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Graham Botley

17 April 1944 – 30 August 2015

It is with great sadness that     We would like to highlight
we have to inform you that        three qualities shown by
Past President Graham Botley      Graham throughout his life;
passed away after a long fight    of course there are many
with cancer in August.            other qualities than the three
There is so much to write         we have chosen as each of
about this great club man that    us will have particular fond,
it has taken three of us to pool  cherished or loving memories.
our thoughts. Graham, or          Firstly, in his company
Gary as some of you will have     he exuded a spirit of
known him by, touched us all;     familiarity and trust between
with his open personality and     friends, a camaraderie
friendship he enriched our        that characterised his
lives. We all carry memories      travel groups, his teams in
of great discussions and          Blackheath & Bromley, his
shared experiences with           coaching of youngsters and
him … one of Chris’s own          other areas of his working
cherished memories is of          environment. This was clear
making short work of a bottle     and experienced by all who
of port with Graham and           attended his various 70th
Ian Wilson whilst planning        birthday parties up and
the Pilgrims Way Relay in         down the country last year.
1974 … while the past seven       His enthusiasm for athletics
years have been something         and supporting athletes
else …. In conversations with     at all levels was infectious
Graham during August 2015         and well known. Many here
it was clear that his brave and   will have read on the web
courageous battle could only      the moving tributes paid to
have one end … and soon…          Graham by those within the
and yet even during this          British Athletics community
time he believed he might         and further afield. Of course
make one last trip to China       this bonhomie embraced
…he didn’t stop planning.         other sports including bowls
Over a beer in Bromley he         and cricket. How delighted
explained a wish early in 2016    we were that he managed
to bring together athletes        to make the trip to the
from the incredibly successful    Caribbean this year with
period enjoyed by Blackheath      the cricket aficionados, the
Harriers in the 1990’s and        sunshine and warmth and
during which time he was          being amongst great people
team manager and President        certainly gave him a lift. A
of Blackheath Harriers in         trip to watch the Derby at
1990. He didn’t quite make it     Tattenham Corner in 2012
that far.                         set him thinking about
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