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Athletics Report                    19

were there supporting Pedro        In the individual 100m sprint      Henry Henderson
and spent the entire time          Phil Tenyue was in great           result must have stirred Billy
watching some great athletics.     company and was inspired           up as he and Keir Lundy spent
This season the U13 boys’          by Myles’ victory in the           the next 5 minutes locked
team has been lucky enough         A string. Phil had a great         into their own private friendly
to have more than 10 sprinters     start and sprinted with real       battle in the 1500m. Spurred
all fighting (running quickly)     determination to finish fourth     on by Billy’s words at the bell
for their place on the team        in an equal PB and was only 0.2    Keir picked up the already
and so picking the sprints and     sec off winning a medal. Phil’s    fast pace and strode past a few
relay teams has been a difficult   parents had travelled all the      opposition and tracked down
task but it has meant that the     way to Birmingham to watch         the home straight neck and
standard has been superb. I’m      him and the team and I’m sure      neck, finally being separated
sure any one of the boys could     it was well worth the effort.      by 1/100 second with Billy
and would have excelled as did     BBHAC were lucky enough            being given the nod over Keir.
the final four selected to run     to have two great sprinting        This left Billy 5th in the A
the relay. Joining Myles and       reserves travel to Birmingham      string and Keir 4th in the B
Caelan in the gold winning         with us ready to stand-in in the   string. A great race to watch
relay team were LJ Wright and      event of an injury or illness.     and one that left David Lundy,
Nathan Urwin.                      Leo McCallum and Elliot            Keir’s Dad out of breath!
LJ has had a difficult season,     Wanogho, both first year U13       Cameron Swatton was selected
suffering growing pains early      had a great day supporting         for the shot put and spent a
on in the season preventing        the team. If we make the final     few evenings with his Dad
him from training for a long       again next year Leo and Elliot     practising and preparing for
period, only to pick up an injury  will be more than ready to         the final and it was great to see
late on meaning not much           accept the challenge.              him winning valuable points
training or racing and mostly in   Ben Gardiner has had a great       for the club after taking the
trainers. LJs’ determination to    season hurdling and running        event so seriously.
carry on was rewarded with a       800m and 1500m on the track        We all had a long weekend
superb gold as he led the team     but has really excelled in the     with lots of time spent on the
off on a fast first leg.           long jump. The National            coach, in the hotel and at the
Nathan only joined the club        final was no exception as Ben      stadium and the boys’ efforts
this year but has shown great      soared to within 2cm of his        on and off the track and the
speed in all the BBHAC open        best to win a bronze medal         way they conducted themselves
meetings and his fast 13.9         with 4.17m.                        throughout was exemplary.
at Tooting late in the season      Billy Keene has spent a lot of     They are a great credit to our
earned him his place in the        Wednesday evenings running         club and did us proud.
team. Nathan’s powerful leg        over hurdles practising his
on the tricky top bend helped      technique and taking a few                             Paul Austridge
BBHAC to get the baton             whacks to the knees and
around first and pick up the       ankles for his troubles. These
well deserved gold medals. It      were all put to one side as Billy
was great to have the Urwin        sprinted to a new PB 13.99 in
family and LJ’s family there       third place justifiably picking
supporting the boys.               up the bronze medal. This
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