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Nankeville in 4.20. He also many of his colleagues. He received! However northern
represented Cheshire in the did however receive from the results by comparison were not
Inter Counties Cross Country. IOC their Olympic Order so well reported. Even his 1949
In my fascination to know Medal, the first broadcaster or Manchester Mile success is not
more I enquired of his Clubs journalist to do so, and joined recorded in AW although the
and received from one of people like Owens, Blankers- Fallowfield Games that included
them a copy of an article Koen and Zatopek. the event gets a brief mention.
from the Stockport Express I trawled through all of Further research revealed a
that recorded his victory in Blackheaths Athletics Weeklys plentiful supply of material
the Manchester Mile on 6 from 1945 to 1953. For those about Past President and a
August 1949 a race which who are nostalgic and for those British International, Roy
was previously won by Sidney who love Athletics history Morley, and a cover photo
Wooderson. I also had a photo this was a fascinating exercise showing Jack Broughton who
of David being presented and one I have embarked on led after the first leg of the
with the trophy on which the a couple of times for other 1951 London to Brighton Road
great mans name was already reasons. I could only find three Relay. AW also showed our Jack
inscribed. David was so proud mentions of David. The two representing London in a match
to receive this trophy (worth National performances and against Paris in 1952, coming
130 guineas in 1949) and his 91st place representing 4th (but 3rd Britain) in the 1952
admitted taking it to bed with Cheshire in the 1952 Inter selection race for the 5000m,
him that night! He said he felt Counties Cross Country where and Corporal Weeks-Pearson
as if he had gone to bed with his County were 7th team. winning the Army Mile in 1952.
Sydney! To put it into a Blackheath Amateur rules at the time
I received a comment that perspective, in the 1952 might also have caused
he was basically a far better ‘National’ David was 89th with David some difficulty as you
journalist and commentator the first Blackheath runner couldn t earn from writing
than he was an athlete although being Choat in 91st with or commentating on Sport.
he had won several mile races Alan Brent in 120th. In 1953 So once he had started his
which were mainly handicap Manchester AC, with David brilliant career with the BBC
races. Possibly therefore he was in 105th, were 10th team one there was no turning back.
someone who could regularly place behind Blackheath who The Sportsview Personality
get the better of a handicapper. had Jack Braughton in 64th and of the Year show has for some
Chris Haines and other Club Alan Brent in 119th. years included a list of those
handicappers know all about The 2nd Jan 2014 AW claims notable Sports persons that
this sort of person! The article that David was Cheshire Mile have died during the previous
also puts forward the view that Champion in 1951 but the year. I expect that David will
he was a possible for selection AW for 16th June 1951 shows rightly take pride of place in
for the 1952 Olympics. the Cheshire mile winner as next year s list, unlike his hero
Injury ended his career and J F Green. I suspect he did Sydney Wooderson who was
problems with his hamstrings actually win a County Mile title completely forgotten. I have
prevented him competing but it wasn’t in 1951. And that a letter of apology from Gary
in the 1952 Olympic Trials. rather sums up AW at the time. Lineker for this omission
He often said how he would Reporting showed a distinct which was never corrected!
have given everything up to Southern bias, its amazing how
have been an Olympian like much coverage Blackheath Mike Martineau
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