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Athletics Report                     15

Good to be Back in Europe:
Our Girls Do Us Proud in Istanbul...
the 2015 Champions Clubs Cup

  After an unscheduled interruption     for Friday prayers, there was      generous provision of a
  to proceedings last year, we resumed  still far too much to see in       seemingly limitless quantity of
  our annual foray into Europe          the limited time available. We     crisps. A win for England, if
  in mid-September for this year’s      therefore made do with a visit     not a terribly convincing one,
  Champion Clubs Cup for Juniors.       to the underground Basilica        sent us off to bed in a positive
                                        Cistern – where some unusual       frame of mind.
In keeping with, and                    fashion photo opportunities
perhaps even exceeding, the             were sampled by some – and         Sizing up the opposition
magical mystery transport               a tour of the Aya Sofiya (built    Saturday 18th Morning
arrangements of recent years,           as a church, converted to a        Saturday morning saw everyone
by arriving at the City’s Sabiha        mosque and now, officially, a      up bright and early – though
Gokcen airport, we also                 museum), before adjourning         one or two of the management
managed to visit Asia! After            in small groups to a number of     were, perhaps, not so bright:
a not inconsiderable delay in           local restaurants.                 clearly the effects of a surfeit of
retrieving Helena’s poles, and          The end of the afternoon           crisps. As those involved in the
a lengthy (‘are we there yet?’)         provided an opportunity for        initial field events headed off to
coach journey back across the           everyone to visit the track. This  the track soon after breakfast,
Bosphorus, which rivalled the           had originally been built as the   the temperature was already in
worst of days on the M25, we            warm up area for the adjacent      the mid-20s and, unfortunately,
reached our hotel a little later        Ataturk Olympic Stadium, but       the previous evening’s
than planned, but, fortunately,         has recently been re-designed as   headwind had not significantly
still in time for ‘dinner’.             a competition venue. Conditions    decreased. It was to remain at
Sightseeing and rugby                   were always going to be on         between 3m/s and 6m/s for the
watching Friday 17th                    the warm side, but we hadn’t       rest of the day: there would not
Friday morning had been                 planned for the stiff breeze       be many PBs! Our opponents
reserved for a sightseeing trip         that was in evidence (reaching     were: the hosts, Fenerbahce
to the historical Sultanahmet           +9m/s at one stage!), nor the      Sport Club, and AK Olymp
district of the city. Even with         slick surface of the throwing
the Blue Mosque being closed            circle. But that’s why we do the
                                        due diligence: we could now
                                        plan how best to address these
                                        problems and forewarned was
                                        definitely forearmed!
                                        Friday evening was spent in
                                        contemplation of the following
                                        day’s competition. Some sought
                                        the distraction of the opening
                                        game of the Rugby World Cup
                                        on Eurosport with German
                                        commentary. Certain members
                                        of the management team
                                        considered it only appropriate
                                        while doing so to sample the
                                        local beer and the President’s
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