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Club News                                   33

costs of relaying the track         after that a move there would      And so on. Of course nothing
and its ongoing six figure          strengthen the unity of the        final was determined on the
maintenance costs.                  club and improve its image to      night and much still needs
Also it was asked what would        outsiders.                         to be examined but in the
be the status of BHHQ if it         If there was one voice that        meantime it was resolved
no longer has a clubhouse to        put up a strong argument for       that the club should at least
manage in Hayes and would           the club retaining its existing    commission further work
it still exist after the move or    premises in purely economic        on a feasibility study to
would it have to be liquidated?     terms it was that of PP Chris      consider the practical aspects
Although Norman Park                Haines, whose career in the        of developing new premises
Management might prove              club has spanned different eras.   worthy of the club’s prestige
to be a viable alternative, in      The ‘Wednesday Nighters’ he        and status in a Norman Park
discussion it was suggested         argued formed the backbone         site. Could this be a crossing
that it might be subsumed           of many social events and          of the Rubicon then? Well,
by BHHQ which would be              provided up to two thirds          perhaps as Tim Soutar stated
the vehicle through which all       of revenue to the club from        it was not something alien to
facilities would be managed.        donations, making significant      the club’s past and any study
The issue of security               contributions by way of            of its history might well reveal
requirements around Norman          subscriptions and legacies.        that “we had indeed been
Park, and how this might            Cross country was reviving,        there before” and change was
greatly restrict the club’s access  with more people attending         “something that had to be
to hosting late night social        winter races particularly the re-  made then but was ultimately
functions, was also raised. But     vamped 10km championships,         not regretted”.
it was suggested that specially     now a mob match in its own
designed premises could contain     right with over 100 runners        If we had been ‘there’ before
more of the facilities which the    paying to take part. With these    without detrimental effect,
club now needs and generate         events and others the social       then in contemplating such a
a substantial annual income         scene of the club benefitted       move as this the club would
against the existing shortfall.     and the club house was still       be honouring its past heritage,
Moving to Norman Park might,        being used and enjoyed by          not rejecting it.
argued Mike Skinner have a          many. Any move to Norman
similar effect on the club as       Park, he concluded, must                                   Wilf Orton
that of some top premiership        include properly integrated
football clubs moving to new        plans for cross country and the              (The Editor acknowledges the
grounds with modern up to date      needs of these members.                contributions of PP Tim Soutar, PP
facilities which had given them                                          Chris Haines and Dave Appleton VP
a new lease of life.
A message from Adam Gemili                                                         in completion of this report.)
was read out in support of
the motion for moving HQ
to Norman Park saying that a
Norman Park facility would
be a great boost to the club.
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