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Last updated 24 July 2002


U15 Time/Distance Postion B-String Time/Distance Position
100m Adai Monerville 12.2    1st Dwyanne Lennon 13.3    2nd
200m Ross Coates 26.8    3rd Andrew Mc Cafferty 27.2    2nd
400m Dominic Parsons 52.5    1st Robert D'Angelo 62.2    3rd
800m Alex Letchford 2.20.5    3rd Tim Ayers 2.38.7  
1500m Tim Ayers      3rd Dale Willis 5.21.2    4th
3000m Danny Brewer 10.20.5    3rd Tom Beech 10.53.1    1st
80m HR James Nelson 12.6    2nd Alex Al-Ameen 12.6    1st
High Jump Alex Al-Ameen 1.6    1st Adam Berry 1.4    1st
Pole Vault Adam Berry 2.2    3rd Scott Huggins  2.2    1st
Long Jump Ross Coates 5.3    4th Joseph Ata-Hagan 4.72    2nd
Shot Alistair Tawanaee 10.14    2nd Stuart Harvey 8.63    2nd
Discus Alistair Tawanaee 30.95    2nd Ross Coates did not throw  
Hammer Alistair Tawanaee 42.15    1st  Dominic Parsons 19.82    3rd
Javelin Stuart Harvey 44.92    1st James Nelson 26.13    1st 
Relays 4x100     Relay 4x400    
James Nelson     Alex Letchford   time keepers did not do 
Dwyanne Lennon     Alex Al-Ameen   our split times
Joe Mercer      Robert D'Angelo    
Adai Monerville 49.5    1st Dominic Parsons 4.06.6    1st
100m Duayne Bovell 11.5    1st Sanjo Bamgboyo 11.9    1st
200m Duayne Bovell 23.4    3rd Paul Barrett 27.8    4th
400m Ross Read 60    4th xx xx    xx
800m Max Richardson 2.26    4th xx xx    xx
1500m xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
3000m xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
100m HR xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
400m HR xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
1500 SC xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
High Jump Sanjo Bamgboyo 1.7    1st Edwin Telfer 1.4    2nd
Pole Vault xx xx    xx xx xx    xx
Long Jump Edwin Telfer 5.04    4th Wayne 3.49    3rd
TripleJump Sanjo Bamgboyo 12.71    1st Paul Barrett 9.7    3rd
Shot Leon Hall-Henry 10.67    2nd Wayne 9.52    3rd
Discus Amir Williamson 35.7    2nd Leon Hall-Henry 25.02    2nd
Hammer Amir Williamson 38.65    1st Paul Barrett 28.77    1st
Javelin Amir Williamson 22.18    4th Wayne 16.9    2nd
Relays 4x100       Relays4x400    
Edwin Telfer     could not make    
Sanjo Bamgboyo     a team.    
Leon Hall-Henry          
Duayne Bovell 49.3    4th      

Medway & Maidstone 234
Norwich 179
Blackheath Harriers, Bromley 176
Woodford Green 110

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