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Athletics Report                 15

Angus Harrington                     throw of 12.79 and Cameron          he managed to get two good
all to hear, (without the aid of     coming 1st in the B string with     solid jumps in with a PB
a mega phone) “Blackheath            12.56. A great start to the day!    of 4.07 making him 4th in
have wrong lane, Blackheath          The next field event was the        the A string, Ben Gardiner
lane 1”. Halting the race. Nic’s     shot and a debut for new            jumped 4.02 and came 2nd in
instructions, being clearer than     Blackheath Harrier Myles            the B string. Robert and Ben
the public address system,           Duffus. Myles had a great start     completed their Non scoring
ensured no confusion and so          to his athletics career by putting  high jump with a jump of
the relay could start and what a     6.31 and coming 2nd in the A        1.15 each. Caelan jumped 1.35
race it was. From the side lines it  string, Cameron came 2nd in         giving us maximum points by
looked a dead heat but the result    the B string with 5.78. In the      coming 1st in the A string just
was eventually given to Bexley       non scoring Rowan scored a          after completing the relay.
but with the same time as us.        great 6.11 having never putt the    Matthew Proctor had a gutsy
The U13 boys again won on the        shot before! Calean’s achieved      run in the Non scoring 1500m
day and this result along with       his second PB of the day            attacking from the bell but
the U15 boys and girls gave us       already, with a distance of 5.76.   unfortunately his legs could
overall victory, seeing BBHAC        The first track event was the       not hold onto the lead. He
on top of division one.              75m hurdles with Caelan Raju        recorded a great time of
                                     coming 2nd in the A string          5.08.4 PB especially as this
Match 3 – Norman Park,               with a PB of 13.30, fantastic.      was his first 1500m. He then
June 15th                            Billy Keene continued his track     went over to the long jump.
The first field event was the        success by coming 1st in the B      Luckily his legs regained their
discus and not only was it           string with a time of 14.8 just     strength and he jumped 3.56.
the first event of the day but       off his personal best. LJ Wright    Robert Suckling continued
also Cameron Swatton’s and           had a fantastic 100m sprint         his track and field success by
Rowan Fuss’ first ever discus        recording a PB of 13.8 making       scoring a PB in the long jump
throw! They both had great           him 2nd in the A string. He         of 4.06.Fortunately, Billy
throws with Rowan coming             was joined by new Blackheath        Keene had had an early night
2nd in the A string with a           Harrier Phil Tenyue making          which enabled him to have a
                                     his debut for the club with 13.8
                                     putting him in 1st place in the     Joseph Georgiadis (B) and
                                     B string, what a great start for    Billy Keene (BB)
                                     Phil. Leo McCallum came 1st
                                     in the C string with a time of
                                     14.5 just off his PB.
                                     Joseph Georgiadis had a
                                     fantastic 1500m race he timed
                                     his acceleration perfectly with
                                     a very strong finish giving
                                     him a PB 5.01.8, he then had
                                     to jog over to his debut in the
                                     long jump, because of this he
                                     missed the first round which
                                     was frustrating but luckily
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