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   Members Survey 2014

Firstly I would like to thank     ten charts (8 or which are          at Norman Park more often
all of you who took the time      reproduced here), which focus       than the Club House. Also of
to complete the members’          on members’ use of the Club         note is the significant number
survey last year. In all 270      House and Norman Park               of members who are in favour
members responded, which          Track. The third chart shows        of making Norman Park the
is a very respectable 36%         that members use the club           long term centre for Club
of membership. Equally            for a wide range of activities,     activities, although an almost
encouraging is the fact that      with social activities the most     equal number believe the Club
all age groups contributed,       popular closely followed by a       House is a valuable resource.
with the younger membership       wide range of athletic activities.  The survey has provided
representing 30% of the total     The fourth chart ‘For each of       valuable input into the
who responded. Their input        the statements below please         ongoing discussions about the
is particularly valuable as they  indicate your view’, shows that     future and the development of
make a huge contribution          members have positive views         Norman Park Track, which is
to the athletic success of the    on the Club and what it offers,     probably the biggest decision
club and many will remain         but there are clearly areas for     that the Club has faced for
members, hopefully taking on      improvement, for example            many years.
the responsibilities currently    the quality of food at the Club     Please contact me or any
discharged by the more senior     House.                              member of the Executive
membership!                       Both the Club House and             Committee if you have any
The full survey results are       Norman Park are valued by           questions or additional ideas.
available on the club website,    many club members, although
but the key findings are in       more members use the facilities                               Bob Cliff

Under 13                                               More than
Under 15                                             once a week
Under 17
Under 20                                                 Weekly

   21-30                                                 Monthly
   41-50                                             Occasionally
   51-60                                                Rarely or
   61-70                                                   never
 Over 70                                                       	0%	 10%	20%	30%	40%	50%	60%	70%	80%	90%	100%

      	0%	 10%	20%	30%	40%	50%	60%	70%	80%	90%	100%

Female                                                Base for road/XC
 Male                                                        training
    	0%	 10%	20%	30%	40%	50%	60%	70%	80%	90%	100%
                                                            and races
                                                     Training – weights,





                                                                  	0%	 10%	20%	30%	40%	50%	60%	70%	80%	90%	100%
   31   32   33   34   35   36   37   38   39   40