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Athletics Report  39

of Westminster had a great
run in13th. Also representing
Wandsworth, Madalina
Samoila was 23rd and hurdler
Kate Purser ran for Croydon
coming 178th.
The Bromley U17 boys came
a fine 6th and were led home
by a strong run from SLH
William Bardsley in 3rd. Joss
Barber running for Bexley
was a great 6th place. Charlie
Davis coming back into form
was a well placed 38th, Alek
Wiltshire 69th, James Crawley
and Bertie Harrington on
their debuts were 71st and
103rd. More of a sprinter
these days Will Pope came in
141st, Finley Baldwin 161st
and Scott Bulmer on his debut
mini marathon was 191st.
To top Bromley’s successful
day the U17 girls also
won team gold with great
runs from Niamh Bridson
Hubbard in 2nd and Jess
Keene in 4th. Kelsey Fuss
was 16th, Shannon Riskey
24th, Georgina Taylor 35th,
Charlotte Rhule 37th, Joanna
Clowes 56th and Mary Guy
82nd. A great set of results.

                    Paul Austridge
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