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Athletics Report                 13

season by gaining selection      start with 3rd and 1st in the A   taking another gold in the
for the Commonwealth Youth       and B strings, respectively. We   300, before Holly and Annie
Games in Samoa, the limit on     go one better in the U20 LJ,      produce our second double
2nd claim members means          with Holly winning the A and      of the afternoon in the 80H.
we aren’t able to include        Toyin 2nd in the B. Nor are       Another silver, in the 100H,
Charmont in the team, Kerri      we slow out of the blocks in      from Molly Scott in her debut
has begun her studies in         the first track events, the long  over the distance, continues
the States and a number of       hurdles, with Leah 3rd and        the fightback as we near the
others are unavailable through   Kate Purser, in her first outing  meeting’s half-way point.
injury at the end of a long      over the full lap, a highly       Better news then arrives from
season. Add to that that our     commendable 2nd in the            the throws, with Victoria and
Schools Games competitors        400H and Isabella and Annie       Emma both taking 3rd in
are required to be up at the     (by a whisker) completing our     the U20 hammer and Toyin
crack of dawn to travel down     first double win of the day in    adding a 2nd in the U17 TJ.
from Manchester and one          the 300H. A win by Niamh          Another winning double –
can almost be forgiven for       in the U20 A 1500 and a 3rd       from Jess and Amy in the U17
thinking the odds are being      from Georgina in the U17          3000 – and two silvers (from
stacked against us. But we’ve    B maintain the momentum           Annie and Nicole) in the U20
coped with worse (haven’t        going into what has been our      TJ, and perhaps we aren’t
we?). The other challenge in     strongest event all season:       out of it after all? And that’s
the run up to the event has      the 100m. But we haven’t          before Viv, Magda, Parris and
been the sudden unavailability   factored in the omens! Viv        Olivia come away from the
of the external throwing area    gets us under way nicely with     200s with two more wins and
due to subsidence! At one        a comfortable win in the first    two 2nd places. With Niamh
stage, there has been talk of    race and Molly repeats this       and Jess both back to winning
cancelling a number of the       in the U17 A, but false starts    ways in the 800s and three
long throws, including the       in both the B strings have us     medals in the steeplechases
javelin, which would have        beginning to think about what     (1st for Yasmin and 2nd places
been more than a bit of a blow   might have been. We can’t         for Charlotte and Lottie,
for our Guernsey girls. In the   come back from that, can we?      despite full immersion in the
end, all events survive, though  Meanwhile, in the vault,          water jump!) it’s beginning to
with all athletes limited to     the competitors are doing         look more promising!
four throws.                     their best to shred the TM’s
However, the sun is shining      nerves again, but all emerge
when we arrive at Alexander      with medals and good points
Stadium and who needs            (Helena 3rd, Sonia 1st and
omens? The U20 javelin is        Shaye 3rd). The throws
in fact the first event on the   aren’t going quite so well, it
amended programme and Ali        being a hard task to try to
and Zoe get us off to a strong   compensate for the missing
                                 Divine. Jamiyla produces a
                                 silver lining to this passing
                                 cloud in the U17 LJ and then,
                                 again, in the U20 B HJ and
                                 the clouds part with Isabella
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