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The Bennett Cup for 2015/16 final result was: 1st Sarah Belaon, Nic Corry 3rd (Steve
                       Pairman 2nd) after the Closing 5 - 19 March 2016

                      Situations Vacant

                           As always, there are several vacancies for
                   Pointsmen (or women) - Timekeepers - Trail-layers

            Are you temporarily available (through injury, resting up for a Big
  Event etc) or permanently (through retirement, the return of sanity or whatever)

                   then why not become one of The Winter Volunteers?

             They think it is more fun to stand around on the course than get
               mud up their legsā€¦ without them, nobody tells you the route,
                                    no times, no marked course!

                                Timekeeper/Recorder volunteers
                        please ring Steve Hollingdale 020 8467 4104

                                Trail-layer/Pointsmen volunteers
                              please ring Bob Cliff 020 8295 1295
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