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Cross Country Results for 2013/14

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Bennett Cup - 2013/14 25-03-14
7/06/14 - A Mini-Mob Match against Striders of Croydon in the Lloyd Park run 9-06-14
29/03/14 - South East Schools' Year 7&8 Inter Counties Championships, Chelmsford 31-03-14
22/03/14 - Closing 5 - Hayes 19-03-14
15/03/14 - English Schools Cross Country Championships at Donington Park, Leicestershire 16-03-14
15/03/14 - SLH Mob Match - Hayes 15-03-14
8/03/14 -  Inter-Counties Championships in Cofton Park, Birmingham 10-03-14
22/02/14 - National Cross-Country - Nottingham 25-02-14
15/02/14 - Ranelagh Mob Match - Richmond Park 15-02-14
8/02/14 - Kent League (seniors only) - Parkwood School, Swanley 13-02-14
2/02/14 - Club 10 mile Championships - Hayes (10:30) 3-02-14
1/02/14 - Southern Schools Intercounty - Hampshire 2-02-14
25/01/14 - South of England Championships - Parliament Hill 27-01-14
18/01/14 - Schools Cross Country Championships - Various 19-01-14
11/01/14 - Open 10k & Vets Champs & match against Beckenham RR, Bank of England & Croydon Striders - Hayes 11-01-14
4/01/14 - KCAA Cross-Country Championships - Brockhill School, Hythe 4-01-14
21/12/13 - Christmas 5 Yacht Handicap - Hayes  23-12-13
14/12/13 - South of England Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Biggleswade 16-12-13
7/12/13 - Kent Masters - Danson Park 7-12-13
30/11/13 - Kent League (incls B&B YA C-C Champs) - Sparrows Den  4-12-13
23/11/13 - Orion Mob Match - Chingford 23-11-13
23/11/13 - South of Thames 5 mile team XC
16/11/13 - London Youth Games, Parliament Hill 20-11-13
9/11/13 - Kent League (YA & Women) - Nonnington 15-11-13
2/11/13 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield 7-11-13
26/10/13 - Kent League - Somerhill School, Tonbridge 26-10-13
26/10/13 - Beachy Head Marathon - Eastbourne 26-10-13
5/10/13 - Kent League - New Barn Park, Swanley 5-10-13
29/09/13 - Club 5 Mile Championship - Hayes 29-09-13
21/09/13 - A Mini-Mob Match against Striders of Croydon in the Bromley Park run 22-09-13
14/09/13 - Will Bolton Memorial Cross-Country Relay, Sparrows Den 14-09-13
Bennett Cup - 2012/13 Final Positions 26-03-13

7/06/14 - A Mini-Mob Match against Striders of Croydon in the Lloyd Park run

Runner time club 1891 406   Runner time club
Ernie Hann 18.07 SoC 61 28   Andy Tucker 19.17 B&B
Lee Flanagan 18.38 SoC 60 27   Coleman Corry 20.27 B&B
Krzysztof Klidzia 18.43 SoC 59 26   Ian Montgomery 20.33 B&B
Simon Ambrosi 19.13 SoC 58 25   Steven Pairman 20.40 B&B
Andy Tucker 19.17 B&B 57 24   Andrew Lawes 20.53 B&B
Thomas Nutt 19.55 SoC 56 23   David Beadle 21.34 B&B
Coleman Corry 20.27 B&B 55 22   Sarah Bealon 22.18 B&B
Graeme Drysdale 20.30 SoC 54 21   Glen Read 22.42 B&B
Paul Finch 20.31 SoC 53 20   Scott Bulmer 22.46 B&B
Ian Montgomery 20.33 B&B 52 19   Jason Short 23.28 B&B
Simon Pannell 20.35 SoC 51 18   David Carton 23.30 B&B
Paul Stanford 20.36 SoC 50 17   Mike Simms 23.38 B&B
Andy Perks 20.39 SoC 49 16   Nigel Bulmer 24.33 B&B
Damian Macenhill 20.40 SoC 48 15   Julia Parman 28.49 B&B
Steven Pairman 20.40 B&B 47 14        
Sam O'Dongo 20.50 SoC 46 13        
Andrew Lawes 20.53 B&B 45 12        
Chris Morton 21.00 SoC 44 11        
Darren Woods 21.14 SoC 43 10        
Colin Hann 21.17 SoC 42          
David Beadle 21.34 B&B 41 9        
Steve Massey 21.35 SoC 40          
Andy Morcombe 21.38 SoC 39          
Alan Dolton 22.01 SoC 38          
Mark Kelly 22.08 SoC 37          
Sarah Bealon 22.18 B&B 36 8        
Glen Read 22.42 B&B 35 7        
Scott Bulmer 22.46 B&B 34 6        
Nigel Davidson 22.54 SoC 33          
Oliver Furze 23.01 SoC 32          
Steph Upton 23.03 SoC 31          
Paul Cripps 23.08 SoC 30          
Richard Lee-Smith 23.09 SoC 29          
Steve Smith 23.15 SoC 28          
Geoff Pennells 23.23 SoC 27          
Jason Short 23.28 B&B 26 5        
Alan Purchase 23.29 SoC 25          
David Carton 23.30 B&B 24 4        
Alfonso Marcovecchio 23.36 SoC 23          
Mike Simms 23.38 B&B 22 3        
Zoe Williams 24.27 SoC 21          
Nigel Bulmer 24.33 B&B 20 2        
Bernard Nelligan 24.37 SoC 19          
Ian Johnson 24.38 SoC 18          
James Duffin 24.43 SoC 17          
Selena Wong 25.39 SoC 16          
Colin Findlay 26.07 SoC 15          
Tom Littlewood 26.17 SoC 14          
Nick Fiander 26.28 SoC 13          
John O'Dowd 26.35 SoC 12          
Matt Smith 27.05 SoC 11          
Neil Furze 27.17 SoC 10          
Robbie Lashley 28.03 SoC 9          
Emma Gillgrass 28.25 SoC 8          
Julia Parman 28.49 B&B 7 1        
Sandra Francis 30.36 SoC 6          
Steve Tyler 32.33 SoC 5          
Peter Attewell 32.55 SoC 4          
Kim Ford 36.22 SoC 3          
Julie Shew 36.22 SoC 2          
Stacey Seymour 40.12 SoC 1          


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29/03/14 - South East Schools' Year 7&8 Inter Counties Championships, Chelmsford

The very last cross country race of the season saw many Blackheath and Bromley HAC youngsters earning their well deserved County vests.

Essex county hosted the schools inter counties held at Hylands Park in Chelmsford for years 7 and 8 boys and girls.

The course was dry after the long rainy season, and the ground was quite hard around the start, but the ground had reasonable give once you got into your running.

There was some degree of confusion from the organisers as to the race route which would be followed, particularly for the Year 8 boys. But what was clear from walking the course, it was going to be a fast race, as this was the flattest course of the season. The organisers also played a little fast and loose with the start times, starting the year 8 girls and boys some minutes early. When the year 8 boys had started the organisers had agreed on the course to be run, but didnít inform any of the runners and so there was a degree of frustration when the last dog leg of the course was completely missed out. At the end of the day all the runners were in the same boat, but many must have been saving themselves mentally and physically for that extra 500m!

In spite of this a good time was had by all, particularly as it was picnic weather.

In the year 7 girls race Imogen Meers had a terrific run coming home in 2nd despite not been able to train freely due to knee problems. Alice Prentice had another great run finishing 13th with Hanna O'Flynn crossing the line in 27th. Emilie Penlington, having not quite recovered from a nasty shoulder injury took it steady but still finished a creditable 66th.

In the year 7 boys Joseph Georgiadis had a great run in 10th backed up well by Keir Lundy in 17th and Ben Gardiner finishing in 27th.

In the year 8 boys and girl teams we had representation for both Kent and Surrey.

The year 8 girls were led home by Jessica Sellar ( Kent ) in 15th followed by Grace Scopes ( Surrey ) 22nd and Stephanie Taylor ( Kent ) 31st. Millie Smith had been selected but was unable to race due to illness.

The year 8 boys had the biggest BBHAC turn out with six boys running. Birthday boy Henry-James Cowie completed his fantastic winter campaign sporting some lovely red knee length socks, which must have been one of his presents! Henry had another fine run finishing a terrific 2nd. Michael Eagling running for Surrey crossed the line in a great 8th followed by Coleman Corry in 22nd. Angus Harrington running for Surrey finished 31st, George Pope 51st and Lewis Sticking 63rd.

Earning your county vest in any sport is a great achievement and all who ran yesterday should be proud to say they are now county standard athletes. Well done to all.

Paul Austridge

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15/03/14 - English Schools Cross Country Championships at Donington Park, Leicestershire

Blackheath and Bromley HAC had twelve athletes selected to represent Kent or London schools in the English Schools Cross Country Championships at Donington Park, Leicestershire. Despite the winters rainfall, the conditions under foot were dry but with long grass, uneven ground, a few undulations and a strong wind conditions were still tough.

With the top 8 places in each race qualifying to run for English schools in next weekends Schools International, competition was fierce.

In the junior girls races Naomi Kingston, running for London, had a strong run despite having her spike split apart at the start and finished in 17th place. Yasmin Austridge finished well in the home straight placing 13th, tantalisingly only 9 seconds behind 8th qualifying position. Millie Smith, still recovering from a virus crossed the line in her first English schools in 204th.

In the Junior boys race Henry James Cowie was third Kent scorer coming home in 71st followed by Jake Potter finishing in 144th.

We had no athletes in the intermediate boys race but had four in the intermediate girls race. Jessica Keene, having won her English school vests in this fixture last year finished in a great 19th place but frustratingly got caught in the first bottle neck on the course and lost ground. Kelsey Fuss came through the field well crossing the line in 28th. Joanna Clowes, enjoying her first race for Kent finished well in 266th and Mary Guy running for London was 290th. All these girls will still be in this age group next year.

We had no representation in the senior woman race but did supply three of the eight man team in the senior race. Will Fuller in his first year in the age group had his run of the season flying around the 3 lap course and finishing like a sprinter up the home straight crossing the line in 15th as Kent's first scorer. Richard Webb also had his best run of the season, looking great throughout and like Will, finished with speed up the final straight. Richard's 37th position ensured that Kent senior boys took the team trophy.

Will Ruiz, in his last English schools XC had a gutsy run finishing 185th and seeing Will after you could tell he had put his all in to his race.

Kent once again proved how strong they are across all age groups with Kent boys finishing top of the team aggregates table and the Kent girls finishing in 3rd place.

Paul Austridge

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8/03/14 -  Inter-Counties Championships in Cofton Park, Birmingham

The winning Kent team at the Inter-Counties Championships in Cofton Park, Birmingham on Saturday, 8 March, collecting their medals. Jess Keene, Naomi Kingston, Kelsey Fuss (all Blackheath & Bromley) & Sabrina Sinha (Cambridge Harriers) Photo from Mick Keene

The Girls have now completed the Grand Slam of National, Southern and Kent Championships and National and Southern Inter-Counties. Likewise Sabrina has won all the individual titles.


Naomi Kingston, Holly Page, Georgina Taylor, Jess Keene, Sabrina Sinha, Genny Allan, Kelsey Fuss, Yasmin Austridge

Blackheath and Bromley HAC had 14 athletes competing in this weekends British Athletics Inter Counties UK Cross Country Championships in Birmingham.

The best eight athletes in each county from England and the best from Scotland, Ireland and Wales are selected to compete over the testing course in Cofton Park, Birmingham.

The U13 boys supplied Kent with half of the team and saw another great run from Henry James Cowie, powering down the 80m finishing hill in a fantastic 4th place. Great runs from Dillon Robertson 32nd, Michael Eagling 35th and young Peter Guy in 39th helped Kent to a fine bronze team medal.

Will Fuller U17 continued his great season and showed what great form he is in coming home in a very respectable 16th place.

Jessica Sellar was our only U13 girl but had a great National Inter counties debut finishing in 102nd.

The U15 girls Kent team were once again dominated by BBHAC athletes having five girls in attendance. The starting pen in all races is always a busy area and some athletes can get away with great uninterrupted starts while others get caught in the bunch and have seemingly poor starts. Kelsey Fuss seemed to have a difficult start, getting caught in the masses but gradually fought her way through the top class field to finish a magnificent 8th place having her best run of the season. Naomi Kingston, having had a great English National two weeks ago continued her fine form crossing the line in a fantastic 11th place. Jessica Keen finishing in 23rd place helped secure Gold for the Kent team, with comfortable winner of the race Sabrina Sinha being the other Kent scorer. Yasmin Austridge finished her debut Inter counties in 30th with Georgina Taylor 56th completing the Blackheath & Bromley five.

Niamh Bridson Hubbard was the clubs only U17 girl running and continued her fine season finishing in 45th

Amber Reed travelled down from University to compete in the Senior woman race, for the first time and held her own, crossing the line in 158th.

Good to see Alex Bruce Littlewood back in England racing and showing he is in great form finishing 11th senior man in a top quality field.

Paul Austridge

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8/02/14 - Kent League - Parkwood School, Swanley 

Full results here...

Photos from Charlotte Kingston


On what turned out to be a relatively bright day in Swanley, the final Kent Cross Country League match of the season took place on the muddy and waterlogged grounds of Parkwood School. Our team was overwhelmingly made up of Vets who put our younger athletes to shame by competing admirably for the club. There was unfortunately little to celebrate as our 12-man team was derailed prior to the start by two traitors who had decided to don rival club colours (Andy Rayner running for bitter rivals KENT AC for no reason whatsoever, and Ross Braden running for some polytechnic college). The only real sparkle of sunshine was seeing one Rayner winning in a Blackheath shirt after a year out of competition Ė well done Elaine.

Our 4 to score came home in 7th on the day, securing 5th place overall in the league for the season. We didnít get 12 men out for 3 of the four meetings this year so we therefore didnít feature in the 12 man scoring team competition. Alex Gibbins was the only B&B man to complete all 4 KL races, and secured 4th scorer overall in the league this year Ė congratulations to Alex!

I would like to thank all those who have turned out this season. What has been apparent is that we do need new and young blood to progress the team and I hope our successors can facilitate this.

12 Alex Gibbins

26 Dave McKinlay

48 Neil Ayrton

62 Andy Tucker

67 David Beadle

80 Steven Pairman

86 Andrew Lawes

88 Mark Ellison

92 Graham Coates

106 Chris Pike

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1/02/14 - Southern Schools Intercounty - Hampshire

Blackheath athletes were well to the fore...

Photos from Tom Desbourgh

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18/01/14 - Schools Cross Country Championships - Various

Some photos from Ewa Wiltshire


Some of the winning year 7 girls teamBlackheath and Bromley HAC had many of their athletes out competing this weekend in the Kent and Surrey schools cross country Championships. The Kent and Surrey teams for the English schools and the inter counties are picked from these results so it was great to see so many BBHAC athletes running well.

At the Kent's first race up was the year 7 girls and Alice Prentice started the day on a high winning a fine bronze medal followed by Imogen Meers 8th, Emilie Penlington 9th, Lauren Goddard 20th, Mayumi Baynes 23rd, Isabelle Bridge 28th and Zoe Austridge 48th. Unfortunately Lily Tappenden had to pull out half way round with a recurring knee injury. The girls all helped Bromley win the team race.

In the year 7 boys race Joseph Georgiadis won a well deserved silver medal followed home in 10th by Ben Gardiner having a great run and Keir Lundy 16th. Despite arriving on the start line with only a minute to spare Cameron Swatton had a good run in 50th followed by Robert Suckling in 81st.

Next up were the junior girls and Yasmin Austridge had a strong run coming in for the Bronze medal, followed by a great run from Millie Smith in 8th, Jessica Sellar 15th, Tammy Falshaw 20th, Amy Leach 29th, Stephanie Taylor 30th and Imogen Duke 57th gaining the Bromley team second place.

The junior boys race saw young Henry James Cowie powering up the finish straight in 5th followed by Jake Potter 7th, Coleman Corry 21st, George Pope 26th, Oscar Hussey 33rd, Lewis Stickings 47th. Charlie Scrivener got the better of twin Frankie placing 51st and 75th respectively and Harrison Parker was 89th.

The intermediate girls was a tight race with eight BBHAC girls in the top 20. Jess Keene ran well in silver position with a strong run for bronze by Georgina Taylor. Niamh Bridson Hubbard was 4th, Kelsey Fuss 5th, a great run by Joanne Clowes saw her finish 9th with Chloe Kiblewhite 11th, Shannon Riskey 15th, Leah Everson 20th, Molly Dent 28th, Claire Sprigett 36th, Natasha Hainsworth 42nd and Mille Haffenden 48th. Bromley easily won the team race.

Joss Barber finished the inter boys race in a creditable 8th place with Marcio Arcuri sprinting (making coach Nigel proud!) up the finish straight in 11th. Charlie Davis fresh back from having knee problems was 14th, Alek Wiltshire 18th, Alex Leggat 21st, Bailey Sticking 29th Josh Davidson 42nd, Will Pope 47th, Arthur Carey 53rd, giving the Bromley team a silver.

The senior girls saw Anna Myers finish in 8th, Sam Leighton 10th, Lucy Sidey 11th, Sonia Woolhouse 15th, Beth Frost 16th and Chloe Haffenden 22nd leaving Bromley with another team silver.

Will Fuller continue his fine season with a 5th place finsh, backed up by Will Ruiz in 8th and Thomas Desborough in 19th again winning Bromley a team silver.

In the Surrey Campionships junior boys race Michael Eagling was 10th and Angus Harrington 40th.

In the junior girls race Claudia Pickup was 56th and in the inter girls Charlotte Rhule was 19th.

Hopefully over the next few days many of the boys and girls will get the invitations to represent their county and these will all have been well deserved.

Paul Austridge

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4/01/14 - KCAA Cross-Country Championships - Brockhill School, Hythe

Senior women won bronze in the 3 to score. Not bad considering our "big guns" were not out there today.

Full results here...

Blackheath and Bromley youngsters have made a tremendous start to the New Year winning two team gold medals and two team silver medals, along with one individual gold, two silver and three bronze medals at yesterdays Kent Cross Country Championships.

The recent constant rains, swirling winds and waterlogged ground wasn't enough to deter the hardiest of athletes, officials, parents and supporters from making these Championships a well supported and high standard event. The challenging course on the coast at Hythe started on the flat, on relatively firm grass before descending into the boggy, sloping valley and back up again over sodden, rocky terrain into the finishing field.

Blackheath & Bromley's large numbers and strength in depth ensured great results and the best example of this was the U13 boys team. Not only did they take gold, silver and bronze but with four in the top six they convincingly won the team trophy as well.
Running along the bottom of the valley Henry - James Cowie, Dillon Robertson and Peter Guy were bunched together but coming up from the hill multi event Henry - James pulled away winning convincingly. Dillon, having concentrated on rugby for the last few months, showed no fear in leading the race out and was rewarded with the silver for his efforts. Peter, continued his great season (with still another year in the age group) to win a much deserved bronze. Coleman Corry another fast improving boy finished in 6th place claiming team victory. With thirteen U13's racing the black vests kept coming. Angus Harrington, having had a couple of months off through injury, showed his natural talent coming home 9th followed closely by George Pope having another strong race in 11th. Joseph Georgiadis running his debut for BBHAC finished in a fantastic 14th place, he also has another year left in the age group. Lewis Stickings and Callum Myatt continued their great seasons with strong runs finishing in 18th and 21st respectively. Three more first year boys then followed in with a debut cross counrty run from Keir Lundy in 25th, Ben Gardiner in 29th and Cameron Swatton in 42nd. Charlie Short completed the team coming home in 54th.

Ten U15 girls dominated their race with the scoring three of Jess Keene 3rd (winning the bronze medal), Naomi Kingston 4th and Georgina Taylor 5th claiming team Gold. With Kelsey Fuss in 6th and Yasmin Austridge in 7th made for an impressive Blackheath and Bromley sight. Chloe Kibblewhite and Tammy Falshaw had a great battle coming in 18th and 19th respectively followed by strong runs from Mary Guy 24th, Amy Leach 26th and Gabriella Gosnell on her BBHAC debut coming home in 33rd.

The U13 girls also had ten athletes racing and had Millie Smith securing a great bronze medal breaking up the Tonbridge dominance in that age group. Jessica Sellar running her first Championship race for BBHAC ran a strong 8th place and with Grace Scopes finishing in a great 10th helped win the club the team silver medals. These girls were backed up by fine runs from strong finishing Emilie Penlington 17th, Stephanie Taylor 20th, Alice Prentice 22nd, Lauren Goddard 27th, Lily Tappenden 31st, Isabelle Bridge 35th and Zoe Austridge 43rd. Encouragingly over half of these girls will still be U13's next season.

Eleven boys toed the line for the start of the U15 boys race and Marco Arcuri went off convincingly, raced hard and held on for a very solid 6th position. Jake Potter back in great form finished 9th, Niyi Akin Agunbiade on a rare winter outing showed his talent over the country to come home in a great 11th. Alek Wiltshire having another solid run in 13th completed the scoring team that won team silver medals. Will Pope and Frankie Scrivener kept each other company and finished 19th and 20th respectively. Oscar Hussey followed in 25th, Josh Davidson 31st, Charlie Scrivener 40th and Scott Bulmer 44th completed the Blackheath contingent. Unfortunately Charlie Davis had to pull out after 1/2 mile with knee trouble.

Niamh Bridson Hubbard continued her great season picking up the silver medal in the U17 girls race and along with Samantha Leighton 10th and Chloe Haffenden 18th came 4th in the team race.

Despite only having 3 boys in the U17 race they still made Blackheath and Bromley presences felt with more strong runs from Will Fuller 5th, Richard Webb 6th and Thomas Desborough 19th.

It's great to see all the youngsters running and many of them are lucky (unlucky!) enough to have their parents running in the senior races as well. Despite being long days many were still there cheering on and supporting 'mum or dad' including Lewis Stickings' mum Charlotte, Charlie's mum Jane Bradshaw, Emilie's mum Carole Penlington, Yasmin and Zoe's mum Claire, Oscar's dad Duncan Hussey, Scott's dad Nigel Bulmer and Joseph's dad Steven Georgiadis. Good on them!

It was also a long, difficult day for Dave and Hanna Cordell and our thanks and appreciation go to them for once again providing a dry and welcome shelter for the day, in the form of the club tent. It would be unthinkable not to have the tent!

Many thanks also to our President Bob Cliff for his support at all the cross countries and for his invaluable help with dismantling the tent at the end of the event.

Good luck to all racing in the County schools events on 18th January.

The next club event is the South of England Cross Country Championship on 25th January.


Paul Austridge


Photos from Jane Bradshaw

Dear all

Last Saturday, the club took a team to Brockhill School, Hythe near Folkestone, for the Kent Cross Country Championships. In typical fashion, the rains which had been threatening all day arrived five minutes before the start of the menís race to accompany the strong wind. Due to heavy rains during the preceding week, the course was heavily waterlogged in sections, which made the running very tough going. This was further complicated by the fact that a stretch of the course ran along the top of a slick and sloping field. The organisers had definitely set a testing course.

Only a fantastic performance from John Gilbert of Kent AC prevented a win from Mike Skinner who was close behind in second. Alex Bruce-Littlewood ran fantastically after spending over 24 hours in airports and on delayed flights from the USA, arriving on the morning of the race. Danny Brewer continued his fine winter form and Gareth Evans ran a storming run in what was probably one of his best performances for the club .Club stalwart Jon Vinter also put in a very solid performance in his build up to this yearís London Marathon. Individual results are as follows:


2 -Mike Skinner

4 Ė Alex Bruce-Littlewood

24 Ė Andrew Rayner

28 - Danny Brewer

33 Ė Gareth Evans

36 - Ross Braden

38 Ė Dave McKinlay

60 Ė Jon Vinter

149 - Nigel Bulmer

As we didnít field 12 athletes, we didnít figure in the 12 scoring team. We did however come third in the six scoring team. As far as iím aware, this is our best result since 2008 when we came 2nd in the 6 scoring team and 3rd in the 12 scoring team. A big well done to everyone who ran!!

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14/12/13 - South of England Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Biggleswade

This weekend saw sixteen Blackheath and Bromley young athletes selected to represent Kent in the South of England Inter Counties Cross Country Championships at Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

Competing against all the other counties in the south of England, Kent once again showed their strength and class winning various medals with the BBHAC youngsters helping in no small way.

The U13 girls team won bronze medals helped by Millie Smith and Jessica Sellar.

With all counties allowed 8 athletes in each age group it was great to see half of the U13 boys team from made up from BBHAC lads.

Micheal Eagling, Peter Guy, Henry James Cowie and Tonbridge's Charlie Crick were the first 4 to score for Kent winning them silver medals. George Pope was the fourth BBHAC boy running his Kent debut.

The U15 girls had the best Blackheath and Bromley representation supplying 5 of the 8 team members. Kent stormed to victory by coming home in 1st, 4th, 5th and 6th with Kelsey Fuss, Jessica Keene and Georgina Taylor picking up medals.

Naomi Kingston and Yasmin Austridge, both a year young came in 12th and 16th respectively showing Kent have strength in depth as well.

BBHAC had 2 boys in the U15 race and both earning their Kent vest for the first time. Aleksander Wiltshire had a great run finishing strongly backed up ably by Marco Arcuri.

Niamh Bridson Hubbard was our sole representative in the U17 girls race but continued her great form finishing in a fine 10th place.

Will Fuller and Richard Webb both earned their Kent vests for great performances earlier in the season but with stiff competition and both not being 100% well, saw them just off the front pace, however, Will still recorded a top 30 finish with Richard just outside the top 50.

Well done to all who ran for Kent as getting selected can often be as hard as actually racing, such is the high standard in the county.

Paul Austridge

Club Results as follows:

U17 Girls 5000m 10th Niamh Bridson-Hubbard 18.43 Kent 7th

U17 Boys 5000m 29th Will Fuller 16.28
54th Richard Webb 17.14

U15 Girls 4000m 4th Kelsey Fuss 14.10 Kent 1st 16pts
5th Jess Keene 14.11
6th Georgina Taylor 14.15
12th Naomi Kingston 14.33
6th Yasmin Austridge 14.41

U15 Boys 4000m 31st Alexsander Wiltshire 13.22
69th Marco Arcuri 14.12

U13 Girls 3000m 14th Millie Smith 11.48 Kent 3rd
35th Jessica Sellar 12.15

U13 Boys 3000m 14th Michael Eagling 10.53 Kent 2nd
17th Peter Guy 11.03
18th Henry James Cowie 11.04
63rd George Pope 11.38

12 Counties, 96 runners per race

Photos from Charlotte Kingston

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7/12/13 - Kent Masters - Danson Park

Full results here...

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30/11/13 - Kent League (incls B&B YA C-C Champs) - Sparrows Den

Full results here...

Blackheath and Bromley youngsters finished the Kent League cross country series in style yesterday taking gold in the individual table in five of the six age groups along with three silver and two bronze.

We hosted the final fixture at Sparrows Den and home advantage certainly seemed to pay off with great results in all age groups.

In the U13 races Michael Eagling and Millie Smith mirrored each other with fine Victories on the day making it their third win of the season and both collecting the individual gold shield.

Peter Guy, still U13 next season, had another strong finish sprinting home in second and so securing him the individual silver shield.

Multi event boy Henry James Cowie had another great race finishing in 5th, closely followed by Coleman Corry having his best run of the season in 7th, George Pope's 8th place gave him fourth overall for the season.

The two Lewis's battled in out again with master Warren 14th and master Stickings 17th. Callum Myatt had his best run and highest placing of the season in 20th.

Billy Keene made his Kent league debut and despite racing the day before and beating a lad called Brooklyn Beckham, still managed a fine 32nd. Harrison Parker was 33rd giving him a top twenty individual finish, first year U13 Robert Suckling finished in 35th just in front of Cameron Swatton in 36th. Cameron's consistent season also sees him finish well inside the top twenty individual table.

The U15 girls dominated all season and finished claiming the top 4 individual spots for the season.

On the day Jessica Keene finished second, Naomi Kingston fourth, Yasmin Austridge fifth, Georgina Taylor sixth and despite falling at the start Kelsey Fuss finished 8th.

These results along with the other three races saw Naomi collect the gold shield, Yasmin the silver and Kelsey the bronze and Georgina in fourth.

The under 15 boys made a great showing with 13 of them lining up on the start. Marco Arcuri once again led them all home in 5th place. This result combined with the earlier races won Marco the individual bronze shield. Confirming our strength in depth BBHAC boys then filled the next 4 slots with Aleksander Wiltshire 6th, Charlie Davis 7th, Jake Potter 8th and Joss Barber 9th. They were further backed up by Josh Davidson 16th, Will Pope 19th finishing with a huge smile on his face, happy to have completed a race despite carrying an injury, Arthur Carey great run in 22nd, Frankie Scrivener 30th, Oscar Hussey 33rd, Charlie Scrivener sprint finishing to giving him 34th. Scott Bulmer 44th and Harry Keene, part of the Keene trio 45th completed the Blackheath and Bromley presence.

In the Under 17 boys Will Fuller finished his Kent league campaign with another victory securing the individual gold shield for the season. Richard Webb had another great run coming home in 3rd but had an anxious wait to see where he finished overall as he finished neck and neck on points with Chris Cohen from Tonbridge. When they announced the result Richard had pipped Chris by a massive two seconds and so collected the silver shield.

Bailey Stickings and Tom Desborough had a proper tear up in the finishing straight with the lead changing hands a few times. Toms determination paid off this time just out sprinting the sprinter!

In the U17 girls race Niamh Bridson Hubbard showed great determination to pull away from her main rival from Invicta, to give not only victory on the day but Victory for the season.

All these great results culminated in team victories in the Under 13 boys and the Under 15 girls and second place in all other age groups. Winning the Under 13 boys team trophy is even more impressive, when reading the trophy engravings and seeing Tonbridge AC holding this award for the last 9 years. Get in there!!!!

Within these races we incorporated our own club championships and so gold, silver and bronze club medals were awarded to:

                           Gold                                  Silver                        Bronze
U13 boys    Michael Eagling                Peter Guy                  Henri Cowie
U13 girls    Millie Smith                        Jessica Sellar            Grace Scopes
U15 boys    Marco Arcuri                    Alek Wiltshire             Charlie Davis
U15 girls    Jess Keene                       Naomi Kingston        Yasmin Austridge
U17 boys    Will Fuller                          Richard Webb          Tom Desborough
U17 girls    Niamh Bridson                  Charlotte Rhule         Anna Myers

This has been a great start to the winter season and hopefully we can maintain the momentum going into the Championship races in the new year.

The first of these is the Kent Championship on the 4th January 2014 where we hope we can pick up many more individual and team awards.

Great running!

Paul Austridge
Boys Team Manager


Photos from Luigi Arcuri


Photos from Charlotte Kingston

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16/11/13 - London Youth Games, Parliament Hill

London Youth Games on Saturday at Parliament Hill. Bromley had a very successful day as follows:

U13 Boys 1st
U13 Girls 3rd
U15 Boys 6th
U15 Girls 1st
U17 Boys 3rd
U17 Girls 4th

Boys Overall Bromley 2nd
Girls Overall Bromley 1st

Team Manager was Jay Galley

Andy Frankish

Photos from Charlotte Kingston

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9/11/13 - Kent League (YA & Women) - Nonnington

Full results here...

Report here...

Photos from Luigi Arcuri

Photos from Charlotte Kingston

Beech Grove Academy near Dover, were the hosts for the latest fixture in the Kent Cross Country league and despite the awful weather conditions over 40 of our boys and girls braved the elements.

The U13 boys had the best showing with 10 boys toeing the start line. Their large numbers paid off, finishing with 4 Blackheath and Bromley boys in the top 6. Michael Eagling was back to his winning ways coming in a few seconds in front of Peter Guy, having his highest finish to date. Henry James Cowie and George Pope had a great battle finishing 5th and 6th respectively but recording the same time. Lewis Stickings came home in 10th, his best finish of the season followed by Coleman Corry equally his best finish in 11th. The team was strengthen with great back up from Ben Gardiner, Callum Myatt, Cameron Swatton and Harrison Parker. With one fixture remaining we have 5 boys in the top 10 individual league table. The U13 boys have been so consistent this year with 9 of the boys having run in all three fixtures. This has surely helped them rise to the top of the team table where they currently lead by 5 match points.

The U15 boys also had large numbers on the start line with 8 boys in attendance. Again these large numbers are helping to inspire all the boys into some great running. The first 3 BBHAC boys home were all lined up together in 4th, 5th and 6th position. Marco Arcuri led them in with his highest placing, followed closely by Aleksander Wiltshire, with his highest finish and followed even closer by Charlie Davis equally his best finish. Backing the boys up were Josh Davidson finishing strongly in 10th position, Arthur Carey with his best finish in 21st followed by Frankie Scrivener, Charlie Scrivener and Scott Bulmer. The U15 are up against a very strong Tonbridge side so our 2nd position in the league is a great achievement.

Individually Marco currently stands in 3rd place with Aleksander in 5th, Charlie in 6th and Josh in 7th and this make for an interesting final fixture at Sparrows Den on 30th November.

In the U17 boys race Will Fuller lost his 100% record but is proving to be one of the best in Kent with a spirited run coming home in 2nd. Richard Webb continued his great season coming across the line in 5th. Thomas Desborough had a strong run in 17th followed by Bailey Stickings 23rd. Like the U15 boys, the U17 boys are up against a tough Tonbridge side so their 2nd team placing is again a great achievement.

Team spirit, despite the rain, was again high, possible helped by the free burgers on offer. It was also good to see six of the youngsters cheering on their mums and sisters in the senior women race.

The U15 girls are currently leading their league with the U13 and U17 in second place.

U13 Millie Smith leads the individual league, while Niamh Bridson Hubbard leads the U17 age group.

The girls U15 league is dominated by Blackheath and Bromley with Naomi Kingston, Kelsey Fuss, Yasmin Austridge and Georgina Taylor currently in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th position respectively.

All these results make for a very exciting final Kent league fixture, which happens to our home fixture at Sparrows Den on Saturday 30th November, same timetable applies.

Incorporated into this event will be our own Cross County Club Championship with gold, sliver and bronze medals for the first three in each age group.

Hope to see you all there.

Paul Austridge

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2/11/13 - National Cross Country Relays at Mansfield

Pictures of the Under 15 Squad and the A Team Collecting their medals at the National Cross-Country Relays.

Pictures from Charlotte Kingston.

Photo from Ewa Wiltshire

The National cross country relays took place this weekend up in Mansfield and the Blackheath and Bromley boys and girls were again out in large numbers doing the club proud.

Most of the boys had a difficult journey up to their hotel on the Friday in the team minibus but were well feed on arrival, once they had deciphered the menu.

Because of the awful journey the boys had no time to use the hotel swimming pool, outdoor hot tub and gym facilities but I understand Yasmin was able to describe how good they were on more than one occasion!!

Trainee fireman Marco put all the guests at rest after the Hotel fire alarm sounded and then after a good nights sleep, a full english breakfast set them all up for the days racing on Saturday.

After a short journey to the course we were delighted to see our brand spanking new, doubled sized tent in prime position once again, thanks to the huge efforts of Hanna and Dave Cordell.

Dave had collected the tent from Bristol on Friday morning before driving back to Hayes, then enduring a nightmare journey up the motorway to Mansfield.

Dave had driven for over 12 hours all in the name of BBHAC. He did have a glass of cider after all his efforts.

However, their efforts didn't stop there, Hanna and Dave were up bright and early, first at the course to set up and last away once all packed up.

Not many of us verbalise it but we are all extremely grateful for Hanna and Dave's massive contribution they make to ensure our athletes are comfortable and best prepared the days events.

Out on the course the busiest age group for us was the U15 girls with three scoring teams. Naomi Kingston, Kelsey Fuss and Jessica Keene all ran superbly to win the bronze medal for the A team, a great achievement.

The girls B team were 5th B team overall as were the C team 5th C team overall. Great strength in depth.

In the U13 boys Peter Guy, not sporting a new haircut this time but with new scar on his forehead, had a superb opening leg leading the whole field out. His time was 12th fastest of the day, a great run especially being 1st year in the age group and with over 100 boys racing. George Pope and Coleman Corry both recorded exactly the same time, to the second to bring the team home in a very respectable 13th place.

Henry Cowie, fresh and tanned having just flown in from sunny Cyprus had another strong run and recorded a top 30 time. His effort along with a great run from fast improving Callum Myatt and a determined run from Harrison Parker gave them an 8th B team finish. Another sign of our strength in depth.

The U17 boys gave us our highest placed boys team coming in a solid 12th place.

A great opening leg from Richard Webb, followed by the 14th quickest leg of the day (and fastest on leg 2) from Will Fuller and a confident final leg from Thomas Desborough completed the team, finishing just outside the top 10. Jamie Gosnell was our sole runner in the B team but got stuck in on the very fast first leg.

The U15 trio of boys also finished with a top 20 placing. Joss Barber led the team out with our quickest leg of the day followed by the ever improving Marco Arcuri and Aleksander Wiltshire both having strong runs bringing the team home in 19th position. Will Pope had a fast leg in our incomplete B team.

It was great to see so many parents, grandparents and siblings making the huge efforts to get to Mansfield to not only support their children but to support all the Blackheath and Bromley athletes all over the course.

A special thank you to Geoff Webb who had the arduous task of driving all the boys to Mansfield in the minibus in what turned out to be terrible driving conditions.

Full results of all age groups can be found at

Plenty of videos of all the relays can be found at

Paul Austridge

We sent two senior menís teams to the English National Cross Country Relays in Mansfield which were held on 2nd November & we were pleased to come away with 2 very good results.

The A team finished in 13th position, a strong opening leg from Phil set up Ben to move strongly through the field, Sam ran well to hold the teamís position & handed onto Mike who was nursing a sore hamstring & even as he warmed up he wasnít sure if heíd be able to complete the course Ė thankfully he made it round & even though he was disappointed with his time he was still our quickest runner of the day even with a hamstring niggle & managed to move the team up to finish in a very pleasing 13th position.

157 teams finished the senior menís race & our B Team finished in a credible 48th Position Ė Alex Gibbins & Andy Rayner - both still someway short of full fitness had solid runs in the circumstances, improving Ross Braden moved the team up to 46th & then making his debut in the completion Dan Kennedy ran well but lost a couple of places over the last lap to bring the team home in 48th !

13 1:06:22.30 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 'A'

0:16:29.10 (29) P Sesemann
0:16:37.80 (20) B Harding
0:16:55.45 (20) S Barnes
0:16:19.95 (13) M Skinner

48 1:10:48.65 Blackheath & Bromley Harriers AC 'B'

0:17:10.45 (65) A Gibbins
0:17:16.60 (51) A Rayner
0:17:30.15 (46) R Braden
0:18:51.45 (48) D Kennedy

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26/10/13 - Kent League - Somerhill School, Tonbridge

Full results here...

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26/10/13 - Beachy Head Marathon - Eastbourne

Full results here...

 129 693 GENTLE, CHRIS M 4:03:25.50
 201 449 DAINTON, STUART M 4:12:55.45
 257 597 FENWICK, JOHN M 4:19:31.45
 288 1571 READ, GLEN M 4:22:46.05
 299 261 BURFORD, PETER M 4:24:28.50
 300 1380 NEWINS, MATHEW M 4:24:29.65
 432 1601 RICHES, ANDY M 4:38:35.25
 940 1132 LEESON, JOHN M 5:31:09.5


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5/10/13 - Kent League - New Barn Park, Swanley

Full results here...

Some little photos from Paul Austridge

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21/09/13 - A Mini-Mob Match against Striders of Croydon in the Bromley Park run

Closest race so far with only 109 points in it. Current score 2-1 to B&B.

Bromley Park Run - 21 September 2013    
Blackheath & Bromley v Croydon Striders    
Number of B&B Runners = 33      
Number of Croydon Striders Runners = 31    
31 to score        
      Blackheath & Bromley Croydon Striders
Park Run Position Name Club Mob Match Points Mob Match Points
5 Ernie Croydon Striders   62
8 Justin Croydon Striders   61
10 Richard Croydon Striders   60
11 Damian Croydon Striders   59
13 Sam Croydon Striders   58
15 Chris Croydon Striders   57
16 Andy Blackheath & Bromley 56  
18 Peter Blackheath & Bromley 55  
19 Stephen Blackheath & Bromley 54  
20 Andrew Blackheath & Bromley 53  
21 Nigel Croydon Striders   52
24 Robert Blackheath & Bromley 51  
25 Graham Blackheath & Bromley 50  
26 Graeme Croydon Striders   49
29 James Blackheath & Bromley 48  
30 Keir Blackheath & Bromley 47  
31 Andy Croydon Striders   46
34 Lewis Blackheath & Bromley 45  
36 Mark Croydon Striders   44
37 Stephen Croydon Striders   43
40 Paul Croydon Striders   42
47 Barry Blackheath & Bromley 41  
48 Rob  Blackheath & Bromley 40  
50 Iain Blackheath & Bromley 39  
51 Glen Blackheath & Bromley 38  
52 Adrian Blackheath & Bromley 37  
54 Sarah Blackheath & Bromley 36  
56 Alan Croydon Striders   35
66 David Blackheath & Bromley 34  
73 Harrison Blackheath & Bromley 33  
74 John Blackheath & Bromley 32  
78 Ian Blackheath & Bromley 31  
80 Richard Blackheath & Bromley 30  
87 William Croydon Striders   29
88 Geoffrey Croydon Striders   28
96 Justine Blackheath & Bromley 27  
97 Austin Blackheath & Bromley 26  
98 Tammy Blackheath & Bromley 25  
117 Becky Croydon Striders   24
118 Peter Croydon Striders   23
121 Richard Croydon Striders   22
129 Martin Croydon Striders   21
130 John Blackheath & Bromley 20  
135 Issy Blackheath & Bromley 19  
141 Robbie Croydon Striders   18
142 Claire Blackheath & Bromley 17  
146 Helen Blackheath & Bromley 16  
154 Linda Croydon Striders   15
155 Paul Croydon Striders   14
158 Colin Croydon Striders   13
178 Nick Blackheath & Bromley 12  
193 Nick Croydon Striders   11
222 Philip Croydon Striders   10
228 Peter Blackheath & Bromley 9  
234 Ore Blackheath & Bromley 8  
236 Tony Croydon Striders   7
247 Hannah Croydon Striders   6
249 Andy Croydon Striders   5
275 Kim Croydon Striders   4
278 Sandra Croydon Striders   3
280 Mike Blackheath & Bromley 2  
293 Ife Blackheath & Bromley Non Scorer  
310 Sarah Croydon Striders   1
337 Honey Blackheath & Bromley Non Scorer  
  TOTALS                                      1,031 922
  Result - Blackheath & Bromley win by 109 points  
  Overall result after 3 mob matches - Blackheath & Bromley lead 2-1

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