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Athletics Report                    17

a versatile athlete he really is.    Caelan Raju, having only just     Joseph Georgiadis
Rowan’s time of 13.3 in the          recovered from tonsillitis,       Leo wasn’t sure if the story he
75m Hurdles was a PB, having         had a tough battle with his       heard about the starter getting
never hurdled before, won him        arch rival from Tonbridge         50 pence every time he fired
the B string race and ranks him      unfortunately losing out          the gun, was true. However,
in the top 40 in the country.        this time by hundredths of        with lots of false starts being
His 200m time of 28.7 was            a second, as they were both       called it got us all wondering!
the fastest BBHAC on the day         given the same time, equal        Robert Suckling is used to the
and quick enough to place him        to Caelan’s best. Caelan then     gruelling 2 lap event of the
third in the A string amongst        had an unusual conclusion to      800m and so was pleased for
the recognised sprinters. To         his high jump, finishing on a     a relatively easy day equalling
complete his day Rowan put           clearance of 1.30 and not with    his best in the high jump
the shot over 6m.                    a failed height. The high jump    before leading the sprint relay
New sprinter Phil Tenyue had         was running late and so clashed   team off like a sprinter with a
another great day running his        with the hammer. Having           speedy first leg on the opening
first ever 200m and winning          cleared 1.30 Caelan raced over    bend. Keir Lundy ran another
the B string in 29.2 before          to the hammer, threw a life       impressively controlled 800m,
another debut event leaping          time best (hammer debut!)         letting the rest of the field pull
3.87 in the long jump. Phil also     but on returning to the high      away on lap one before slowly
had two great baton changes          jump found the competition        winding it up to sprint past the
in the relay powering down the       had finished. It was a shame as   whole field on lap two, slicing
back straight helping the team       Caelan was jumping well.          nearly 5 seconds off his PB
to first place. Myles Duffus         Joseph Georgiadis had a busy      timing 2:25.0.
showed his range of talent           day running a brave first lap in  Young Elliot Wanagho was
running 30.2 in the 200m             the 800m, leading the field out   the fastest C string runner on
before winning the B string          but a stitch hindered his second  the day clocking 14.6 and also
shot put with 6.23 despite           lap and he slowed slightly,       jumped 3.00 in his first long
having a stiff neck sustained in     finishing just outside his best.  jump competition. Billy Keene
a school PE lesson.                  Joseph came 3rd in the A string   jumped a great 3.77 in his
Matthew Proctor helped to do         long jump 3.92 and jumped         first long jump competition.
the clean sweep by winning the       a PB 1.20 in the high jump.       Watching the race walk must
B string discus at the start of      Cameron Swatton was another       have really inspired him!
the day, before lining up again      busy athlete competing in three
near the end of the day in the       events and was 0.2 seconds off                        Paul Austridge
800m, kick finishing with great      his best for 800m, threw 12.20
speed but just outside his best.     in the discus and was 3rd in the
The few hours gap between            A string hammer with 11.50
events gave his father Stewart       on his very first attempt at the
time to help officiate in the field  event.
earning the club more valuable       Sprinter Leo McCallum was
points. It’s not just the athletes   3rd in the B string 100m just
who are awarded points, clubs        0.2 off his best and had a great
are also rewarded for supplying      third leg in the 4 x 100m relay
track and field judges.              helping the team to first place.
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