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half a point. Scrutinising the    new personal bests. Archie’s      200m and the 100m before
results it seems Southampton      last effort was a quick leg       taking on the final leg in the 4
were initially awarded 35         down the back straight in         x 100m relay. Leo was walking
points for supplying officials    the 4 x 100 relay. Michael        normally after his exploits so
but should have only been         Burfoot put the shot 8.78 for     I’m pleased to say he is fully
awarded 30. This highlights       a big PB and then turned a        recovered from his injury now.
how important and vital           difficult javelin competition     Ethan Kitteridge had his
our team of officials and         into success with a last          usual day compacting two
volunteer parents really are.     round throw of 18.35 to gain      events into one slot. Starting
This fantastic result sees us     valuable points for the club      at the high jump Ethan got
sitting at the top of the league  and another PB.                   an early jump in to open his
with one fixture remaining.       Harry Cowie continues to          account before jogging down
If we compete like this at        impress not only with his         the track ready to take on
Croydon on the 18th July, we      throwing ability in the Shot      the tough 2 lap 800m. After
will surely be going to the       and Javelin (and discus) but      another gutsy run he crossed
National final in Birmingham      with his attitude towards         the line near to his best.
on September 5th.                 competition, gaining              Barely time for a breather
The U13 boys were once            experience and getting fitter.    before jogging back to the
again up for the challenge        Harry asked if there were         high jump and seeing the bar
and willing to take on            any non scoring events and        had risen to personal best
whatever was asked of them        when told “ sorry only 800m       height of 1.30! Not put off by
for the team. The day started     available” his reply was “yes     this Ethan propelled himself
with a personal best from         please I’ll do that”. Harry did   high into the air, sailing over
Jacob Byfield in the hurdles,     indeed do the 800m, running       the bar with a comfortable
followed by scissoring 1.20       a new best in the process.        clearance. A well earned rest
in the high jump and then         Sam Reardon had the difficult     and the prospect of a PB had
launching himself to a big PB     task of filling both Tareq        Ethan bouncing about like
of 4.44 into the sand of the      and Rowan’s boots! But Sam        Skippy in preparation for
long jump. Jacob completed        bravely stepped up and ran        another jump. Like a seasoned
his fine day powering around      in the A string in the 200m       high jumper Ethan sailed
the bend in the relay.            and the 1500m. Not daunted        over a new best of 1.35 much
Archie Shipley began his busy     by the task Sam held his own      to the delight of his mum and
day hurdling just outside his     sprinting down the home           fellow supporters.
best then sprinted 13.7 in the    straight to place 3rd in the      Jake Leng had a gutsy run in
100 and jumped 4.41 in the        200m before going one better      the 800m running close to
long jump to record two great     in the 1500 coming a fine         his best and then showed real
                                  2nd. Sam couldn’t rest until      sprinting speed as he clocked
                                  he had led the relay team off     a fast time in the open 100m.
                                  on the first bend.                Thomas Penlington showed
                                  With Tareq being unavailable      real form and maturity as
                                  due to illness it was great that  he ran a well paced 1500m
                                  we had Leo McCallum back          race near to his best and also
                                  fit again and keen to go as he    showed great speed alongside
                                  ran just outside his best in the  Jake in the open 100m. With
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