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The Real Marathon Men
The London Marathon ever-presents

1995 after they had run 15 one of the great city Marathons
consecutive Londons. and provides a lasting tribute
to a rapidly diminishing group,
Their story is a testimony to decimated by injury, accident,
a never say die spirit that has illness and death.
sustained them during the
thousands of marathons they The book will provide
have run all over the world. information, inspiration
and motivation not only to
Dale Lyons, one of the last marathon runners but to those
15, has combined a detailed watching the London each year
factual record from his thinking that could be me!
For many years Blackheath research, with many heart This remarkable book is a
and Bromley Harriers warming anecdotes and tribute to everyone of the
has maintained a strong astonishing hardship stories Ever-presents. The London
association with the London in tracking the Ever-presents Marathon salutes them all!
Marathon but the club member journey for 33 years since John Bryant. Author of The
most synonymous with the 1981. London Marathon book and
event is arguably Mike Peel Their triumphs and cruel Chairman of the London
who still claims the distinction disappointments, the amazing Marathon Charitable Trust.
of being an ever present since sums they have raised for
the first marathon in 1981. countless charities, their Available January 2014.
Although it gets harder each incredible running records Price £6.99 + £2.60 pp.
at home and abroad, their
time ... he says I ve run it so entertaining media coverage and Paperback version.
many times now that I should their fascinating and colourful 230 pages with photos.
be able to eke it out ... lives away from the marathon For orders contact Dale Lyons
This is the story of 42 treadmill provides absorbing e-mail:
marathon runners who were and enlightening reading. 5 Richmond Hill Gardens,
created as the Ever-presents This is a book to honour their Edgbaston
by the London Marathon in commitment to the London, Birmingham B15 3RW

London Marathon Ballot

Each year, the club is allocated with the draw taking place at
a certain number of entries for the clubs Wednesday Night
the London Marathon by the Christmas supper. This year we You must have a rejection slip
London Marathon organisers. received 3 entries. To qualify from the organisers for the
The number of entries we for the raffle for the 2015 2015 London Marathon
receive is based on the number London Marathon you need to You must be affiliated to
of members that are affiliated fulfil the following criteria: England Athletics
to England Athletics that year. Your membership subscription
The entries are then raffled must be up to date Rob Brown
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