs brought up to London.

XX Adrian


Photos from Tim Soutar of our Winning U15 Girls team from today


A few from Jane Bradshaw

Some little photos from Paul Austridge



These photos from Jay Galley



The following photos from Nigel Bulmer


Photos from Tom Desborough


The following photos from Charlotte Kingston


Blackheath and Bromley young athletes were once again out in large numbers for Saturdays South of England Cross Country Championships. Arriving at Parliament Hill on a dry bright morning it soon became clear that the ground was totally water logged and athletes and spectators were all in for a difficult muddy day.

With 56 youngsters representing the club we had a great showing in each age group and this was most obvious in the U15 girls who comfortably won the team race and becoming South of England Champions. The team of four scoring girls finished in the top eleven ahead of all the other teams second placed scorers, great bunching. Jess Keene 4th led the girls home with Kelsey Fuss 6th, Naomi Kingston 8th and Yasmin Austridge 11th. They were well backed up by Georgina Taylor 40th, Tammy Falshaw 93rd, Joanna Clowes 124th, Mary Guy 139th, Chloe Kibblewhite 146th, Gabriela Gosnell 212th and Darcy Kirwin 255th.

The U17 girls team finished 4th overall with Niamh Bridson Hubbard 15th, Charlotte Rhule 51st, Anna Myers 62nd, Sam Leighton 95th, Jenny Sheasby 136th and Chloe Haffenden 145th.

Despite missing three top ten finishers from the Kent Champs the thirteen U13 boys running, still excelled and finished 5th team on the day. Another gutsy run from Henry James Cowie (despite being accused by Herne Hill Harriers of trying to noble one of their best runners, having accidentally spiked him before the start of the race!!) saw him coming down the finishing straight in an impressive 4th, Michael Eagling 31st, Coleman Corry 61st and George Pope 76th completed the scoring four. It was hard to split Lewis Stickings 112th and Joseph Georgiadis 113th as they both sprinted to the finish clocking the same time. Young Keir Lundy had a strong run in 142nd followed by Lewis Warren164th, Ben Gardiner 172nd, Callum Myatt 196th, Billy Keene 206th, Harrison Parker 216th and Cameron Swatton 244th completed the impressive Blackheath and Bromley showing.

Eleven U13 girls lined up for their 3K slog through the mud and collectively they finished in creditable 6th team place. Millie Smith 21st led them home, with Imogen Meers finishing strongly in 47th , Jessica Sellar continued her first season for the club with another great run in 55th and young Emilie Penlington 85th completed the scoring four. Grace Scopes 103rd, Alice Prentice 105th Stephanie Taylor 116th, Lauren Goddard 180th, Isabelle Bridge 185th, Claudia Pickup 227th and Zoe Austridge 243rd completed the Blackheath contingent.

The U15 boys had nine braving the course and were brought home by Marco Arcuri 74th, Alex Wiltshire 88th and Charlie Davis 107th. Joss Barber showed great early form but after losing a spike, running back but unable to find it, lost momentum but still did well to finish in 116th completing the scoring quartet. This gave the lads a team placing of 16th. Will Pope finished in 181st, Arthur Carey finished well in 216th, Oscar Hussey despite running with a severe stitch throughout was 219th, Scott Bulmer suffering a double elbow blow to the stomach at the start 234th and Harry Keene also losing his shoe somewhere in the quagmire 254th.

The three U17 boys were not able to score as a team but all had great individual runs. Will Fuller was strong throughout, hurdled a dog a one stage (see video) and powered his way through the field to finish a very impressive 6th. Richard Webb full of running came home in a fine 20th. Thomas Desborough had his best Southern run coming home inside the top 100 for the first time finshing 97th.

Will Ruiz had the difficult job of being the only BBHAC vest (which incidentally was dropped in the mud by a senior official before his race) in the U20 mens race but more than held his own placing high up the field with a great run in 35th.

Two U20 girls made good accounts of themselves with Amber Red 39th and Beth Frost 67th but we were unable to field a scoring team.

All the young athletes did extremely well running over a hilly, muddy and testing course, even more impressive that some managed in trainers! The club does have a selection of second hand spikes at the track which are available for those who require them.

The last race of the day saw nearly 1000 runners swarming over the mud and in the worsening condition this made the use of our club tent an even more valuable asset.

Dave and Hanna Cordell get to the course early, erect the tent, even provide a few chairs, collect all the numbers and race chips ready to hand out and then late in the day when most have already left, dismantle the tent and try and repack it for the journey home, once home they then clean, dry and re pack ready for the next meeting.

Their job was made harder on Saturday by a short but very sharp storm that damaged the tent which would have blown away had it not been for Dave and Hanna, President Bob Cliff, Tim Souter and a few Samaritans who kindly helped rescue the tent.

On behalf of all the young athletes and their parents I would like to thank Dave and Hanna for all their time and effort they put in to making our race days more comfortable. Their efforts are greatly appreciated.

There are some great videos of all the days races at

All races throughout the season can also be viewed at

Full results can be found

Paul Austridge


South Of England Cross Country
The South of England Cross Country Championship was run at Parliament Hill on Saturday 25th January. The day itself started as a calm sunny day and the race started with out too much hassle.

We lost some big guns, medium guns and small guns before the day. Mainly due to fitness, living overseas, new houses, injury and sickness, but we had 13 take the start, so I knew we would complete in both 6 and 12 to score.

The course was a quagmire, but it was always going to be.

However, as the last of the team were starting their last lap, the heavens opened and hail rained down like ice hand grenades. It truly was the end of days. However, this produced some of the best runs the club had seen in a long time! Although unfortunately this was all from people watching.

Ken Daniels ran the best 1500 meters of his life as he legged it to shelter. Roy Smith and Pat Clanan made out it was the early 90s and they both decided to race a 10k back to the tube station. The Tent actually blew away, many times I thought it might blow over, but never did I think it actually would blow away!!

I got back to the area where the tent should have been, to find Hannah Cordell shouting at meÖÖ'Richard donít stop here................itís not a good place to yourself." Still slightly dazed from running 15k I though I was in the middle of a disaster movie.

The Winner was Richard Goodman from Shaftsbury in a time of 49:47

The Blackheath team in finish order with overall position
Alex Gibbins 55th
Sam Barnes 122nd
Kevin May 162nd
Gareth Evans 171st (only 13 seconds separated Kevin and Gareth)
Jon Vinter 268th
Danny Brewer 403rd
Andy Tucker 503rd
Steve Pairmen 687th
Andy Laws 725th
Richard Hall 808(sate)
Adrian Stocks 843rd
Nigel Bulmer 946th
Richard Granieri 948th (Richards 1st South of England)

Full results are here

In the other Championships Dan Garbutt won the Northern race and John Thewlis won the Midlands race. Looking at race result on a Sunday night all alone in the bedsit keeps me happy

Special Thanks
Go to Dave and Hannah for getting to Parliament Hill early to set the tent up and chasing after it as it decided to become an inverse hot air balloon. All well above and beyond the call of duty.

Injury News
One of the legs of the tent is broken and it may not be fit for the national! The reserve tent will get a call up!

Video Of The All Of The Races. 
The Video lasts for 15 Minutes and 49 seconds.
The winner of the mens race Richard Goodman is seen at 14.59 in the red cycling shorts
Alex Gibbins is visible at 15.07.
Sam Barnes at 15.09
Jon Vinter and Gareth Evans at 15.12
Andy Laws at 15.15
Steve Pairmen at 15.21
Andy Tucker and Adrian Stocks at 15.22

Good Performance & Special Mentions
The clubs under 15 girls won the team prize
They beat kids from Devon, Portsmouth, Brighton, Bristol, Watford........well all over the South of England. Very impressive!
In the under 17 Mens / Boys race Will Fuller finished 6th and Richard Web was 20th. Good prospects for the future .


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