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Last updated 27 January 2004

Southern Counties Championship, Parliament Hill
24 January 2004

Senior Men 7th. (1st Kent team). Winners of Camden Cup (1st Kent Club to
finish 12 runners)
4. D Taylor, 24. S Newport, 35. R Byrne, 47. B. Stephenson, 115. P Tucker,
174. A Gibbins, 180. G Clifford, 214. D Ellison, 254. D Hilliar, 453. R
Hall, 607. C Pike, 709. A Edwards, 756. M Wade.

Senior Women 23rd. (1st Kent Team)
108. Bridget Davey, 134. Clare Lodwig, 139. Kate Pratten, 190. Carolyna
Jones Baldock, 205. Anne Cilia.

Under 20 Men
No competitors

Under 20 Women
No competitors

Under 17 Men 17th (2nd Kent team)
94. Tom Beech, 114. Stephen Leach, 147. Richard Daniel, 156. Dale Willis,
159. Doran Morgan

Under 17 Women
92. Bryony Proctor

Under 15 Boys. 23rd (4th Kent team)
95. Danny Brewer, 96. Jonathan Vintner, 130. Sam Simpson, 190. Beau
Szczepanski, 221 Robert D'Angelo

Under 15 Girls 15th (2nd Kent team)
28. Rebecca Taylor, 114. Sarah Coombs, 129. Claire McNamara, 130. Lauren
Smith, 146. D Shearing, 191. Louise Smith

Under 13 Boys 15th (2nd Kent team)
48. Michael Thorpe, 63. Stephen Cavey, 126. Oliver Robinson, 129. Cameron

Under 13 Girls 4th (1st Kent team)
25. Amy Smith, 43. Hannah Garcia, 44. Rebecca Smith, 62. Danielle Critchley,
77. Amy Dematos, 104. Danielle Barley, 129. Katy Gibbs, 131. Grace Power,
156. Hannah Ware,


The start of the Senior Men's race
Dave Taylor finishing 4th o/a Dave Taylor 4th Spencer Newport 24th
Rory Byrne 35th Barry Stephenson 47th Peter Tucker 115th
Alex Gibbins 174th Giles Clifford 180th Dave Ellison 214th
Darryl Hilliar 254th Our first four home...
Tom Beech 94th Stephen Leach 114th Richard Daniel 147th
Dale Willis 156 Doran Morgan 159th  
Bridget Davey 110th Clare Lodwig 136th Kate Pratten 141st
Carolyna Jones-Baldock 192nd Anne Cilia 205th Supporters confer...
Start of the Senior Women

A message from your Team Manager

We had a good turn out in all 9 races at Parliament Hill Fields last Saturday. The tent was in constant use the whole afternoon.

As far as the senior men are concerned, well run all 12 senior men who started and completed the tough 9 mile course.

The individual results were:

4 Dave Taylor 47:42 (well run yet again Dave, not bad for a Vet!)
24 Spencer Newport 49:22 (good to see you back)
35 Rory Byrne 49:58
47 Barry Stephenson 50:49 (first major championship for the Club, welcome and well run.)
115 Peter Tucker 54:03
174 Alex Gibbins 55:40
180 Giles Clifford 55:51
214 Dave Ellison 56:45
254 Darrell Hilliar 58:00
453 Richard Hall 64:05
606 Chris Pike 68:30
709 Andy Edwards 73:11

Nick Gasson was Trainee Team Manager for the day. He did very well as Team wise for the 6 to score we were 7th of 65 complete teams, and First Kent team. We beat Medway & Maidstone by one place and 73 points. Well done!!!!!

For the 12 to score we also finished 7th of 15 complete teams and again were the First Kent team (and only Kent team to finish 12) So we have won the Camden Cup, which is for the first Kent team to finish 12 runners. It is the position of the 12th runner that counts not the total score. So well done Andy Edwards. With these results Nick must manage the team again.

Full results for all races can be found on 

Just a reminder that the National is at Temple Newsom Park, Leeds on Saturday 21 February 2004. We still have the potential to do really well if we get our best team out. I hope we do. I will circulate details of those entered soon. Spectators welcome. Nick Gasson is arranging hotel accommodation and the National Supper will be held in the Hotel in the evening after the race. So let him know if you want to join us.

See you all there.


Ian Wilson

More photos from Pat Calnan


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