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   Kent Young Athletes League 2015

Medway Park – 10th May           often over shadowed by the      good distance but was marked
Blackheath and Bromley U13       more visible track races but    down as a no throw on a
and U15 boys and girls were      Harry’s performances prove      technicality! With a throw
once again triumphant in         how important they are as he    that could have put him in the
Sunday’s Kent league, fixture    scored 26 points for the club,  top 20, we will definitely be
No2, at a sunny but blowy        nearly 20% of the total points  working on that one!
Medway Park. Our President       scored.                         Tareq made up for the shot
and first lady, Dave and         Sean Lancaster continues to     disappointment by storming
Hanna Cordell were at the        score valuable points for the   down the home straight on
track early and selected the     club putting the shot just shy  the final leg of the relay.
best possibly site for the club  of his best Archie Shipley      Sam Reardon made up for
tent, out of the wind but with   tried his hand at hurdling      his disappointment of being
a great sunny aspect. On to      for the first time and was      knocked off the top of the
the action and loads of great    rewarded with a win in the B    Parkrun grand prix league
performances contributed to      string. Archie then produced    table (by a girl!) by running
BBHAC comfortably winning        another personal best,          two new personal bests in the
the overall combined match       shaving a couple of tenths off  200m sprint and the tough two
by over 80 points. The U13       his 100m time, placing second   lap 800m. Sam knocked well
boys produced 17 personal        in the B string.                over a second off his 200mm
best performances, had two       A good series of jumps with a   running a rapid 27.88 and
boys competing on the track      best of 4.17, was good enough   had a strong race winning the
for BBHAC the first time         for 3rd in the long jump and    800m in 2:27.87. Sam was also
and were top of the U13 boys     Archie finished his day with    the lead off leg in the relay
league table.                    a rapid sprint down the back    team and had a good series of
                                 straight as the relay boys      jumps in the long jump.
Harry Cowie was first to         posted their fastest time of    Rowan Fuss had a busy hour
compete and started his day      the year and a win.             and three quarters squeezing
well with a personal best        Jacob Byfield improved his      in three events, starting with
18.05 to finish 3rd in the       75m hurdle best by over a       a second place in the 200m
hammer. This was followed        second (he must be getting      before dominating the 800m
by another personal best         some great coaching?), was      and running a strong but
coming 2nd in the shot before    just short of his best in the   totally controlled 2:22.46.
finishing the day winning the    long and high jump but had a    After barely catching his
Javelin B string with a throw    great second bend in helping    breath it was over to the javelin
of 19.09. Field events are       the relay team to victory.      where he manged to get in a
                                 Tareq Bannour ran two           fantastic 25.90 on his second
                                 great new personal bests in     attempt, also finishing second.
                                 the 100m (12.52) and 200m
                                 (26.05) to place himself
                                 2nd and 3rd in the National
                                 rankings, not bad for a 12
                                 year old. Tareq also used his
                                 strength to put the shot a
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