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Athletics Report                 31

BBQ and the refreshment           some brilliant                  in 3rd behind Southampton
stall selling lovely bacon        parents, all of                 AC and Reading but only
rolls. President Dave Cordell     whom were there                 a few points adrift. As the
started preparing the track the   supporting both                 afternoon progressed Reading
week before and many were at      their sons and                  and Southampton swapped
the track at the crack of dawn    Blackheath and                  places, but we remained in
pitching tents, filling hot       Bromley HAC.                    3rd. After some great track
water urns and priming the        Michael Burfoot’s               results and loads of fantastic
BBQ. The parent council set       parents David                   throws and jumps in the
up a fantastic stall selling new  and Lynn helped                 field we briefly took the lead
and second hand kit, spikes       out on the BBQ                  but soon dropped back to
and trainers for ridiculously     and clothing stall,             2nd with only 2 relays and 2
cheap prices raising over £200    Archie’s dad Adam also took     javelin results to come in.
and giving loads of people        his turn flipping burgers.      A few hardy supporters
a real bargain. Many thanks       Ethan’s mum Teresa did a        waited patiently while the last
go to Claire (my lovely wife!),   stint on the 2nd hand clothes   results were typed into the
Sue Pope, Isobel Harrington,      stand while dad Mike flipped    computer, all eagerly waiting
Belinda Bridge and Charlotte      burgers and turned sausages.    for confirmation of the final
Stickings for all their efforts   Sam’s mum Marilyn did her       result. Eventually the result
on the friday evening and         turn on the clothes stand and   was announced and had BB
Saturday. The Leach family of     dad John enjoyed his time       in 2nd place just five and half
Trevor, Wendy, Dan and Amy        cooking burgers. At the end     points behind Southampton.
made and sold over 100 bacon      of the day many parents and     We were a little disappointed
rolls, teas, coffees and various  BB members packed away          but ultimately happy with
other goodies raising over        the tents and at the forefront  a solid result, all things
£700. Alison Brand, Dave          was Barnaby’s dad Nick and      considered.
White, Dick Griffin and many      Emily Purser’s dad Mark,        However, later that evening,
other Heathens cooked and         having spent the day on the     after the results had been
sold dozens of burgers and        track officiating.              double checked by the
sausage and raised over £500.                                     Reading result team it seems
Nearly £1500 was raised by        Reading 21st June 2015          we actually WON the match
all our volunteers, a truly       The third fixture of the 2015   by the smallest of margins,
fantastic effort. Many thanks     UKYDL was held inside the
to everyone.                      Palmer Park cycle track that
Well done to Ken Daniel and       is home to Reading AC. With
his team for presenting the       a few late withdrawals due
track to such a high standard     to illness and some absent
and the results service was the   competing for schools, we
best I have seen and this was     knew the day was going to
thanks to Rob Brown, Steve        be tough. It turned out to be
Hollingdale, Andy Tucker and      tougher and closer than any
Wendy Daniel among others.        one could have imagined.
This small but successful U13     After 10 events Blackheath
boys team are backed up by        and Bromley were trailing
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