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Athletics Report                35

centre is a great venue and       and he even suggested they      the 200m and once again
B&B set up home in prime          were more comfortable than      maximum points were scored
position above the finish line.   his own (as his own were a      with blistering wins for both.
                                  little tight!). Jacob may have  Tareqs 25.53 was a PB (albeit
First into the arena were         been a bit distracted but it    windy) and Kyron’s 25.98 just
Ethan Kitteridge and Jacob        didn’t show as he jumped just   a fraction outside his best.
Byfield in the high jump.         short of his best.
Ethan has had a great             Michael Burfoot and Kyron       Thomas Penlington and Jake
season improving steadily         Morgan were next up and         Leng, running in their first
throughout the season but         they scored maximum points      National final were up next
was unfortunate to twist his      winning both A and B strings    in a highly competitive 800m.
knee on his very first jump       in the shot with massive puts,  Thomas ran a gutsy run and
and wasn’t able to improve        as they have done all season.   did well finishing 5th in a
on his best. Jacob’s mind was     First event on the track was    new personal best of 2:32.77.
taken off his competition         the 75m hurdles and a great     Jake ran equally well in the
when he remembered that his       technical run by Jacob just     B string also finishing 5th in
spikes were still on the coach    off his best and a great new    2:38.27. After their race they
in his suitcase. Unfortunately    personal best for Barnaby
for us the coach had already      Corry got us off to a good
returned to the hotel!! Such      start.
is team spirit that all the boys  Tareq Bannour with his first
were rallying around offering     race of the day and Kyron
the use of their spikes. Jacob    were next up on the track in
settled on Pedro’s Nike pair
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