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   Open meeting at the Club House

     30th January 2015 to discuss the question
     of a move to Norman Park

‘In recent years there has been      track. The whole question of      replacement of the freehold
considerable thought given           the club moving its HQ from       by a leasehold arrangement,
to the problem of the Club,          the freehold site which it has    financial planning,
effectively, operating from two      owned since 1926 was always       management capability, club
locations and to the fact that       bound to attract plenty of        heritage and accommodation
there has been a steady decline      interest and so a meeting was     of our cross county courses,
in the use of the facilities at the  duly convened for January 30th    areas which were discussed at
Clubhouse …                          to encourage club members to      some length.
“We have looked, more                express their views and raise
than once, at redeveloping           concerns on that matter.          The floor was then thrown
the premises … but have              A large crowd attended,           open to questions arising
been unable to identify an           probably the largest gathering    and matters of concern. For
economically effective and           for anything of this nature       those with such concerns
affordable way of doing so …         since the question of the         especially about giving up the
“While Norman Park Track             merger with Bromley AC was        freehold site for a leasehold
Management were ultimately           considered in 2003.               property, this would not be
successful in retaining the          In the chair were, representing   an easy decision given the
contract to run the track, it        Norman Park Track                 issue of whether the club
should be noted that the new         Management Chris Hilditch,        could be granted a sufficiently
contract is capable of being         and for the club Committee        long enough lease in a new
terminated at 6 months notice.       Chairman Tim Soutar,              premises. One past president
“We would need to redevelop          President Dick Griffin and        expressed his concerns as
the existing facilities at           Chair of Development Paul         to how sufficient security of
Norman Park to create a new          Byfield. What came out of         tenure without strict conditions
Clubhouse with facilities which      the meeting appeared to be a      attached could be attained.
will not only ensure much            growing consensus of opinion
greater usage by members but         that this move could be a         In addition to this another
will also be able to generate        means of revitalising the club.   related issue was raised, that of
significant additional revenue       It was indicated that any future  taking over full responsibility
to enable us to ensure a             decisions would focus on          for the management and
sustainable future”.                 such areas as affordability, the  maintenance of Norman
                                                                       Park Track. PP Ken Daniel
                                                                       mentioned the impending

So reads a circular to all club
members from the Club
Secretary dated 24th November
2014 outlining the issue of
whether to stay in the existing
premises or to move to a new
clubhouse at Norman Park to
re-unite the club and secure
the long term future of the
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